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Chapter 155, Getting Familiarized with Ones Strength

Liu Yan felt extremely helpless, but he could only endure.

Since he had already chosen this path and entered the Eastern Medicine Garden, Liu Yan naturally did not want to give up so easily and be chased out of the Eastern Medicine Garden like that.

Although his strength had been sealed and the current him was only an ordinary person, Liu Yan didnt believe that he wasnt qualified to be a medicine farmer even if he was just an ordinary person.

It was just pulling radishes, not hunting some powerful fierce beast.

Liu Yans character didnt allow himself to compromise like that.

Following that, Liu Yans gaze turned towards the old man, Wu Hua, who was cooking all sorts of white radish dishes in the house.

Just now, Liu Yan could clearly hear that he was ranked last, and the old man was actually ranked first.

According to Liu Yans knowledge, the entire medicine garden was vast because it was in a different space.

Even though the two of them were in charge of such a large territory, which was dozens of square kilometers, there were still many medicine farmers in the entire Eastern Medicine Garden, at least over a hundred people.

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Wu Hua was so old but could be ranked first, so he naturally had some skills.

Liu Yan came to the old mans side and asked, “Old Sir, whats the technique for pulling radish How did you pull it out so fast”

Liu Yan felt that the old mans strength wasnt that great, but he could pull the radish so fast.

So, there must be some technique involved.

If Liu Yan didnt have his strength sealed and still had terrifying his strength, he wouldnt care about that at all.

He could just use brute force to pull the radish quickly.

However, the current Liu Yan already had his strength sealed, and he was just an ordinary person.

If he wanted to increase the speed of pulling the radishes and stay in the Eastern Medicine Garden, he could only improve his techniques since he couldnt increase his strength in a short period.

However, when Wu Hua heard that, he scratched his head and said, “What What techniques can there be in cooking Wouldnt you know just by watching from the side”

Seeing that, Liu Yan looked helpless and continued asking, “Im not asking you about cooking.

Im asking you what techniques you have in pulling out radishes.”

“What You also think that white radishes are delicious, right Ive already told you that this is a good thing!” Wu Hua said with a smile.

Liu Yan looked helpless.

He even suspected that either Wu Huas ears couldnt hear clearly, or that he did it on purpose.

But no matter what, Liu Yan also understood that Wu Hua wouldnt tell him directly how to pull the radishes.

He could only think of other ways later.

In addition, Liu Yan understood that he only pulled so few radishes today because he wasnt used to doing it.

After all, it was his first day.

In addition, he didnt eat lunch at noon and didnt really have the strength.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have ended up like that.

Even if he couldnt pull out too many radishes, he shouldnt end up in last place.

Liu Yan believed that if he took it seriously and tried his best to pull the radishes out properly tomorrow, it shouldnt be a big problem for him to not end up in the last three places.

It shouldnt be too difficult for him to stay in the Eastern Medicine Garden.

Following that, Liu Yan didnt argue with Wu Hua anymore.

He helped him prepare dinner and then started eating.

It was still a variety of white radish dishes, making Liu Yan want to vomit.

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However, he was starving.

He did not eat lunch, and after a day of work, Liu Yans stomach was rumbling with hunger.

At that moment, he could not care less.

He was no longer picky and started eating in big mouthfuls.

However, after just a few mouthfuls, Liu Yan almost vomited.

Liu Yan had never liked to eat the usual white radish.

The taste of the white radish here was worse.

It was actually spicy and extremely unpleasant to eat.

That taste wasnt even like white radish but a medicinal herb with a bitter taste.

Liu Yan looked at the old man, Wu Hua, opposite him, who seemed to be eating with relish.

He really didnt understand.

How could the old man eat such an unpalatable white radish and still enjoy it so much

However, Liu Yan couldnt care too much just then.

If he didnt eat it, he wouldnt have the strength.

If he didnt have the strength to get enough white radishes tomorrow, he would definitely be driven out of the Eastern Medicine Garden, and he wouldnt be able to continue his cultivation.

First, it was the sealing of his strength, then it was being a medicine farmer pulling white radishes, and the food and accommodation were still so poor.

Liu Yan wouldnt give up so easily after suffering so much.

Liu Yan wolfed down his food for a while.

He didnt know if it was because he was too hungry or due to other reasons, but he gradually felt that the white radishes were somewhat delicious.

Liu Yan could only attribute it to him being too tired and hungry.

After eating his fill, Liu Yan lay on the bed tiredly and planned to rest.

It had been a really tiring day.

Even though it was sometimes extremely dangerous and tiring when cultivating on level three of the Tower, Liu Yan had great strength at that time.

So, even if he fought for an entire day, he wouldnt feel too tired.

After all, he had strong physical fitness.

However, the current Liu Yan could only exert the strength of an ordinary person.

After working for an entire day, he was really too tired.

It was the most tiring day ever since Liu Yan entered the Tower.

The most tiring day was actually a day of farming, not when he was fighting with many powerful fierce beasts.

It would be a joke if words of that were to spread.

Liu Yan was just about to rest when the old man, Wu Hua, walked over in a bad mood.

He grabbed Liu Yan and pulled him up.

“Hey hey hey, what are you doing!” Liu Yan was a little speechless.

He was so tired, yet he couldnt even get a good rest.

Wu Hua said in a bad mood, “Young man, why are you so unhygienic Youre covered in sweat, and the smell is so strong.

Hurry up and take a bath.

Youre not allowed to sleep until you have washed up!”

Liu Yan lowered his head and looked at himself.

His whole body was covered in sweat, and the smell was indeed a little intense.

Liu Yan had noticed it just now.

If it was a typical day, he would have gone to wash up long ago.

However, he was really too tired today.

Liu Yan couldnt be bothered to wash up just now.

He didnt expect to be pulled up by Wu Hua.

Liu Yan was also a little embarrassed to be pointed out like that.

He could only drag his exhausted body and prepare to take a bath.

Wu Hua pulled Liu Yan back and threw him a piece of brown soap.

He said in a bad mood, “Your body smells so bad.

You wont be able to wash it clean by just rinsing.

Use this soap to wash it.

Grind it into powder and rub it all over your body.

Remember, even your teeth must be rubbed.

You are not allowed to sleep until you clean all parts!”

Liu Yan did not expect Wu Hua to love cleanliness.

He even seemed to be a bit obsessed with cleanliness.

Liu Yan took the soap and went outside the house.

There was naturally no place for bathing in such a simple and crude place.

He could only wash openly beside the well.

Liu Yan washed and looked around.

There was indeed nothing else that he could wash with.

He could only take out the soap given by Wu Hua.

Liu Yan took a closer sniff.

There was a strange medicinal smell that smelled extremely weird.

“What kind of soap is this Why does it feel so strange”

Liu Yan was a little speechless, but there was nothing else at the moment.

He could only follow Wu Huas instructions and grind the brown soap into powder, smearing it on every part of his body to clean it.


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