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The Arduous Path of Cultivation

Upon hearing this, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with shock.

This was actually nomological power

Previously, Liu Yan had heard that a top-tier expert could directly use nomological power, using the laws of Heaven and Earth as their own power.

It was incomparably powerful.

Feeling the terrifying energy within the jade tile in front of him, Liu Yan was extremely shocked.

This was only a trace of nomological power, yet it was already so terrifying.

If an entire body was filled with nomological power, how terrifying would it be Liu Yan didnt dare to imagine it.

And after hearing principal Zhong Yuntians teachings, Liu Yan instantly understood.

Even though he had the SSS-ranked talent, Divine Extraction, even though his talent was already top-notch.

He had to admit that there was always someone better than him.

In addition, no matter how good his talent was, if he couldnt grow stronger, it would be useless if he couldnt become an expert.

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Right now, he only had the best start.

Liu Yan still had a long way to go.

He had to be humble and work hard to end up as an expert.

“I understand.” Liu Yan lowered his head slightly and said seriously.

“Its good that you understand.”

Zhong Yuntian, who was a little serious a moment ago, suddenly regained a smile with an unserious look.

Then, principal Zhong Yuntian continued, “Liu Yan, let me tell you.

Your current talent is very good, but its actually not considered top-notch yet.”

Liu Yan heard this and immediately looked at principal Zhong Yuntian with some doubt.

His current talent was not considered top-notch

However, after what had just happened, Liu Yan also understood that principal Zhong Yuntian was unfathomable.

He quietly waited for principal Zhong Yuntian to continue.

Principal Zhong Yuntian continued, “Ive looked at you.

Your bodys strength is already very high.

Your foundation is also quite good, but its not the most perfect.

If you continue to cultivate, it wont affect you for now.

Its just that your strength will improve a little slower.

However, at the later stages, the gap will be revealed.

Therefore, you must seize the time now and change your foundation.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan couldnt help but feel that it made sense.

Liu Yan was clear that his bodys talent wasnt considered good.

It was just that he possessed the SSS-ranked talent, Divine Extraction.

Only after continuously obtaining large amounts of attributes had his bodys toughness increased quickly.

However, if he didnt have the SSS-ranked talent, Divine Extraction, Liu Yans bodys toughness wouldnt be that great.

There was a huge gap between him and a genius like Murong Xue.

“Then how do I change my foundation” Liu Yan asked with some anticipation.

Zhong Yuntian smiled and said, “Dont worry, I can help you.

If you want to break through the current limits and re-establish a perfect foundation, you must re-temper your skin, flesh, bones, blood and internal organs.

Only then will you be able to rise to the next level! By then, not only will your bodys toughness rise, it will also be easier to raise your bodys toughness in the future.

You will also be able to cultivate beyond the four basic elements of wind, fire, water, and earth, to the superior elements: wood, thunder, ice, and metal.”

Hearing this, Liu Yans face was filled with admiration.

Liu Yan did not know much about the elements, but he had heard about them.

The four basic elements were wind, fire, water, and earth.

And above these, there were some superior elements.

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Basic elements could be cultivated by everyone.

It was just that the result from cultivating varied with their talent.

However, superior elements were not something that everyone could cultivate.

Awakened ones who could cultivate superior elements were extremely rare.

Correspondingly, as long as one could cultivate superior elements, their strength would not be weak in any sort.

After all, the strength of superior elements was far stronger than basic elements.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntians expression was slightly solemn as he said, “Other than superior elements, there are even divine nomological powers such as light, darkness, time, space, and so on.

If you can cultivate divine nomological powers, you will definitely become a top-tier expert among humans in the future.

There is no limit to your future!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with yearning.

In fact, Liu Yan had already dispelled some of the superior elements.

The lightning attribute in his body was a superior element, and it was indeed extremely powerful.

As for the legendary divine elements, Liu Yan had not even seen them before.

It was rumoured that any divine element was a mysterious and powerful existence.

As long as one could cultivate divine elements, they would be an absolute expert without any exception!

Principal Zhong Yuntian saw Liu Yans expression of yearning and immediately nodded in his heart.

This student was not bad.

Not only did he have a talent that only appeared once in a hundred years, but he also had the determination to pursue the limits of his strength and become an expert.

As long as such a student was properly nurtured, he might be a rising star for humanity in the future, or even the hope of mankinds future!

Even Zhong Yuntian could not help but look forward to it at this moment.

If he carefully nurtured Liu Yan, what kind of heights would the future Liu Yan reach

Principal Zhong Yuntian said with a serious face, “Next is your cultivation path.

I need you to go to the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden, the Western Suburbs Mine, the Southern Suburbs Warehouse, and the Northern Suburbs Hunting Ground to cultivate.

Get the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng for skin refining, the purple-gold taisui (flesh-refining Ganoderma) for flesh refining, the ice-type chalcedony for bone refining, and the Earth Dragon Blood for blood refining!”

“Ten-thousand-year-old ginseng, purple-gold taisui (flesh-refining Ganoderma) , the ice-type chalcedony, and the Earth Dragon Blood”

Liu Yan was surprised when he heard that.

These were all extremely rare top-tier materials.

Firstly, the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

Let alone ten thousand years, it was already very precious even if it was a hundred years old.

It was almost impossible to see a thousand years old one.

No matter how much money you spent, you wouldnt be able to obtain it.

But now, he had to obtain a ten-thousand-year-old ginseng

As expected of a top-grade foundation.

The materials needed were all top-grade in existence.

“Thats right.”

Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly and said, “Only after obtaining these can you return to me.

I will give you the giant whale incense that you need to refine your internal organs.

When the time comes, I will personally help you rebuild your body.

How about it Will you accept this kind of training You must consider it carefully.

This path of cultivation is fraught with difficulties.

However, as long as you succeed, you will be able to build a perfect-grade foundation.

Your future is limitless.

But at the same time, you will face the possibility of failure.

Not only will you waste a lot of time, but you might also waste your current talent.”

Liu Yan did not even think about it and directly nodded and said, “Of course I will accept it.

If I cant become a top-tier expert, then whats the point of exploring the limits of my power”

Liu Yan didnt want to just become an expert and obtain a good status and enjoy the rest of his life.

Liu Yan had to explore the limits of his power and find out the truth of this world.

At the same time, he had to figure out the reason behind his reincarnation.

Zhong Yuntian saw the determination on Liu Yans face and was instantly satisfied.

“Good, good, good! Youre a student I admire indeed.

So ambitious!” Zhong Yuntian praised.

Then, he took out a metal box and threw it on the ground.

The special metal box was extremely heavy.

When it landed on the ground, there was a loud sound.

“Open it and take a look.

This is the equipment that you need to wear to seal your strength when you train.” Zhong Yuntian said with a smile.


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