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Chapter 159, The Harvest Competition Had Officially Begun

Hundreds of medicine farmers had gathered at the edge of the vast medicinal field, preparing for the crucial harvest competition.

Some of the freshmen quickly recognized Liu Yan and started discussing in surprise.

“Isnt that Liu Yan”

“Its that Liu Yan who shone brilliantly during the Freshmen Test”

“Thats right, the once-in-a-century genius.

His strength is really formidable!”

“Its over, its over.

With Liu Yan around, isnt the first place in this competition destined to be his”

“Looks like we can only compete for the second and third place.

Dont even think about the first place.”

“I didnt expect a once-in-a-century genius like Liu Yan to also come here to participate in the competition as a medicine farmer.

Such a genius can actually endure such hardship!”


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The group of freshmen felt both shock and despair at the same time.

After all, they witnessed how terrifying Liu Yan was during the Freshmen Test.

They clearly knew that they werent a match for Liu Yan at all.

Initially, they had hoped that they would be able to perform a little better this time.

If their luck was a little better, they might have a chance to get first place and obtain the divine medicine from the Eastern Medicine Garden, thus changing their lives.

However, they immediately felt despair when they learned that Liu Yan was there.

In front of Liu Yans terrifying strength, they felt that no matter how lucky they were or extraordinary their performance, they couldnt surpass Liu Yan.

After all, there was an incredibly huge gap between them and Liu Yan.

When the other senior students heard that, they looked over in surprise.

They had heard that there was a once-in-a-century genius among the freshmen, but they had not witnessed it with their own eyes.

Just then, the senior students were also sizing up Liu Yan.

“Is this the once-in-a-century genius I didnt expect him to come to the Eastern Medicine Garden.

It seems that we will be in trouble this time.”

“There was a monster in the last batch, and I have never been able to get first place.

I didnt expect another monster to arrive after waiting so long for the first one to leave!”

“Looks like we wont be able to get first place this time.

I heard that this Liu Yan is very, very fierce.”


The group of senior students began to worry.

Although they had entered Lighthouse Academy earlier than Liu Yan and started cultivating one or two years earlier, increasing their strength, they had also heard about Liu Yans monstrosity.

In the virtual fight, he challenged a virtual opponent with a coefficient of 10.

That was something that they could not do back then.

Now that their strength had increased so much, they could still not do it.

After all, Liu Yan was not an ordinary genius but a monstrous genius that only appeared once in a century.

Even though they had trained in Lighthouse Academy for a few more years and their strength had increased significantly, they still did not have the confidence to deal with Liu Yan.

However, a few senior students very quickly noticed the wristband and leggings on Liu Yans body.

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“Haha, everyone, look at the wristband and leggings on Liu Yans body.

I think your worries are unnecessary.”

“These wristband and leggings look somewhat familiar.

I remember now.

That monster from the previous batch also wore them.

Its said that they seal all strength.

No matter how good your talent is, no matter how strong you are, you will still be sealed and become an ordinary person!”

“Ive heard of this too.

Its said that a few Vice-principals specially prepared it for geniuses.

By sealing the strength to cultivate, it will be easier to temper ones temperament and break through the upper limit!”

“This is great.

No matter how talented and powerful Liu Yan is, he is just an ordinary person under the seal.”

“It seems like our worries are unnecessary.

Liu Yan is no match for us under the seal, Hahaha!”


After the freshmen and seniors learned that Liu Yan was wearing the wristband and leggings that sealed his strength, their attitudes immediately changed, and they immediately relaxed.

Even though Liu Yan was powerful and was a once-in-a-century genius, with his strength sealed, he was just an ordinary person.

They didnt need to be afraid of such a Liu Yan or worry.

Some students even started to ridicule Liu Yan.

“Arent you a once-in-a-century genius Lets see what kind of title youll get this time.

Let alone first place, I dont think you can even enter the top three, right”

“What a joke.

This Liu Yan actually dares to come to the medicine garden after his strength has been sealed.

Hes too pretentious.”

“Yeah, pulling out white radishes requires extremely strong strength.

Were already so tired even though were so strong, let alone an ordinary person”

“Im dying of laughter.

This Liu Yan is too pretentious.

He still dares to participate in the competition after his strength has been sealed!”


Liu Yan listened to the discussions of the people around him, but he did not pay much attention to them.

Throughout his journey, Liu Yan had always left the Awakened of his batch far behind him.

He did not have any thoughts of competing with them in his heart because they were simply not on the same level.

In addition to training his temperament over the past month, Liu Yans state of mind had also grown quite a bit.

If he had heard those people ridiculing him in the past, Liu Yan would have been somewhat dissatisfied.

However, the current Liu Yan could keep his mind as calm as water, completely unaffected by external things.

However, at the same time, Liu Yan also had some doubts.

Those students strengths had not been sealed.

Even if they did not have any techniques and only relied on brute force, logically speaking, they should be able to pull out radishes faster than Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yans strength was sealed.

In the beginning, he only had the strength of an ordinary person.

Even after improving so much in the past month, he only had the strength of a level 5 Awakened or so.

As for those students, the freshmen had the strength of an ordinary level 10 or so.

The senior students were even more powerful.

Logically speaking, those people should normally be ranked above Liu Yan.

However, in reality, Liu Yan had consistently been ranked second in the last few days.

There was only one old man, Wu Hua, above him.

The others were all suppressed by Liu Yan.

Even the gap between Liu Yan and the old man, Wu Hua, was constantly narrowing.

Liu Yan really did not understand how the other students pulled out radishes.

During the past month, Liu Yan had no idea about their situation at all.

Liu Yan had always been learning and competing with the old man, Wu Hua.

He had always been trying to catch up with Wu Hua, and indeed, he had gradually caught up.

Even yesterday, the gap between Liu Yan and Wu Hua was already minimal.

There was only a difference of a few radishes.

Perhaps if he worked hard today, he could surpass Wu Hua.

Liu Yan could not figure out the reason behind that, so he could only shake his head and stop thinking about it.

Just be himself and walk his own path.

There was no need to care about others.

The old man, Wu Hua, beside Liu Yan remained expressionless and quietly observed Liu Yan.

Seeing that Liu Yan was still calm and composed despite facing so much ridicule, he immediately nodded secretly.

The anxiety and pride of a young man could no longer be seen in Liu Yan.

It would be difficult for a student with such great talent and a steady state of mind to not go far in the future.

He would definitely be able to ascend to a higher level and become a top-tier expert!

Not long after, the staff of the medicine garden was done with all arrangements.

The medicine garden manager came to the front and glanced at Liu Yan before looking at the group of medicine farmers.

He announced, “All the medicine farmers, the competition begins.

Cherish your time and hope you can all surpass yourselves and have a good result.

All the best!”


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