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Chapter 154, The Number One Genius Was Despised by Others

Liu Yan listened to the old mans nagging and was speechless.

The old man was extremely stubborn.

He believed the white radish was a treasure, better than anything else and ginseng.

Liu Yan even suspected the old man came here to be a medicine farmer because he thought the white radish was a treasure.

Even though Liu Yan was speechless, he could only continue to do his work.

After all, the management had made it clear that there would be daily assessments.

If he did not do enough work, he would be kicked out of the Eastern Medicine Garden.

Although Liu Yan was not satisfied with everything here right then, he had to stay in the Eastern Medicine Garden and not be kicked out if he wanted to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

Liu Yan then began to pull the radishes with his bare hands.

However, Liu Yan soon discovered that those white radishes were not ordinary.

First of all, the size of the radishes was much larger than the ones Liu Yan usually saw.

The smallest one was half the size of a leg.

They were enormous.

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In addition, those white radishes were planted quite deeply.

Liu Yan, whose strength had been sealed and only had the strength of an ordinary person, naturally found it extremely effortful to pull them up.

Liu Yan took a long time to finally pull one out.

When he raised his head, the old man had already pulled several of them.

Liu Yan was momentarily speechless.

Liu Yan believed that pulling the radishes out would definitely be very easy with his strength if it was not sealed.

But now, Liu Yan, who only had the strength of an ordinary person, was extremely exhausted.

He was even inferior to an eighty-year-old man.

Liu Yan refused to believe it.

Even if his strength was sealed and he was only an ordinary person, he shouldnt be weaker than an eighty-year-old man.

Liu Yan pulled them up one by one with all his strength.

But those white radishes were extremely difficult to pull out.

From morning until noon, Liu Yan had only pulled out less than twenty radishes, filling up two wicker baskets.

However, when he turned his head, the old man had already pulled out and filled more than ten wicker baskets.

When Liu Yan saw that, he was a little surprised.

The old man was not ordinary.

A normal person would be unable to pull out so many of that hard-to-pluck radishes in half a day.

However, Liu Yan was not too surprised.

He just thought the old man had done much farm work and was more skilled.

Following that, the old man brought Liu Yan back to the house with the wicker baskets filled with radishes.

When they were back in the house, Liu Yan immediately collapsed on the bed as his whole body was sore and weak after working hard for half a day.

Seeing that, the old man shook his head in annoyance and said, “Why are the bodies of young people nowadays so weak After working for half a day, they cant do it anymore.

They dont even cook and even have to let the old man cook for them.”

Even though the old man said that, he started to cook on the stove.

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Seeing that, Liu Yan wanted to help, but he really didnt have the strength.

He said helplessly, “Old Man, its been hard on you.

Ill cook next time.”

Liu Yan thought that if not his strength had been sealed, he wouldnt be in such a sorry state.

Wouldnt it be easy for him to do that kind of work if he had his strength, since his strength and vitality attribute had reached thousands of points He could easily pull out a radish with each hand!

The old man soon finished cooking.

Liu Yans body was already sore and weak.

He was so tired that he had lost his appetite.

When he looked at the food in front of him, he lost his appetite even further.

Other than white rice, the rest were all kinds of radishes.

Radish soup, stir-fried radish whiskers, braised radish, pickled radish, it was an all-radish feast!

Liu Yan wanted to throw up when he saw it.

There was nothing delicious about the white radish to begin with, yet he made so many of them.

“Its fine if only food is provided, but only radishes” Liu Yan said somewhat speechlessly.

When the old man heard that, he immediately said in a bad mood, “Young man, didnt I already tell you This white radish is a good thing.

Eating it can cure all diseases and strengthen the body.

Last time…”

Well, the old man continued to boast about the benefits of the white radish.

Liu Yan didnt listen to him the whole time.

He endured and ate some white rice.

Liu Yan was really not interested in radishes.

He didnt want to eat them at all.

However, the old man seemed to have a great appetite.

He ate several bowls of rice and all kinds of radishes with relish.

The old man looked delighted to see that Liu Yan didnt eat the radishes.

He finished all the radishes that were initially given to Liu Yan.

After sleeping for a while, Liu Yan was urged by the old man to continue working in the field.

However, when they arrived at the farm, Liu Yan, who was already weak and didnt eat much, had even less strength.

After only pulling two radishes, Liu Yan could not pull any more out.

Liu Yan was feeling really hungry.

He looked at the radishes in the field and couldnt help but lick his lips.

Recalling how the old man was enjoying the radish earlier, he wondered if the white radish was not ordinary and tasted delicious

With the thought of giving it a try, Liu Yan secretly picked up a radish and ate it raw.

However, as soon as he took a bite, Liu Yan felt so spicy that he wanted to vomit.

The raw radish was extremely spicy.

It was even spicier and more unpalatable than the white radish that Liu Yan had eaten before.

Liu Yan could not stand it at all.

Liu Yan was speechless at that moment.

Not only was the white radish unpalatable, but it was also worse than the usual white radish.

He really could not understand why the old man was eating it with such relish at noon.

He was one of a kind.

Then, Liu Yan endured hunger and continued pulling up the radish with great effort.

In the afternoon, Liu Yan was even worse than in the morning.

He was left far behind by the old man.

Liu Yan had completely lost the thought of surpassing the old man as he did in the morning.

He could no longer be bothered and was pulling as many radishes as he could.

Finally, at dusk, the pulling of radishes was over.

Liu Yan followed the old man and carried the wicker basket full of white radishes back to the house.

When he returned to the house, Liu Yan was covered in sweat.

He was exhausted and collapsed on the bed.

His body had no strength left, and he could not even get up.

Just then, the middle-aged manager, Cao Dong, had arrived.

He was counting Liu Yan and the old mans harvests.

After a round of counting, Cao Dong said coldly, “Wu Hua, 178 radishes, ranked first.

Liu Yan, 28 radishes, ranked first from the bottom.

Liu Yan, considering that today is your first day of work.

Ill give you one more day.

Starting tomorrow, the bottom three will be kicked out of the medicine garden and will not be allowed to enter the medicine garden in the future!”

With that, Cao Dong left immediately,

When Liu Yan heard that, his face was immediately filled with speechlessness and despair.

After working for half a day, he was so exhausted and even got himself the last place.

The people in the medicine garden were also honestly one of a kind.

There were so many medicinal fields, and there was not enough manpower in the first place.

How could two people be responsible for tens of square kilometers of the farm

It was fine if they were not recruiting more people, but they wanted to even kick those in the bottom three out of the medicine garden.

Moreover, they would not be allowed to enter the herb garden again.

Liu Yan pondered.

He ate nothing from the medicine garden, only white rice, and white radishes.

He even lived in such a small house.

It was equivalent to working for the medicine garden for free.

Yet he was despised

The number one genius of the Lighthouse Academy, a once-in-a-century genius, was being despised for working for free

Even some of the Vice-principals and the Principal were extremely courteous towards Liu Yan and valued him, yet he was despised so much here

Liu Yan was utterly speechless.


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