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In the beginners camp, the smart wristbands of the Awakened continued to broadcast.

[Tomorrow will be the last day that level one of the Tower will be open.

At 6 pm tomorrow, the Tower defense beasts will rush over in the form of a beast tide.

The Awakened need to fight together.]

[Those who can kill any two Tower defense beasts in the beast tide will be given the opportunity to enter level two of the Tower.]


[All Awakened, please rest well and get ready.

We wish you a smooth journey to level two!]

After listening to the broadcast of the smart wristband, the faces of most of the Awakened immediately turned pale.

During this period of time, although their strength had increased a little and they could also hunt beasts in teams, with their current strength, it was still extremely difficult and dangerous for them to hunt beasts alone.

And the beasts they were referring to were ordinary beasts at that.

It was said that the Tower defense beasts were much stronger than the other beasts of the same level.

It was already extremely difficult for them to kill an ordinary beast, yet now they had to kill two powerful Tower defense beasts

For a moment, most people were in despair.

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Let alone entering level two of the Tower, they would be satisfied if they even could get out of here alive.

“Why dont we run” An Awakened suggested.

When the others heard this, they were quite tempted.

All of them wanted to run, to survive.

However, an Awakened smiled bitterly and said, “Everyone, dont have such wishful thoughts.

The instructor had explained before that other than helping us in various ways, our smart wristbands will also attract the Tower defense beasts.

We cant escape.

Rather, it would be even more dangerous to escape in different directions.

It would be better to gather together and hunt the Tower defense beasts together.

Who knows, we might even be able to live a little longer!”


For a moment, the expressions of the many Awakened turned bitter.

They could only seize the last bit of time to rest and prepare for the big battle tomorrow.

As for Liu Yan, he was currently extremely confident in his strength and wasnt in a panic at all.

On the contrary, he was looking forward to the Tower defense beasts being stronger.

That way, he would be able to increase his strength by hunting them down.


Most of the level one beasts on level one of the Tower werent very attractive to Liu Yan anymore because the rewards from killing them were relatively small.

Following that, all the Awakened had a rare nights of rest in the beginners camp.


During the day on the next day, most of the Awakened seized the last bit of time left to hunt beasts, trying to improve their strength as much as possible, so as to increase their chances of surviving the beast tide.

As for Liu Yan, he chose to stay put.


In any case, the level one beasts werent of much use to him.

He might as well take a good rest and prepare for the beast tide at night, so as to hunt more powerful Tower defense beasts.

Although killing two Tower defense beasts was enough to give him the chance to enter level two of the Tower, Liu Yan didnt just want to enter level two.

He also wanted to hunt more powerful Tower defense beasts to improve his strength.

With his SSS-grade Divine Extraction, he could gain unimaginable gains and strength improvements every time he killed a powerful beast.

Spending the day in leisure, half a day soon passed.

At dusk, many Awakened returned to the beginners camp.

Seeing that Liu Yan didnt go out at all and instead laid flat in the camp for an entire day, everyone couldnt help but make fun of him.

“This guy is really just a salted fish.

To think he rested in the camp for an entire day.”


“Haha, hes probably thinking that he wont be able to live on anyway.

He might as well have a good rest on his last day.”

“This kind of person is really hopeless.

Even if hes weak, he shouldnt just give up on the hope of living.”

“Dont bother about him.

We should put more focus on ourselves.

Let alone entering level two of the Tower, we have to at least survive!”


Many of the Awakened jested Liu Yan, then immediately began to make preparations.

When Liu Yan heard their jests, he smiled but did not say anything.

Seeing that it was about time, Liu Yan also got up and began to make preparations.

He was thinking off showing off his skills and improving his strength in this beast tide!


Not long after it reached six oclock in the evening, the ground of the beginners camp began to tremble incessantly.

Looking through the high wall towards the distance, one could see a dense horde of Tower defense beasts rushing over.

The scene was majestic and invoked fear.

Even those with stronger willpower could barely hold on.

The Awakened with weaker willpower were so scared that their legs went weak and they fell to the ground.

Soon, the agreement to fight against the beasts together was forgotten.

Many of the Awakened began to run away in panic.

However, with the smart wristbands, the Tower defense beasts could easily lock onto the escapees and chase after them.


At the same time, a ranking list appeared on everyones smart wristbands.

The ranking list would list down the powerful Awakened within the area.

At the same time, one could also see the dead awakened on the list.

Very quickly, someone discovered that the experts on the ranking list were continuously dying.

The names on the list were changing rapidly.

Seeing that even the powerful Awakened were continuously dying before the powerful Tower defense beasts, the other Awakened became even more panicked.

One after another, they fled in all directions, and all died miserably.

On the other hand, Liu Yan was currently doing the opposite.

Before the beast tide had arrived, Liu Yan had left the beginners camp and returned to the forest.

Then, he had relied on the powerful jumping ability of the Cloud-treading Boots to easily jump onto the tall trees before the beast tide came.


At this moment, Liu Yan was calmly observing the beast tide.

Very quickly, he made some discoveries.

During the beast tide, not only were there Tower defense beasts, even the ordinary beasts rushed over one after another.

As such, all the beasts had rushed towards the periphery of the forest, and the interior of the forest was left empty instead.

However, Liu Yan didnt act rashly and continued to observe.

Although he was powerful and could deal with the Tower defense beasts relatively easily, their numbers were huge.

Even he had to deal with them carefully, and only make a move when he was more confident.

Soon, Liu Yan made a new discovery.

After these Tower defense beasts had killed the Awakened, they would bring the corpses back to the depths of the forest, as if they were going to bring them back to their nests.

Liu Yans eyes immediately lit up.

If that was the case, wouldnt there be many corpses of the Awakened gathered in the central area of the forest

If he could use Divine Extraction to extract these corpses, his strength would increase rapidly.

In preparation for the beast tide, Liu Yan had not used Divine Extraction.

Currently, his CD was full, which meant that he had a total of twenty chances to use it!

Of course, Liu Yan also understood that the central area of the forest could be extremely dangerous.

After all, that was the nest of the Tower defense beasts.

However, fortunes and risks came hand in hand, so Liu Yan decided to take the risk.


Following this, Liu Yan used the powerful jumping ability of the Cloud-treading Boots to jump continuously among the towering trees, heading into the depths of the forest alone.


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