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The Free Liu Yan


Liu Yan returned to his villa.

It was located in the sub-prosperous area of Lighthouse College.

Although it wasnt the most prosperous area, every inch of the three and a half stories was extremely expensive.

After all, it took the ancestors a lot of hardship and resources to cultivate it.

And for the sub-prosperous area of Lighthouse Academy, every inch of land was worth a lot of money.

Liu Yan inserted the key card and entered the villa.

The first thing he saw was a simple and comfortable decorative style, giving off a technological vibe.

After a rough inspection, the place wasnt small.

There were three upper stories and two lower stories.

In addition, it felt high-tech.

Well equipped with all sorts of smart devices, all kinds of functionalities were available.

Following that, Liu Yan took a rest in the villa and enjoyed the rare peace.

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At the same time, he informed the three women of the address so they could gather over for dinner after they finished their studies and training missions in the academy.

When it was almost dusk, the three women arrived at Liu Yans villa one after another.

When they saw the new villa that Liu Yan had obtained, the three women were a little surprised.

Chu long and Liu Yan were both ordinary people and neighbours.

Their living environment was relatively simple and crude.

Never had they lived in such a villa before.

Chu Long was immediately a little surprised.

“Brother Liu Yan, you bought a villa This villa looks great!” Chu Long said in surprise.

Murong Xue asked with some doubt, “You have the qualifications to buy it so quickly I also planned to buy it, but I have to apply for the qualifications to buy it.

The vice principal has already arranged for people to help me buy it.”

Murong Xue was originally from a large family background, so she did not lack money at all.

She could also afford to buy a villa.

However, the houses within the lighthouse academy were not something that could be bought just because they had money.

They also needed the qualifications to buy it.

It was very difficult for ordinary students to apply for the qualifications to buy it.

They had to meet certain conditions before they could buy it.

This also meant that if one wanted to own a house or even a villa within the lighthouse academy, just having money was not enough.

One had to have the corresponding capability or status.

However, as an important student of the combat institute, Murong Xue naturally had the qualifications.

It was just that she had to go through some procedures.

However, Luo Qingcheng knew something and smiled, “Im afraid this villa didnt cost a single cent, right”

Hearing this, Chu Long and Murong Xue looked at Luo Qingcheng and Liu Yan with some doubts.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also nodded slightly and directly admitted, “Not bad, it was vice principal Ye who gave it to me today.

In addition, he also gave me a luxury car.”

“So comfortable Thats good, then I wont buy it too.

Anyway, I wont be staying on the third and a half floor for too long.

You have quite a number of rooms, Ill just stay here!” Murong Xue said straightforwardly.

Liu Yan was a little speechless when he saw that Murong Xue didnt treat him as an outsider at all.

This woman really didnt care about these things.


However, since Murong Xue didnt care, Liu Yan naturally didnt care either.

“Alright, then Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long will move here too.

This place is better than your student dormitory.

It will be easier to take care of each other too.”Liu Yan nodded his head and said.

“Alright, I have never lived in a villa before!” Chu Longs face was filled with joy as she pulled Murong Xue along and started strolling around the villa.

Meanwhile, Luo Qingchengs face was slightly red.

The things that had happened between her and Liu Yan previously and now that they were living together, didnt that mean…

After that, the few of them rested for a while and went to buy some ingredients together.

Then, they cooked some delicious meals together.

After eating, they went off to their own business.

Although it was relatively more comfortable in the lighthouse academy on the third and a half floor, they were not idle.

Each of them had a lot of learning and training tasks.

Especially since they were key students of the academy, the learning and training tasks assigned to them were even heavier.

The academy allocated more resources to these key students expecting them to make serious preparations before charging to the higher floor of the tower.

This would also bring a certain return to the upper house of Lighthouse Academy and the entire human race.

Bored after seeing that the few girls were all busy with their own matters, Liu Yan also went to read the few basic books on commanding and team combat that vice principal Ye had given him today.

After reading for a while, Liu Yan also had some insights.

Previously, because Liu Yans individual strength was stronger, he didnt care about these things at all.

Acting alone didnt matter at all.

If he could win, he would fight.

If he couldnt, he would run.

In any case, his strength was both strong and rapid in growth.

Even if he couldnt win, he would be able to win sooner or later.

After all, the speed at which Liu Yans strength increased was extremely terrifying.

However, this was only for Liu Yan.

The other awakened ones werent like this.

Not every awakened had Liu Yans extremely strong strength.

At the same time, he wasnt weak in any specific aspects and didnt have any weaknesses at all.

The awakened ones would only be able to combine their strength together if they worked together as a team.

They would use their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

They would help each other and rely on each other to display even more powerful strength.

Liu Yan did not need it himself, but he might need to command others in the future.

Therefore, he studied more seriously.

In any case, he only studied one day a week, so it did not take up a large proportion.

After studying for a while, by the time he finished, the sky was already completely dark.

Liu Yan went to check on the other three girls.

They were almost done with their studies and were preparing to rest.

The three girls had all chosen their favourite rooms.

Anyway, there were seven or eight empty rooms in the villa, so it was more than enough.

Liu Yan saw that it was almost time, so he fumbled his way into Luo Qingchengs room.

Luo Qingcheng had just taken a shower when she noticed Liu Yans arrival.

Her face turned slightly red as she whispered, “Why are you here Arent you afraid of being discovered by them…”

“Its fine.

Both of them are resting.

Its not a big deal to be discovered anyway.”Liu Yan said he went up for a hug.

It was a villa after all and the soundproofing was excellent.

The movements of Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng did not affect the other two girls in the slightest.

The next morning, the three girls woke up early to have breakfast and went to their respective academies.

Their learning and training tasks were very heavy and each academy also set a time for them to report in the morning.

The requirements were extremely strict.

On the other hand, there was Liu Yan.

The academy did not have any requirements for him.

He only had to go to the four academies for the first four days of the week and report to the principal for the next three days.

Liu Yan was considered an exception among all the new students, he was extremely free.

After finishing his breakfast lazily, Liu Yan also drove his car to the academy of the day, the Combat Technique Academy.

Liu Yan was still extremely looking forward to the Combat Technique Academy.

He heard that the Combat Technique Academy had many powerful combat techniques.

Unlike other awakened ones where learning a new combat technique would require a lot of time and energy, Liu Yan had the divine extraction.

He could learn anything instantaneously.

Liu Yan could not help but look forward to it.

Would he be able to obtain any amazing battle results in the Combat Techniques Academy today

Currently, Liu Yan had a lot of skills on him, almost in all aspects.

What he lacked was undoubtedly the assassins skill.

He had the powerful Night Ranger class, the powerful critical strike ability, and the s-ranked weapon, night edge.

However, for the assassins skill, Liu Yan only had a c-ranked skill, backstab.

There was no doubt he was lacking in the assassins skill.


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