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The next morning.

Liu Yan and a few other women were having breakfast.

However, the atmosphere was somewhat strange and awkward.

At this moment, Liu Yan was wearing a straight face.

Last night, Murong Xue suddenly barged into his place.

He did not expect Murong Xue to hold such a grudge against the previous incident.

She actually came to settle the score with him when his strength was sealed.

Liu Yan also did not expect that Murong Xue was such a fierce woman.

She actually barged into his room and took advantage of him.

Fortunately, Luo Qingcheng also came to Liu Yans place to look for him, and the scene ended in embarrassment.

At this time, they were having breakfast.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan and then looked at Murong Xue.

She did not understand what was going on between the two of them.

However, they did not have time for such little drama.

They still needed to prioritize their cultivation and get stronger.

After finishing breakfast quickly, they went to their respective academies to continue their studies and cultivation.

Liu Yan shook his head.

He failed the task that he was supposed to excel at.

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If he had known yesterday, he would have gone directly to the principal to remove the seal after coming out of the Eastern Medicine Garden.

Initially, Liu Yan thought there wouldnt be any danger within the Lighthouse Academy, so he wasnt in a hurry to remove the seal.

However, he didnt expect that the incident from last night would happen.

Liu Yan rested for a while and then continued on his cultivation path.

Driving his origin power sports car, he shuttled back and forth within the Lighthouse Academy.

The dazzling neon light of the origin power city made people fell in love.

Still, Liu Yan liked his days in the Eastern Medicine Garden.

That was a tough month for him.

His food and accommodation were not good, but it was a simple and pure life.

In a month, Liu Yan relied on himself to raise a lot of his strength.

Although the speed of improvement of that month might not be as fast as when using his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, Liu Yan still felt like he had made solid progress.

He understood his strength and grasped the concentrated use of his strength was Liu Yans most significant gain this month.

Very quickly, Liu Yan drove to the Lighthouse Academys office building and found Principal Zhong Yuntians office.

He knocked on the door and entered.

Zhong Yuntian raised his head and saw Liu Yan enter.

He was full of smiles, but he didnt say anything.

Instead, he carefully sized up Liu Yan.

After sizing him up, Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Not bad, not bad.

It seems that you have gained a lot this month.

Your temperament has changed.”

“Indeed, I have gained a lot.” Liu Yan nodded with a smile.

Obtaining the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng and Skin Refining were great harvest.

However, having a calm heart and the feeling of accomplished something were the biggest harvests.

“When will you go to the Western Mine to continue your cultivation” Principal Zhong Yuntian asked again.

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“Today.” Liu Yan said indifferently.

Zhong Yuntians eyes immediately flashed with a hint of appreciation.

He nodded satisfactorily and said, “Okay, I will remove the seal for you now.”

As he spoke, Zhong Yuntian stretched out his hand.

An invisible force caused Liu Yans wristbands and leggings to fall off.

When Liu Yan saw this, he was slightly surprised.

He didnt expect the seemingly ordinary principal to have such powerful cultivation.

Liu Yan had tried to break free of the wristbands and leggings before, but no matter how much strength he used, he couldnt shake them off.

However, Principal Zhong Yuntian, who seemed to have no cultivation at all, could easily remove them.

Liu Yan immediately understood that he could not sense any strength or aura from the principal because the principals cultivation was too high.

Principal Zhong Yuntian was much higher than Liu Yan, so Liu Yan could not sense it at all.

Immediately after, Liu Yan also had some doubts.

His current strength was already so terrifying.

He was on a completely different level from the vice principal and the dean.

According to the principals words, his current cultivation had already regressed by a lot.

He was utterly incomparable to his peak.

Then how terrifying was Principal Zhong Yuntian at his peak state

Liu Yan felt that it was somewhat unimaginable.

However, he also understood that he still had a very, very long way to go.

He still needed to continue working hard to move forward.

The current him seemed very strong, but he was only a top-tier fighter in the beginner village.

It was very likely that he would be nothing when he reached the Towers higher levels.

And the only thing Liu Yan could do was to constantly improve his cultivation.

“Oh right, the three cultivation places in the future were way harder than the Eastern Medicine Garden.

They will be filled with danger, and you must be careful.” Principal Zhong Yuntian instructed again.

Liu Yans expression was serious as he nodded.

Then, the two of them did not say anything more, and Zhong Yuntian let Liu Yan leave immediately.

Looking at Liu Yans back, the principal, Zhong Yuntian, couldnt help but sigh.

The reason why he didnt say too much to Liu Yan was that Zhong Yuntian knew Liu Yans situation thoroughly.

With the help of his old subordinate, Wu Huas narration, Liu Yans strength had actually risen from an ordinary person to the average level of a level-8 awakened in the sealed state.

This improvement speed had already far surpassed Principal Zhong Yuntians expectations.

To have such a heaven-defying talent and such a temperament was truly rare.

However, Zhong Yuntian understood that the latter three cultivation places were much more challenging than the Eastern Medicine Garden.

After all, Zhong Yuntian had arranged for Wu Hua to help Liu Yan in the Eastern Medicine Garden.

The remaining three places were basically up to Liu Yan himself.

And these three places were also dangerous, which required Liu Yan to work hard on his own.

However, after seeing Liu Yans talent and temperament, Zhong Yuntian was also more assured of Liu Yan.

He was full of confidence in Liu Yan passing the trial and completing this training.

At the same time, on the other side, after Liu Yan left the principals office, he returned to his own car.

The seal was lifted, his leggings and wristbands were removed, and all of his strength returned.

Liu Yan immediately felt relaxed and full of explosive power.

Liu Yan clearly had such powerful strength before.

After a month of training in the Eastern Medicine Garden, Liu Yan could clearly feel the power of his strength, and his control over his strength became more meticulous.

Liu Yan still had the same power as before.

Still, he was confident that his combat strength had increased significantly, at least by 50%.

After all, using brute force and precise control of ones own strength, or even gathering all of ones strength into a single point, were two completely different concepts.

Feeling the powerful strength in his body, Liu Yan could not help but sigh at how good it was to regain his strength.

If Liu Yan had used his current strength to pull the radishes, it would have been extremely easy, and he would not have even had to sweat for a day.

And with such strength, after encountering Murong Xue last night and that kind of incident, Liu Yan would not be unable to resist at all.

“Forget it, forget it.

I wont delay Murong Xues cultivation anymore.

When I return from my training in the Western Mine, I will definitely find Murong Xue and settle the score from last night.

I will let her know how powerful I am!”

Liu Yan thought to himself.

Then, he started the sports car and drove straight to the Western Mine, continuing his cultivation path.


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