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Principal Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly in satisfaction when he saw Liu Yan being so humble.

As the principal of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, Zhong Yuntian had seen countless geniuses.

However, the proportion of geniuses who could truly become an expert was very small.

It was because the Tower was too dangerous.

Those arrogant geniuses always underestimated their enemies.

Liu Yan was able to have such incredible talent, but he was humble.

Zhong Yuntian couldnt help but look forward to the growth of Liu Yan.

If he was properly nurtured, the growth of such a monstrous genius would be a blessing for the entire human race.

“Not bad, the new student director Lei Jianbo will arrange for you to complete the relevant paperwork.

See you next time.”

Principal Zhong Yuntian said and then left.

The important and scary new student test ended here.

Some people were happy while others were worried.

In the new student tests, nearly half of the new students were eliminated and kicked out of Lighthouse Academy.

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Most of the remaining new students performed average in the third test.

They could only enjoy the basic resources and equipment of Lighthouse Academy to cultivate.

A small number of new students had good results and received a certain amount of attention.

They were directly invited to join the various schools.

A small number of new students would undoubtedly have a chance to become an expert in the future.

The other new students might have a chance, but it would undoubtedly be much more difficult and even require a lot of luck.

One couldnt become an expert just by relying on hard work.

After Lei Jianbo arranged for some follow-up matters, he handed the rest of the job to the staff members.

Lei Jianbo and the four vice principals left one after another.

In this new student test, Liu Yan was undoubtedly the biggest winner.

He showed off his brilliance and talents in the new student test.

He got a full mark on the first test, and he even set a new record on the second test.

The third test was even more ridiculous.

He could even fight against the 10-times-stronger virtual opponent.

He was now known as a once-in-a-century genius.

What everyone didnt know was that Liu Yan hadnt even used his full strength yet.

If the virtual space couldnt withstand his tremendous power, Liu Yan could have used his last two trump cards to last even longer.

His test result would have been even more ridiculous.

At this moment, Liu Yan had already gathered with the three girls.

They were preparing to head to the dormitory.

The dormitory had already been distributed.

Although most of them were from different schools, they shared the same dormitories.

At this moment, many of the surrounding freshmen saw that the freshmen test had already ended, so they all gathered in front of Liu Yan, wanting to get close to him and curry favor with him.

If they could get closer to him, it would be of great benefit to them in the future.


However, Liu Yan couldnt be bothered with them.

There were simply too many new students, so it was too much of a waste of time to deal with them one by one.

Liu Yan didnt have that much time to waste.

After all, compared to the other new students, Liu Yans cultivation task could be said to be even more arduous.

The other new students only needed to cultivate in the same school and cultivate in their respective fields.

As for Liu Yan, not only did he have to cultivate in the four schools, but he also had to go to the principals place to receive the principals special training.

It could be said to be a heavy task.

Perhaps this was the trouble of geniuses.

Following that, Liu Yan brought the three girls and quickly left.

When the many freshmen saw this, they felt a little regretful, but they didnt dare to stop him.

The current Liu Yan wasnt an existence that they could afford to offend.

If they pissed Liu Yan off, the four vice principals wouldnt let them off easily, let alone the even more scary principal.

It was already late at night.

Liu Yan and the three girls ate some food and went back to their dorms to rest.

After all, they still had things to do tomorrow, and they needed to report to their respective schools.

When there was time later, they would have a nice gathering to relax.

All the students who were valued had their own single dorms, and naturally, Liu Yan was the same.

The single dormitory wasnt big, but it was still relatively clean, and it was completed with all sorts of facilities.

Liu Yan ate some simple food, took a shower, and went to bed to rest.

In todays third test, Liu Yan had used all sorts of combat methods to defeat several virtual opponents.

He was already extremely exhausted.

Fighting against many virtual opponents was even more exhausting than the battle with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Liu Yan was really tired, so he quickly rested.

The next morning.

Liu Yan slept in and had a good rest.

Then, he left the dormitory and headed to the school.

For the first four days of every week, Liu Yan needed to go to four different schools.

Yesterday, Lei Jianbo and a few vice principals had also discussed the order with Liu Yan.

This way, it would be convenient for the vice principals to make arrangements in advance.

And on the first day, he was going to the Command School.

Liu Yan opened his smart wristband and searched for the Command Schools location.

The Lighthouse Academy was quite big, just like a small city.

It would naturally be a waste of time to walk.

Liu Yan spent some federal coins and got on the origin power car.

“Head to the Command Academy.” After getting into the car, Liu Yan said lightly.

Then, the origin power car set off.

Liu Yan also looked at the interior of the origin power car.

The overall structure was relatively simple.

After all, it used the origin power to operate, and many parts were missing from the interior.

In addition, the car drove smoothly and quietly.

It was undoubtedly more comfortable.

The speed was not slow either.

It could reach 100 km/h.

However, this kind of speed was nothing to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan, who possessed an S-grade skill, could already reach a terrifying Sixteenfold Sonic Speed when he used his full strength.

His speed was far faster than the speed of the origin power car.

However, using the Sonic Speed was also quite tiring.

He couldnt use it for a long time, so Liu Yan couldnt use Sonic Speed to travel all the time.

It was still more convenient to use the origin power car.

Very soon, the car stopped at the Command School, and Liu Yan got off.

After bypassing the statue in front of the Command School, Liu Yan stepped into it.

It was an academy-style building.

It seemed that the Command School didnt have many students, so the entire command academy wasnt very big.

It was about the same size as the lower house of the Lighthouse Academy, which was on the second and a half level.

Soon, Liu Yan arrived at the vice principals office and saw the vice principal of the Command Academy, Ye He.

“Vice Principal Ye, greetings.” Liu Yan knocked on the door and greeted him.

Ye He, who was reading the documents, raised his head and saw Liu Yan.

He immediately stood up with a face full of joy and said politely, “Liu Yan, youre here.

Come in, come in, come in.

Sit here.”

Liu Yan was a little flattered as he entered and sat down.

Was this the treatment of a genius It was too comfortable.

The other party was the vice dean.

He was just a student after all, yet Ye He was so polite to him.

Liu Yan had just sat down when Ye He asked with concern, “Hows the dormitory How do you come here Is the traffic alright”

“The dormitory is not bad.

Its quite convenient to come in an origin power car.” Liu Yan nodded slightly.

Ye He immediately said with disdain, “This Lei Jianbo is really something.

Why didnt he arrange it properly for you Forget it, Ill arrange it for you.

Ill give you a luxury car and a villa first.

You stay there for now.

If you want, you can change to a better one.”

As he spoke, Ye He generously threw the two chip cards in front of Liu Yan.


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