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A Set of A-ranked Equipment

After obtaining the Fire Sickle Dance, Liu Yan left the Combat Technique Academy with a full harvest.

To train as hard as the other freshmen, Liu Yan had no need for this.

After training hard for a week, the increase in his attributes might not be as much as what Liu Yan had obtained from randomly extracting a fierce beasts corpse.

As for learning and familiarizing himself with battle techniques, Liu Yan had no need to do so.

Liu Yan was very familiar with all the skills in his body, so he could masterfully perform them.

He only needed to use them more in actual combat later on to accumulate actual combat experience.

Training was completely meaningless to Liu Yan.

After returning to the villa, the other three girls had yet to return.

They were all busy with their own tasks.

Every student of Lighthouse Academy was extremely busy, not to mention the three key students.

Their training missions were even busier.

Every new student was clear that their capability wasnt only affecting their future, but also determined their life and death.

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Thus, those with great strength did their utmost to continue to raise their strength, wanting to head to the higher levels of the tower, head to a wider world, and become an expert.

Those with mediocre strength would also keep their heads down and chase after them.

Even if their talent was mediocre, they still had the chance to become an expert through hard work.

At most, they would just become an expert later in life.

And they were also very clear that if they were to lower their guard now, it would very likely lead to their deaths in the future.

Every minute and every second now was extremely crucial.

Liu Yan waited until it was late in the day before the three girls returned to the villa exhausted.

“Im so tired.

I didnt expect that the Command Academy needs to read so many books and learn so much knowledge.

To be a leader, there are so many things to consider.”Luo Qingcheng complained.

As she complained, she ate in large mouthfuls.

It was obvious that she was very tired today.

Today could be considered the first day of study and training for the three girls.

Yesterday, they just entered the academy and familiarized themselves with the academy.

Chu Longs face was full of agreement, she said, “Being a support also requires a lot of learning.

In the past, I thought that I only needed to stand at the back and properly use my skill to help others.

I didnt expect that there would be so many details.

Training is also very tiring.”

Compared to Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng, Murong Xue was undoubtedly the one who was the most tired.

The training in the Combat Technique Academy was the most tiring.

In addition, Murong Xue was strong and was a key student.

The Combat Technique Academy took care of her even more.

Besides better resources and guidance, it was also more rigorous training.

At this moment, Murong Xues face was full of fatigue and her whole body was covered in sweat.

It was hard for Liu Yan to imagine that with her strong physique, what kind of cruel devillish training had she gone through that made her so tired.

Murong Xue casually ate two mouthfuls, then she got up tiredly and said, “I cant take it anymore.

Im going to take a shower and go to sleep.

I still have to continue training tomorrow.

But fortunately, its worth the effort.

I feel that my strength is improving!”

As Murong Xue spoke, she quickly left.


After Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long finished eating, they also left to rest.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also smiled bitterly.

The three girls were really busy.

However, this was also a good thing.

Being busy was a good thing for them.

Being busy and feeling tired meant that they were moving forward.

Each of them was improving themselves.

Only by working hard now could they increase their strength in all aspects.

In the future, they would have a higher chance of survival in the higher levels of the tower.

On the other hand, Liu Yan was more relaxed.

As a once-in-a-century genius, the academy gave Liu Yan very good treatment in all aspects, and also gave him a lot of freedom.

Because Liu Yan had the divine extraction, it was extremely convenient for him to increase his strength.

Naturally, he didnt need to go through the trouble like them.

However, Liu Yan was also clear that his training in Lighthouse Academy hadnt officially started yet.

The four great academies had limited training for Liu Yan.

After all, each academy only had one day, so it was very difficult for the various vice principals to arrange training tasks too heavy for Liu Yan.

It wasnt good for them to occupy too much of Liu Yans time.

And Liu Yans real training would begin at the principals place.

Liu Yan had learned from his conversation with the two vice-principals yesterday and today that the principals training might be very tiring, so he had to adjust his state of mind and prepare himself mentally.

After eating dinner, Liu Yan went to rest leisurely.

The next day, Liu Yan went to the Weapons Academy.

The Weapons Academys Ling Feng valued Liu Yan very much, and his attitude was very friendly.

It was rumoured that he was the extremely arrogant vice dean of the Weapons Academy, Ling Feng.

When he faced Liu Yan, he spoke quite a lot, and he meticulously taught Liu Yan some knowledge about making weapons and equipment.

When it came to making weapons and equipment, Liu Yan was quite attentive.

After all, Liu Yan had the talent of divine extraction.

He could use divine extraction on the basis of those equipments he made to raise its rank.

Upgrading a level would bring about an earth-shaking change to the weapons and equipment.

The difference would be huge, and it was a qualitative upgrade.

Through learning, Liu Yan learned that in addition to the method of making weapons and equipment, materials were also very important.

The better the materials, the easier it would be to produce high-level weapons and equipment.

No matter how good the technique was, without the corresponding high-level materials, it was impossible to produce good weapons and equipment.

After all, it was hard to cook without rice.

And this aspect was not very difficult for Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan had the SSS-ranked talent, divine extraction.

He could easily obtain many good materials.

Liu Yan even discovered that some of the materials stored in his storage ring were extremely rare and even extinct in Lighthouse Academy.

These high-level materials should only be obtainable at the higher levels of the tower.

However, Liu Yan obtained them directly from the lower level through divine extraction.

However, in order to avoid being exposed and arousing suspicion, Liu Yan did not reveal this point.

Otherwise, if Ling Feng knew that Liu Yan had many high-level materials in his storage ring, he would probably be extremely shocked.

Liu Yan also wanted to learn how to make weapons and equipment, so that he could use high-level materials to make better weapons and equipment in the future.

He could even use divine extraction to raise its level again.

And from the vice principal of the Weapon Academy, Ling Feng, Liu Yan had also obtained a set of B-ranked equipment.

A set of B-ranked equipment was already extremely expensive.

It was obvious how much Ling Feng valued Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was also somewhat grateful to Ling Feng.

He thought about contributing to the weapon academy in the future when given an opportunity.

After all, according to Liu Yans knowledge, the current Weapon Academy lacked talents, and it had been in decline for the past few years.

This set of A-ranked equipment was also extremely rare for the Weapon Academy.

After bidding farewell to Ling Feng, Liu Yan went to the Weapon Academys treasure room, intending to exchange for a set of A-ranked equipment.

Liu Yans current equipment was a set of D-ranked equipment, and it was obtained on the first and a half floor of the tower.

It had long been unable to keep up with Liu Yans strength.

Liu Yan could not help but look forward to what kind of improvement a B-ranked equipment would bring him.


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