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Chapter 153, The White Radish that Cant be Exchanged with Ginseng

Liu Yan was surprised by the spaces magicality and richness of its elemental powers.

A middle-aged man dressed in green came to Liu Yan.

The middle-aged man sized up Liu Yan and said indifferently, “You came in to work as a part-time medicine farmer, right Im your manager, Cao Dong.

Im in charge of all your activities in the medicine garden during this period.

You should know the general requirements as they are stated on the contract.

You can start picking today.

Work in pairs.

The room at the end of the road is your dormitory.

Pick together with your roommate.

Your roommate will guide you on the rest.”

After saying that, the manager, Cao Dong, immediately left.

He didnt pay much attention to Liu Yan, and his attitude was extremely cold.

Seeing that, Liu Yan did not overthink and walked in the direction that the manager pointed out.

Along the way, Liu Yan also discovered that the space was vast, and he could not see its end.

Liu Yan saw a house when he walked to the end.

It was indeed a house.

An extremely simple and crude wooden structure.

Liu Yan entered the house.

There was only one room, with a simple stove, dining table, and a simple bed next to it.

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Other than that, there was no other furniture in the house.

It was extremely simple and crude.

Liu Yan even felt it would be better to sleep in the wild if he were to live in such a house.

The house was so simple and crude that it was as good as empty.

There was no one else in the house.

Liu Yan did not see his roommate, so he walked out of the house to search.

Liu Yan still knew very little about everything in the medicine garden.

The manager, Cao Dong, completely ignored Liu Yan.

He could only find his roommate to clarify his doubts.

After leaving the house, Liu Yan saw an old man.

He looked very old, had white hair, and was about seventy or eighty years old.

He was carrying a wicker basket full of radishes.

The old man put the wicker basket at the door and met Liu Yan.

Seeing that the old man was so old,Liu Yan thought he was doing chores in the medicine garden.

He quickly asked, “Old Man, do you know where my roommate is”

“What What did you say Speak Up!” The old man asked with a puzzled face.

Liu Yan saw that the old man seemed a little deaf, so he asked loudly again, “Old Man, Im asking you where my roommate is!”

The old man finally heard it and nodded with a cold face.

He pointed at himself and said, “Im your roommate.

Why are you still standing here Go and sleep early.

Well get up early tomorrow to do farm work!”

As the old man spoke, he went into the house to rest and did not pay much attention to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was speechless when he saw that.

His roommate was actually an old man in his seventies and eighties.

He even seemed to have a bad ear.

What was going on

Why didnt the medicine garden hire more people when they lacked manpower.

What could an old man in his seventies and eighties do

Liu Yan had seen it clearly.

The old man was in his seventies or eighties.

Although he still looked quite energetic, it was apparent that he didnt have much strength just by looking at his lean build.

What kind of farm work could he do

Liu Yan was a little speechless, but the old man didnt pay much attention to Liu Yan.

He didnt want to interact with Liu Yan much.

After entering the medicine garden, he couldnt no longer leave.

He could only stay in the medicine garden.

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Liu Yan endured and slept in the house for a night.

He slept on a small bed next to the old man and endured his snoring at night.

Although he was a little uncomfortable, seeing that the old man was already old, Liu Yan could not blame him and could only continue to endure.

The following morning, Liu Yan woke up early.

Though his food and accommodation were provided, his living conditions were extremely simple.

His food was even simpler.

He only had a few buns for breakfast and nothing else.

But Liu Yan had eaten good food for a few days, so he did not care about those things.

After eating, he followed the old man to work at the farm.

Not long after, the old man brought Liu Yan to a large medicinal field.

At a glance, it was incredibly vast.

The old man pointed at the surroundings and said indifferently, “These tens of square kilometers of land are all our responsibility.

We have to work hard.

If we dont harvest all of them in time, it will be a waste of these crops!”

When Liu Yan heard that, he looked over.

Only the two of them were in charge of harvesting the tens of square kilometers of land

The workload was too big.

Furthermore, the two came only with the wicker baskets for the crops.

Did they not have any other tools

Liu Yan hurriedly asked, “Old Man, how can we possibly finish so much Why didnt we recruit more people to work And do we not have any tools”

“What did you say” The old man looked puzzled.

Liu Yan asked loudly again, “I said, why didnt we recruit more people And do we have to harvest the crops empty-handedly”

“Two people are more than enough.

What tools do we need I can do it my age, but you, a young man, cant do it”

As the old man said that, he began to harvest the crops with a stubborn look on his face.

Liu Yan could only grit his teeth and not ask any more questions since the old man did not think it was a big deal.

If Liu Yans strength had not been sealed, the tens of kilometers would have been easy.

However, the current Liu Yan found it extremely difficult to even move normally.

He had barely adapted to the weight of his wristband and leggings in one day.

For Liu Yan, whose strength had been sealed, such a large amount of work was practically killing him.

However, since he had chosen to do so, Liu Yan could not back down.

He could only grit his teeth and continue to work.

Only by doing so could he stay in the Eastern Medicine Garden and think of a way to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng in the future.

Especially since Liu Yan had just entered the Eastern Medicine Garden, he was even clearer that other than being a medicine farmer, there seemed to be no other way to enter the Eastern Medicine Garden.

That gatekeeper was so arrogant.

There was no other way.

And for the entrances teleportation array, Liu Yan had no way to open it without an identity token.

After thinking about it, Liu Yan could only grit his teeth and continue being a medicine farmer so that he could stay in the Eastern Medicine Garden.

After thinking about it clearly, Liu Yan turned his head and saw that the old man had already started working and was plucking the radishes on the ground.

Liu Yan looked over and realized that the large area was actually filled with radishes.

“Isnt this a medicinal field This place should be filled with ginseng.

Why are all of them radishes” Liu Yan hurriedly asked loudly.

The old man said unhappily, “What do you know Arent radishes native ginseng”

When Liu Yan heard that, he was a little speechless.

Native ginseng, my a**.

What good would eating radishes do

The old man continued, “You young people dont understand at all.

Let me tell you, this radish is a good thing.

Once radishes are on the streets, pharmacies wont have businesses! This white radish has all sorts of benefits.

One will be free of all diseases and it strengthens the body.

You see, every time it comes to the season when our white radishes are sold in the city, the pharmacies outside will go out of business.

Other people will scramble to buy this white radish.

The white radish is the best medicine.

You cant even exchange it with ginseng.

Let me tell you, back then…”

Liu Yan was speechless as he listened to the old mans various boasting about the white radish.

Those were just the lies that an adult said to a child.

Eating the white radish was indeed beneficial to the body, but it was just that.

How could it be compared to medicinal herbs or even ginseng

The more Liu Yan listened, the more he felt that the old man was fooling him.

The entire medicine garden seemed to be fooling people.

However, after Liu Yan tried to rebutt a little, the old man became fiercer.

He was extremely stubborn.

Seeing that, Liu Yan could only tactfully not say anything more.

He knew that the old man was extremely stubborn.

If they continued arguing, there would be no result.


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