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On the way, Liu Yan drove to the Western Mine while checking his attributes panel.

[ Liu Yan ]

Grade: 20 (100/10,000)

Class: Dark Ranger (second transition)

HP: 1,800/1,800

MP: 1,200/1,200

Strength (attack) : 7,345

Vitality (defense) : 7,923

Agility (speed) : 3,656


Spirit (mana) : 1,880

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Adaptability (magic resistance) : 1,450

Luck (probability) : 43

Bow and arrow: Flying Cloud Mystic Bow

Trap: None

Familiar: Ice and fire two-headed wolf, wind-chasing purple-feathered falcon

Allocatable attribute points: 80

Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade) : 200/200(restores every hour)

Skill: Omniscient Insight (A-grade) , Fog (B-grade) , Ultimate Aim (B-grade) , Poison Control (B-grade) , Traceless Silence (B-grade) , Poison Immunity (D-grade) , Animal Affinity (B-grade) , Flame Control (A-grade) , Frost Control (A-grade) , Wind Control (C-grade) , Blazing Tyrant Fist (A-grade) , Robbery (B-grade) , Split (A-grade) , Track (A-grade) , Electrification (A-grade) , Power of Desolation (B-grade) , Counterattack Storm (A-grade) , Sonic Speed (S-grade) , Shadow Cloak (A-grade), Backstab (C-grade) , Dragonification (S-grade) , Deception (C-grade) , Fire Scythe Dance (S-grade)

Items: Soft Blade Boxing Gloves (A-grade), Blade of the Night (S-grade), Flying Cloud Mystic Bow (S-grade), Turin assassination set (A-grade), elementary storage ring (B-grade)

Looking at his attributes panel, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He didnt expect that in a month, he would have completed an upgrade in his sealed state.

Apart from that, his attribute points had also increased quite a bit, especially his strength and vitality had increased by nearly a thousand points.

This was a significant improvement.

After all, he had plucked a radish for a month and not plucked it for nothing.

His strength had increased by quite a bit.

Liu Yan also understood that other than what could be seen on the attributes panel, the hidden gains of this month were the real big gains.

After completing the Skin Refining, it could not be seen on the attributes panel.

However, in reality, Liu Yans defensive ability had already significantly increased.

Liu Yan felt that weapons below D-grade could not pierce through his skin.

Apart from that, completing the Skin Refining also meant that Liu Yans talent had improved by a lot, and his potential had increased by a lot.

It would bring great benefits to Liu Yan in the future.

The rest was naturally to control his own strength.

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After looking at his attributes panel, Liu Yan could not help but have some expectations for the following cultivation.

According to Principal Zhong Yuntian, although there might be a lot of dangers in the following cultivation, Liu Yan had grown.

Currently, Liu Yan had already broken the seal and was very powerful.

Liu Yan was already familiar with his own body and stamina.

He was also familiar with most of the skills, weapons, and equipment.

However, he had yet to try out the newly obtained S-grade skill, Fire Scythe Dance, and the A-grade set, Turin Assassin Set.

Other than that, Liu Yan still had his strongest trump card.

Using the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow to complete the attributes fusion, he could explode with unimaginable power.

Following that, Liu Yan tried to look up some information about the Western Mine.

However, besides the most basic information, he could not find much else.

The Western Mine was also one of the core areas of Lighthouse Academy.

However, it was different from the Eastern Medicine Garden.

The staff specially managed it, and outsiders were not allowed to enter.

The Western Mine was accessible to anyone.

Many students with average strength would come here to work when they were free.

They could earn some money to exchange for the cultivation resources they needed.

As the largest mine in Lighthouse Academy, the Western Mine was the primary source of the three-and-a-half-floor mineral resources.

There were also some people mixed in.

After reading the general information, Liu Yan could only have a rough understanding of the Western Mine.

However, it was not of much help to Liu Yan in obtaining the ice chalcedony.

Although the Western Mine could also produce many rare mineral resources, it was clearly far from the level of the ice chalcedony.

Liu Yan finished reading the information and didnt find anything.

He sighed helplessly.

It seemed that he could only go to the Western Mine and find the ice chalcedony by himself.

Soon, Liu Yan arrived at the Western Mine and stopped.

He got off the car.

The entire Western Mine was massive, and it was a group of mountains with several mines inside.

Liu Yan couldnt go down directly to look for the ice chalcedony, which would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Liu Yan felt that it was not very reliable to try his luck.

In addition, he did not have that much time.

This was only the second step of his cultivation.

Naturally, Liu Yan wanted to finish his cultivation as soon as possible and then continue to improve his strength to prepare for entering the fourth level of the Tower.

It was rumored that the beginning of the fourth level of the Tower would be perilous.

Although Liu Yans strength was already very strong, he did not dare to let his guard down.

He had to increase his strength as much as possible and make more preparations.

All kinds of resting places were built by miners at the Western Mine.

Professional miners would stay here to rest, and some miners who came at the last minute would do the same.

There was also a simple restaurant here.

There were many people in this remote restaurant.

Seeing that there were many people, Liu Yan met his need to gather information, so he directly entered.

After a person entered and sat down, Liu Yan ordered some dishes.

After ordering, Liu Yan called out to the waitress.

“Miss, I want to get some information from you.

When outsiders come here to mine, where do they usually buy mining equipment Also, which mining cave is better for mining now” Liu Yan asked with a smile.

The waitress said with a bit of confusion, “If you want to buy mining equipment, there are a lot of shops out there.

You can pick any one you want.

They have all kinds of equipment, but I dont know which mining cave is better.

Mom said a ghost is in the mine, so she wont let me in.”

“Alright, thank you.” Liu Yan saw that he couldnt get anything out of her, so he let the young waitress leave.

After that, Liu Yan waited for the dishes while listening to the discussions of the people around him.

Because he had an A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, his hearing had been greatly enhanced.

Therefore, Liu Yan could clearly hear almost everyones conversation in the restaurant.

Although it was a little noisy and tiring to listen to everyones conversation to get information, Liu Yan could only endure it for the time being.

There were unimportant conversations about women or life or meaningless bragging content.

Liu Yan naturally skipped them and only listened to the meaningful conversations that were helpful to him.

Soon, Liu Yans attention was placed on a table of people in the hall.

There were more people at this table.

There were more than a dozen of them, and they were dressed rather shabbily and unkempt.

They had muscles all over their bodies and were obviously miners who had been mining all year round.

Through their conversation, Liu Yan quickly confirmed that they were indeed professional miners stationed here for a long time.

They made a living by mining to earn money to support their family.

They were just some ordinary miners, and their strength was not that great, but they were professional miners who had been in the Western Mine all year round.

Naturally, they knew more about the Western Mine and were more helpful to Liu Yan.


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