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At the periphery of the forest, under the pursuit of the Tower defense beasts, the many Awakened ones were in a panic as they fled in all directions.

However, most of them were unable to escape the pursuit of the Tower defense beasts.

After being killed, their corpses were then dragged towards the beasts nests in the middle of the forest.

Only a small number of Awakened were either able to escape or mustered up their courage to fight the Tower defense beasts.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the forest, a figure was on the top of the towering trees, easily leaping towards the depths of the forest.

In a short while, Liu Yan arrived at the central area of the forest.

At this moment, a notification appeared on Liu Yans smart wristband:

[You have left the scoring area, and will thus disappear from the ranking list.]


Liu Yan didnt pay too much attention to it, instead, he focused on the nest not far away.

Through Spirit Vision, he could easily see the situation in the distance in the dark.

At this moment, there was an injured steel-clawed iron wolf outside the nest.

It was much stronger than an ordinary level-one beast.

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The steel-clawed iron wolf seemed to have fought with an Awakened and was now heavily injured.

If Liu Yan went close, he could easily just kill it.

However, Liu Yan didnt move.

Instead, he quietly followed the steel-clawed iron wolf by leaping through the trees.

Sure enough, the steel-clawed iron wolf dragged an Awakeneds body and headed toward the nest.

Seeing that the corpse was about to be dragged into the nest, Liu Yan couldnt hold himself back anymore.

He took out his dagger and jumped down from the tree, ready to kill the steel-clawed iron wolf and snatch the Awakeneds corpse at the same time.


However, just as he jumped down, as if it had long noticed him, the steel-clawed iron wolf didnt panic at all.

Instead, it stared at Liu Yan and seemed prepared to fight.

At the same time, a large group of wild wolves jumped out from the dense shrubbery around Liu Yan.

Clearly, the steel-clawed iron wolf and these wild wolves had long noticed Liu Yans existence.

Liu Yan also understood now.

It was a wolf-type beast, after all, so it was only natural that its nose was more sensitive and it was more observant.


On the other hand, because Liu Yan had been attracted by the injured steel-clawed iron wolf and the Awakeneds corpse, he had let down his guard a little.

He didnt use Spirit Vision to carefully observe if there was any danger in the surroundings.


He hurriedly activated Ghoststeps.

Liu Yans agility attribute was off the charts, to begin with.

Coupled with the three times agility Ghoststeps gave him, his speed was instantly raised to the maximum.

In an instant, he broke free from the encirclement of the wild wolves and arrived not far away.

However, he didnt run away.

Liu Yan observed for a moment, and counted that there were actually more than ten wild wolves in this nest!

If he used his full strength, he estimated that he would be able to defeat them, but that would undoubtedly consume a lot of his stamina.

If there were other Tower defense beasts or normal beasts in the surroundings, it would be dangerous.

After all, this was the central area of the dense forest.

Many of the nests of the beasts and Tower defense beasts were here.

Liu Yan used the Cloud-treading Boots to jump onto a towering tree.

The wild wolves chased after him and surrounded the towering tree.

However, they were unable to climb, so they could only stare coldly at Liu Yan who was on the tree while roaring incessantly.

Seeing that the wild wolves couldnt climb up the tree, Liu Yan was instantly relieved.

He immediately took out the bow and arrows from his storage ring and used his B-grade skill Poison Control to add poison to the arrows.


At the same time, Liu Yan discovered that he could also use the B-grade skill Fog to add a paralyzing and delay effect to the arrows.


After the arrows had been added with these effects, Liu Yan shot one arrow out after another.

Currently, his strength attribute was already extremely terrifying, so to save his MP, he did not use Strength Enhancement.


With the support of the skill Ultimate Aim, each of Liu Yans arrows accurately hit a wild wolf.

In fact, because of his powerful strength and Ultimate Aims accuracy, Liu Yan could sometimes even pierce two or three wolves with one arrow.

The arrows had the effects of paralysis, delay, and poison.

As such, not long after the arrows hit, the wild wolves fell one by one, then died.

Liu Yan was already so powerful that he could easily kill these beasts.

In less than a minute, six or seven wild wolves fell and died.


But at the same time, Liu Yan also realized that he had no arrows left.

He had only taken a few from Wang Qings corpse, and they were all used up now.

At this time, although half of the wolves below had fallen, there were still seven or eight wolves staring at Liu Yan who was on the tree.


Following this, Liu Yan had no choice but to jump down from the tree.

By activating Ghoststeps, his speed became abnormally terrifying.

Liu Yan easily dodged the attacks of the wolves as he retrieved the arrows that he had used.

But right at this moment, a huge wolf suddenly rushed out from the side and pounced towards Liu Yan.


At this time, the situation was urgent.

The distance between them was too close, so Liu Yan didnt have time to shoot any arrows.

He simply used one arm to block the wolf king while stabbing at its heart with the arrows in his other hand that he had just retrieved.

His powerful attributes displayed their effects at this moment.

Liu Yan could actually resist the wolf kings attack with only one hand, and at the same time, pierce the arrows into the wolf kings heart.

With that, the wolf king instantly fell to the ground, struggling, but not dead yet.

Seeing this, Liu Yan used Strength Enhancement.

Entering berserk state, his strength was increased by three times!

Following that, Liu Yan did the same thing, pulling out the arrows and once again stabbing them towards the wolf kings heart.

This time, with three times the strength, the arrows pierced through the wolf kings heart.

The wolf king writhed for a while before stopping, already dead.

When the remaining wild wolves saw that not only had half of their companions died at the hands of Liu Yan alone, but even their powerful wolf king died at the hands of this person in such a short time, they stared at Liu Yan while howling, but none of them dared to attack Liu Yan.

With ultimate confidence in his abilities, Liu Yan was bold as he just ignored the remaining wild wolves and used Divine Extraction on the wild wolf kings corpse.

Green light instantly enveloped the corpse of the wild wolf king which was as huge as four to five people combined in size…


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