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Chapter 156, Improving Step by Step

Liu Yan endured the soreness and tiredness all over his body and took a bath.

As he took a bath, he complained about the oddity of the medicine garden and the peculiarity of the old roommate.

However, after taking a bath, Liu Yan was surprised to find that his bodys soreness and tiredness rapidly decreased.

When he looked down, Liu Yan immediately discovered the reason.

It seemed to be because of the brown soap.

Liu Yan did not know what the brown soap was.

Although it smelled highly unpleasant, the pain and fatigue in his muscles instantly decreased a lot after Liu Yan applied it to his body.

In addition, Liu Yan noticed that his physical strength seemed to have increased slightly.

However, because his strength was sealed, Liu Yan could not exactly feel how much his strength had increased.

It only increased slightly while being sealed.

But even so, it still made Liu Yan extremely surprised.

After all, if he could feel that his physical strength had increased slightly while still under the seal, the increase in his physical strength would most likely be a lot if the seal was lifted.

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Liu Yan was immediately somewhat surprised and understood that the brown soap was definitely not an ordinary item.

Liu Yans physical fitness was already very exaggerated.

If it could even strengthen Liu Yans physical strength under such circumstances, the brown soap was definitely a treasure.

Just then, he recalled the old mans actions that day.

He looked very old, but in fact, he was very energetic.

He didnt seem to be very strong, but the speed at which he pulled out the radishes was extremely fast.

He was also the number one medicine farmer in the entire Eastern Medicine Garden.

He was somewhat formidable.

His efficiency in pulling out the radishes didnt match his age at all.

Liu Yan realized that the old man, Wu Hua, was definitely not as simple as he looked on the surface.

It was very likely that he wasnt just a mere medicine farmer.

Liu Yan thought carefully about what the old man had said when he consulted about pulling the radishes.

Even though his answer was incongruous, as if he hadnt heard Liu Yans question clearly, it seemed like he wanted Liu Yan to observe and learn how to pull out the radishes himself after Liu Yan thought about it carefully.

Liu Yan immediately understood what the old man, Wu Hua, meant.

He was secretly surprised.

And at the same time, he was guessing the old mans identity.

Soon, Liu Yan finished his bath.

The brown soap made Liu Yan feel much better after a bath.

His muscles were no longer sore, and his entire body was not so tired.

It seemed like his strength had increased a little, and his entire state was much better.

However, when he returned to the house, he saw that the old man, Wu Hua, had already fallen asleep.

His snoring was thunderous.

Seeing that, Liu Yan naturally did not want to disturb him.

He laid down on his bed.

Even though the snoring was loud, the exhausted Liu Yan fell asleep briefly.

The following morning, Liu Yan followed Wu Hua again to the farm and continued pulling the radishes.

This time, Liu Yan no longer lowered his head and only cared about pulling up the radishes.

Instead, he followed behind the old man, Wu Hua.

Even if he couldnt keep up sometimes, Liu Yan would just skip over it.

In any case, he followed the old man all the time.

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As he followed behind.

Liu Yan observed the way the old man pulled up the radishes.

Liu Yan soon noticed some details.

The way the old man pulled up the radishes seemed to be casual, but his method had some particularity.

His hands and feet worked together to exert force when he pulled up the radishes.

His strength wasnt that great, but it seemed like he could pull the radishes more easily by exerting force from multiple body parts.


Liu Yan immediately began to learn.

Although he couldnt do it exactly like the old man, it was somewhat similar.

Soon, Liu Yan noticed the difference.

Pulling the radishes like that was utterly different from pulling the radishes with brute force.

It was clearly the same strength, but pulling a white radish like that not only mobilized the muscles in many parts of the body but was also more compliant with the white radish and the direction in which he used his strength.

Soon, Liu Yan pulled out a white radish.

Although it was still quite strenuous, Liu Yan was much more relaxed than yesterday.

The old man in front, Wu Hua, noticed that.

He glanced and nodded secretly.

Then, he continued to pull up the white radish.

Although Liu Yan still couldnt keep up with the old man, and his speed of pulling up the radishes still couldnt be compared to the old man at all, Liu Yan had improved a lot, and his efficiency had almost doubled compared to yesterday.

A day passed very quickly.

Besides eating and resting, Liu Yan had been following Wu Hua to pull up the radishes the whole time.

After learning Wu Huas method of pulling up the radishes, Liu Yans speed of pulling up the radishes increased significantly, and he also saved a lot of effort.

It wasnt as strenuous as yesterday.

At night, the pulling of radishes was over.

Although Liu Yan was still tired, he could at least move normally.

He was not like yesterday when he could barely stand.

And looking at the harvest, there were a total of several wicker baskets.

The number was more than double that of yesterday.

Liu Yan and Wu Hua had just moved the baskets full of white radishes back to the house when the medicine gardens manager, Cao Dong, came with a few people.

He took away the white radishes that Liu Yan and Wu Hua had pulled out today and counted them simultaneously.

After Cao Dong finished counting, he said lightly, “Wu Hua, 201 radishes, first place.

Liu Yan, 62 radishes, ranked 137th, lower-middle tier!”

After saying that, Cao Dong glanced at Liu Yan and nodded slightly.

“Although its still very little, you have improved greatly and are no longer the last.

You can continue to stay in the medicine garden.

Keep working hard!”

After saying that, Cao Dong left with his people and the white radishes.

When Liu Yan heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He could finally continue to stay in the medicine garden.

If he was chased out, not only would he have to give up on his cultivation, but it would also be too embarrassing if word got out.

A once-in-a-century genius who was kicked out as a medicine farmer was indeed a bit of a joke.

Although he was still in the lower-middle tier, Liu Yan had already improved quite a bit compared to yesterday.

It was more than twice as much as yesterday, and his improvement speed was astonishing.

In addition, Liu Yan was also surprised to find that the old man, Wu Hua, had also improved.

Yesterday there were 178 radishes, but today there were more than 200.

His improvement speed was also somewhat shocking!

Could it be that the old man had not used his full strength yesterday Liu Yan was a little surprised, but he did not ask further.

Seeing that the old man was busy with dinner, Liu Yan quickly went forward to help.

It was still all kinds of radishes, but Liu Yan gradually got used to it, and no longer felt so nauseous.

Perhaps it was because he worked hard every day to pull up the radishes, and he was starving, so Liu Yan began to eat in big mouthfuls instead.

After dinner, Liu Yan glanced at Wu Hua and asked, “Old Sir, what exactly is this brown soap you gave me Why do I feel that its a bit unusual”

However, facing Liu Yans inquiry, Wu Hua nodded with a smile and said, “What You said you would do the dishes Thats good.

The young man should do more.

Im so old, so I should have a good rest!”

With that, Wu Hua went to wash up, then lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing that, Liu Yan was a bit speechless.

The old man didnt do it on purpose, right

However, Liu Yan couldnt be bothered with it too.

In fact, the old man had helped Liu Yan a lot.

He had taught Liu Yan how to pull up radishes, thus allowing him to stay in the medicine garden.

He had also given Liu Yan that piece of brown soap, helping Liu Yan recover his physical strength.


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