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Chapter 150, sealing strength

“Equipment that seals strength”

Liu Yan was a little confused, but when he saw principal Zhong Yuntians strange smile, he immediately had a bad feeling.

Liu Yan opened the special metal box.

Inside the box were a pair of wrist bands and a pair of leg bands.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Could a pair of wrist bands and a pair of leg bands be so heavy

Liu Yan picked it up and looked at it.

Although it was very heavy, Liu Yans body was strong, so it was not difficult to pick it up.

Zhong Yuntian with a strange smile on his face said, “Think it through.

After you wear it, unless you complete your cultivation or give up on cultivating, you can not take it off.

Without me, no one can open this pair of wrist bands and leg bands.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan was a little surprised, but he did not think much about it.

This was Liu Yans choice to begin with, so there was no need for him to shrink back and hesitate.

No matter how difficult it was, Liu Yan would do his best to overcome it.

“Im done thinking.”

As Liu Yan said this, he put on the wrist band and leg band.

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Once he put them on, the wrist band and leg band automatically tightened.

Liu Yan tried for a while, but it was impossible to take them off again.

Immediately after, Liu Yan felt a heavy weight.

The wrist band and leg band were both extremely heavy.

It was so heavy that it was extremely difficult for Liu Yan to stand.

Liu Yan immediately had a strange expression on his face.

These wrist bands and leg bands were clearly not that heavy.

It was not a problem for him to wear them.

Why did they suddenly become so heavy

Liu Yan carefully felt them and immediately understood.

It was not that these wrist bands and leg bands had become heavier.

It was that Liu Yans own strength had become weaker.

In fact, it was weakened by more than just a little bit.

After carefully sensing it again, Liu Yan was immediately surprised to find that the wrist bands and leg bands had a magical power that directly sealed Liu Yans powerful strength.

Liu Yans body clearly had incomparably powerful strength, but he was completely unable to mobilize it.

He could only mobilize a very, very small portion.

It was similar to his body before he entered the tower world.

He was an ordinary person without having been awakened.

In fact, the current Liu Yan was even weaker than before he entered the tower world.

The current Liu Yan only had the strength he had before he entered the tower world.

Furthermore, he also had a heavy pair of wrist bands and leg bands.

The usual training and movement aside, even standing was extremely strenuous for Liu Yan.

At the same time, Liu Yan was also surprised to find that his bunch of skills were also sealed and could not be used.

The current Liu Yan was not even comparable to an ordinary person who had not awakened yet.

Liu Yan immediately looked at principal Zhong Yuntian in surprise.

“What is this Its so magical.”

As for the sealed equipment, because it was too secretive, Liu Yan knew very little about it.

He only heard that it could use the power of laws to seal strength.

It was extremely magical.

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He did not expect that he would actually wear such a magical sealing equipment today.

Zhong Yuntian smiled and said, “Thats not the main point.

You dont need to pay attention to it.

You should hurry up and follow the training mission that I gave you to obtain those four top-tier materials.

The earlier you obtain them, the better you will be able to get rid of this sealing equipment.

Of course, there is another way to get rid of this sealed equipment.

That is to give up on this training.

At that time, you will still be a top-tier genius of our academy and will still receive important training.

However, by then, you are no longer worthy of being personally trained by me.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan waved his hand with difficulty and said, “Dont worry, I will not give up.”

“I will wait and see.”Zhong Yuntian smiled and said.

Following that, Liu Yan took heavy steps and left the office building with great difficulty, getting into his own car.

It was a short stretch of road but Liu Yan walked with great difficulty.

When he got into the car, he was already covered in sweat.

This was the first time Liu Yan realized that walking could be this tiring.

Looking at the wrist bands and leg bands on his body, Liu Yan was speechless.

These seemingly ordinary wrist bands and leg bands actually had such terrifying power, sealing off all skills and physical strength.

It was truly miraculous.

It was tiring but at the same time, Liu Yan also had a strange feeling.

Ever since he entered the tower world and awakened his SSS-ranked talent, Divine Extraction, he had been continuously obtaining large amounts of attributes and all sorts of powerful skills.

His strength increased rapidly, causing Liu Yan to feel as if the strength in his body couldnt be used up at all, and that he was not able to fully display his strength.

And now that he wore the wrist band and leg band, he felt as if he had returned to the past.

It could be considered a pretty good experience.

Liu Yan thought about it.

Could it be that he had gone from frugality to extravagance Now that he had gone from extravagance to frugality, although it was torturous, he was actually enjoying it

Following that, Liu Yan drove his car to the Eastern Suburbs Paradise and embarked on his own difficult journey of cultivation.

Driving his sports car, Liu Yan shuttled through the Lighthouse Academy and headed towards the Eastern Suburbs medicinal garden.

At this moment, Liu Yan felt extremely fortunate.

Fortunately, the vice principal of the Commanding Academy had given him this sports car.

Otherwise, if he did not have this sports car, Liu Yan really would not know how to go to the Eastern Suburbs medicinal garden.

If he were to rely on himself to walk there, Liu Yan, whose strength was now sealed and even walking was extremely difficult, felt that he might as well die.

Liu Yan checked the information of the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden on the way there.

He found out that the Eastern Suburbs medicinal garden was the largest medicinal garden on the entire three and a half stories.

It was also one of the core of the Lighthouse Academy.

Considered to be of the utmost importance, a large amount of rare medicinal herbs would be produced from within every once in a while.

Only with these medicinal herbs would they be able to help the students of the Lighthouse Academy cultivate.

It would allow them to build a better foundation and cultivate better.

This could also be considered one of the benefits of the Lighthouse Academy.

It was one of the reasons why a large number of the awakened ones outside were trying their best to squeeze their way into the Lighthouse Academy.

After all, this large number of rare medicinal herbs was practically free of charge in the Lighthouse Academy.

Outside of lighthouse academy, other than the price being much higher, even if most of the awakened could afford it, they would only be able to buy a small amount and couldnt use it for a long period of time.

But in reality, outside of lighthouse academy, no matter how rich they were, they wouldnt be able to buy such a large amount of rare medicinal herbs.

It was a situation where there was a demand but no supply.

After all, cultivating so many rare medicinal herbs wasnt something that anyone could just do.

Cultivating these rare herbs was rumoured to require great strength, rare cultivation methods, and resources.

Other than that, there was also the most important point, the rare herb field where the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth was gathered.

This Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden was the best herb field on the three-and-a-half-story central resting platform.

With the Lighthouse Academys management, it was able to cultivate many rare herbs.

However, the smart wristband had no record on how to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng in the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden.

There werent even records on how to enter the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden.

All the information about the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden was extremely rare on the smart wristband.

Clearly, the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden as one of the cores of Lighthouse Academy had an extremely secretive existence.

A lot of information was not made public.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was not in a hurry.

He first went to the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden to see how he could enter, and then slowly try to find a way to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.


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