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Chapter 157, Inner Tranquility, Rapid Improvement

Liu Yan went to wash up again.

He ground the brown soap into powder and smeared it on his body to wash.

His tired body instantly felt much better, and his physical strength had increased significantly.

Although, until now, Liu Yan didnt know what the brown soap was, Liu Yan understood that the brown soap was definitely not an ordinary item after using it for the past two days.

An item that could increase Liu Yans strength, which was already very strong, must be an extremely rare treasure.

Subsequently, Liu Yan kept following the old man, Wu Hua.

He ate and did the same things every day.

He ate all kinds of white radish dishes every day.

From not being used to it in the beginning till now, when Liu Yan had gradually gotten used to it, he even slowly felt that the white radish was quite delicious.

Other than eating and sleeping every day, all he did was constantly pull up the radishes and repeat that non-stop.

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It was boring but also simple.

While pulling up the radish, Liu Yan also constantly learned the old mans techniques for pulling up the radish.

Gradually, Liu Yan also discovered that there was a lot of knowledge in it.

It seemed to be just pulling up the radish, but one needed to know how to exert strength, better utilized ones body strength, and mobilize the different body parts to be gathered at a single point.

Those were all knowledge.

Gradually, Liu Yan and the old man, Wu Hua, became more and more alike.

Their daily lives were basically synchronized.

Such a life could be said to be extremely simple.

However, Liu Yan did not feel dull.

On the contrary, he somewhat enjoyed it.

He enjoyed the rare peace of mind.

He did not consider other things except how to display the strength of his entire body to pull a radish.

Liu Yan also gradually realized that, in the past, although he had obtained a large number of attribute points through his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, a powerful body and strength, as well as various powerful skills, making him very powerful, it also made Liu Yan increasingly dependent on external items at the same time.

He increasingly relied on Divine Extraction and all sorts of powerful equipment and skills.

As a result, Liu Yan gradually neglected the training and understanding of his body.

In the past, Liu Yan was indeed very strong, but now, he realized that he had never understood his body and had not utilized all of his strength.

His strength was very strong, but he could not fully utilize it.

In the past, Liu Yan had not even utilized half of his strength.

It was still fine in the first three levels of the Tower.

After all, Liu Yan was very powerful.

Even if he didnt use all of his strength, it was enough to deal with most of the fierce beasts.

But after reaching the higher levels of the Tower, it wouldnt be so simple anymore.

Liu Yan had to use all of his strength and pursue his limit.

Only then could he go to the higher levels of the Tower and reach his limit.

During this period, Liu Yan followed the old man, Wu Hua, and gradually understood how to exert his strength, how to utilize the strength of his physical body, and how to gather all the strength in his body at one point.

In addition, Liu Yan gradually began to pay attention to training his physical body.

Furthermore, he would grind the brown soap into powder and smear it all over his body every night.

During that period, the strength of Liu Yans body was evidently and constantly increasing.

A month passed by in the blink of an eye.

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At dusk, Liu Yan and Wu Hua returned to the house as usual after a full day of pulling out radishes.

The medicine gardens manager, Cao Dong, brought people over as usual.

After counting the white radishes that Liu Yan and Wu Hua had pulled out that day, Cao Dong said indifferently, “Wu Hua, 301 radishes, ranked first.

Liu Yan, 298 radishes, ranked second!”

Upon hearing that, Liu Yans face was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

A month ago, he was still in the bottom position.

He could only pull out less than 30 radishes a day.

However, after a month of hard work, he had already progressed.

He was close to 300 radishes in a day and had reached the second position.

He was not far from Wu Hua.

During that period, Liu Yan also discovered that the number of Wu Huas radishes was increasing daily.

It seemed that Wu Hua was also improving.

In the beginning, Liu Yans improvement speed was not even as fast as Wu Huas.

Subsequently, Liu Yans continuous efforts gradually shortened the gap between him and Wu Hua.

Now, there was only a difference of three radishes in one day.

The gap was already extremely small.

Cao Dong looked at Liu Yan, and a rare smile appeared on his usually cold face.

He said, “Not bad.

Youve improved quite quickly during this period.

Youve already been ranked in the top three for a week.

You can be assessed as a Gold Medal Fast Worker!”

When Liu Yan heard that, his face was immediately filled with joy.

Only those ranked in the top three for a week in a row could receive that assessment, and they were known as Gold Medal Fast Workers.

Although he did not know the benefits of being a Gold Medal Fast Worker, according to Liu Yans observations so far, the evaluation seemed to be extremely important to the medicine farmers.

It was an honor, and many medicine farmers placed great importance on it.

Liu Yan was also a little happy at that moment.

Even if there were no other benefits, the honor alone was an affirmation of Liu Yans hard work during that period.

In that month, regardless of temperament or body, Liu Yan had improved significantly.

Previously, Liu Yan had been rather reliant on his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

He had never paid much attention to his cultivation and training to increase his strength.


In the past month, Liu Yan had never used Divine Extraction once.

In fact, his strength had even been sealed.

He had only relied on himself to cultivate.

In fact, his cultivation method was rather odd.

He had been plucking radishes.

And Liu Yan could obtain such a huge improvement under such a circumstance.

His heart was immediately filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Just then the medicine gardens manager, Cao Dong, continued, “The busy season for farming has already reached its peak.

The temperature is about to turn cold, so we must rush to harvest.

If we cant harvest in time, we will waste a lot of radishes.

Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, we will arrange for all the Gold Medal Fast Workers to go to the remaining places to harvest the radishes.

At the same time, during the process of harvesting, a race will be held.

The first person to be the fastest to pull out the greatest number of white radishes in the given time limit will be rewarded with a divine medicine! You two should prepare.

Tomorrow morning, I will bring you there on time!”

After Cao Dong said that, he left with his men and the white radishes.

Hearing that, Liu Yan suddenly felt a little expectant.

During that period, Liu Yan had been immersed in how to quickly pull up the radishes and better use his strength.

However, he had already forgotten the purpose of the trip.

Liu Yans biggest purpose in entering the Eastern Medicine Garden was to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

Just now, manager Cao Dong had said that the final champion would be rewarded with a divine medicine from the medicine garden.

Could it be the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng

Immediately, Liu Yan was determined to win the competition.

In the past month, Liu Yan had improved a lot.

Although he had not unsealed his strength and was just an ordinary person, his strength also increased significantly.

Other than that, Liu Yan also knew how to use his strength and gather all his bodys strength into one point.

Therefore, Liu Yans speed of pulling the radishes now was already very fast.

Liu Yan did not put the other few Gold Medal Fast Worker in his eyes.

His biggest competitor was undoubtedly the old man beside him, Wu Hua.


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