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Dance of the Fire Sickle

Hearing this, Liu Yan appeared composed, but deep down, he was overjoyed.

Putting A-ranked skills aside, even an S-ranked skill would not take a week.

Liu Yan only needed a day to master it.

He did not tell Shi Tian directly because he did not want to be too exaggerated and arouse suspicion.

A weeks time to master was something impossible for others, but for Liu Yan, it was already a very, very long time.

“Alright, then its settled!” Liu Yan smiled.

After that, Liu Yan and Shi Tian discussed some experience on how to use battle techniques in actual combat and left.

Shi Tian watched as Liu Yan took his departure and was secretly surprised.

He originally wanted to teach Liu Yan how to use battle techniques better in actual combat.

But after chatting for a while, he was surprised to find that Liu Yan had a lot of actual combat experience.

He also seemed to be experienced in various combat techniques.

This caused his original teachings to turn into discussions.

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Shi Tian was even more surprised to find that Liu Yans understanding of some types of combat techniques was not even above his.

For example, when it came to the use of speed-type combat techniques, Liu Yan was more experienced than him.

This really surprised Shi Tian.

“As expected of a once-in-a-century genius.

He cant be measured by the standards of an ordinary person.

I believe it wont take long for an expert to be born from our lighthouse academy.” Shi Tian sighed slightly.

At the same time, Shi Tian couldnt help feeling a little expectant about the number of A-ranked skills that Liu Yan had just said he could master in a week.

Previously, Shi Tian had thought that Liu Yan was boasting and being naive.

However, after the discussion just now, Shi Tians view of Liu Yan changed.

Shi Tian could not help but be somewhat expectant of whether Liu Yan could really do it.

If he could really master an A-ranked skill within a week, then he would once again break the academys record.


After Liu Yan left the office of the Combat Techniques Academys vice principal, Shi Tian, he headed straight to the Combat Techniques Collection Hall.

The authority of the skill book that Shi Tian had given him had already been entered into the smart wristband.

As long as Liu Yan went to the Combat Techniques Collection Hall, he would be able to choose to receive an A-ranked assassin class skill.

Very quickly, Liu Yan followed the map in the smart wristband and arrived at his destination, the Combat Techniques Collection Hall.

The Combat Techniques Collection Hall was somewhat similar to the libraries in the outside world.

However, the scale was much larger, and the security measures were also very good.

After all, this was an important resource of the academy.

It couldnt allow others to easily steal the combat techniques within it.

The awakened ones would need to spend a lot of resources and time to create any combat technique skill book.

Therefore, any combat technique skill book was extremely crucial.

After all, it was a treasure that could allow the awakened ones to learn new skills.

Liu Yan went to the front desk and submitted his smart wristband for verification.

On the screen in front of him, a few A-ranked assassin class skills appeared.


There were many combat skills in the Combat Techniques Collection Hall, but A-ranked skills were extremely rare .

Even for lighthouse academy, they were extremely rare treasures.

In addition, it was an assassin-type A-ranked skill, so there werent many choices left.

Liu Yan looked over one by one, and finally, his gaze stopped on a skill.

[ Fire Sickle Triple Stab ]

Level: A-ranked

Effect: With a swing of a dagger or sickle, three consecutive stabs can be executed in an instant.

All three stabs can deal critical damage, and the damage bonus is: 20% , 30% , 40%!

Currently, what Liu Yan lacked the most was an assassin-type high explosive skill.

After all, Liu Yan currently had the Night Rangers high explosive skill.

In addition, he also had the powerful S-ranked weapon, Night Edge.

However, for assassin-type attack skill, he only had a C-ranked backstab.

In this aspect, Liu Yan undoubtedly needed to strengthen himself.

The Fire Sickle Triple Stab in front of him was undoubtedly pure assassin-type high explosive skill.

It was extremely suitable for the current Liu Yan.

For the rest of the assassin A-ranked skills, although many of them were very powerful, they were more or less related to movements or concealments.

Liu Yan had the S-ranked skill, Sound Speed, as well as the A-ranked skill, Shadow Cloak, and the A-ranked skill, Aura Concealment.

These aspects were hence not very crucial for him.

The Fire Sickle Triple Stab was undoubtedly the most suitable for the current Liu Yan.

Following which, Liu Yan immediately chose to exchange for Fire Sickle Triple Stab.

The number of skill exchanges in the smart wristband disappeared.

The staff member took out a skill book and handed it to Liu Yan.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan also saw the option for the Fire Sickle Triple Stab disappear on the display screen.

It was very obvious that in the entire Combat Technique Collection Hall, there was only this sole Fire Sickle Triple Stab skill book.

After Liu Yan exchanged for it and took it away, no one else would be able to obtain it.

This was also the reason why skill books were rare.

After spending a large amount of resources and time for an expert to produce it, there was only one chance to use it.

There were also some skill books that could be used repeatedly and by many people, but those were only low-level skills.

High-level skills could not be made into a permanent skill book at the moment.

Especially when the skill book reached A-ranked, it was basically a top-tier skill book in the Combat Technique Collection Hall.

It was said to cost several top-tier experts a lot of time to make one skill book, so it was naturally extremely rare.

Liu Yan sized up the skill book of the Fire Sickle Triple Stab in front of him.

Its entire body was purple in colour, and its size was half the size of a human.

Its thickness was around thirty to forty li, and it was extremely large.

However, in his hand, it was extremely light, as if it was air.

It was extremely magical.

Liu Yan took the skill sook of the Fire Sickle Triple Stab and returned to his sports car.

Then, he directly used his SSS-ranked talent, divine extraction.

White light enveloped the skill book and a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine extraction of Fire Sickle Triple Stab skill book (A-ranked) successful.

Congratulations on obtaining Fire Sickle Dance (S-ranked)! ]

At the same time when the system notification sounded, the skill book in Liu Yans hand had also disappeared, turning into a ray of light and entering Liu Yans body.

Liu Yan suddenly felt that he had an additional skill, Fire Sickle Dance.

This skill seems to be innate to him, extremely familiar, and can be used skillfully at hand.

It was divine extraction after all.

Liu Yan was extremely happy that he had learned the skill immediately.

Following which, Liu Yan also started to check.

Liu Yan had quite a number of A-ranked skills, but even Liu Yan did not have many S-ranked skills.

Any S-ranked skill was an extremely powerful existence.


[ Fire Sickle Dance ]

Level: S

Effect: Swings a sickle or dagger, infuses with fire attribute power, and instantly completes five consecutive stabs (can be increased), five consecutive stabs and the damage bonus is: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%.

The last hit will definitely trigger a critical hit!

Seeing the effect of the new S-ranked skill, Fire Sickle Dance, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with ecstasy.

From the original three consecutive stabs, it became five consecutive stabs.

Moreover, the bonus increases each time by quite a bit, and on the last hit, it even reached a 100% bonus.

And the most surprising thing was that the last hit would definitely trigger a critical hit.

It was truly abnormal.

And Liu Yan was even more clear that these five stabs were completed in an instant, completed in a second.

Compared to the Liu Yan from before, the overall explosive power has increased by ten times in an instant!

In addition, it could also add fire attribute power.

The more fire attribute power that was injected into it, the stronger the explosive power would be.

Finally, this skill could continue to evolve and grow.

In the future, there might be more stabs and bonuses without a definite cap!

Liu Yan was instantly extremely satisfied.

All of a sudden, he had an extremely terrifying high explosive skill.

His battle prowess had increased by a large margin.

Liu Yan truly gained a lot today.


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