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On the square.

The new students looked at the scene on the stage in shock.

The four esteemed vice presidents were currently fighting over the genius Liu Yan, regardless of their reputations and images.

Shi Tian saw that the other three vice-presidents were also competing for Liu Yan, and they even offered extremely generous conditions.

Shi Tian immediately shouted with some dissatisfaction, “What are the three of you fighting for He could fully explore the potential of his martial art by going to my Combat Technique School.

It will be a waste of talent if he goes to your schools, okay Combat Technique School is the best choice for him.”

Ye He, who had always disliked quarreling, did not want to back down this time.

He said snappily, “What are you saying With Liu Yans talent, he will definitely be a top-notch expert in the future if he was trained properly.

No matter where he goes, his strength will not be inferior.

Why dont you come to Our Command School We need such a new student who can command and is also very strong.

If you come to our school, you might even have the chance to become the future leader of mankind.

Of course, it would be the best choice for you to come to Our Command Academy!”

When Yu Zhitong heard this, she smiled charmingly and said, “You guys dont have to argue.

No matter where Liu Yan goes, he will perform well.

He can go wherever he wants.

Who knows, he might even want to come to our Logistics School.

He will be happy to be at ease and have many beautiful women!”

Ling Feng did not pay attention to the other three vice principals.

Instead, he looked at Liu Yan with a serious and expectant expression.

He said, “The foundation of the Weapon School is suitable for you.

You could still cultivate.

Besides, we can also explore new mysterious weapons and equipment together.

We could explore new peaks of weaponry.

It is what we are pursuing!”

Just as the four vice principals were in a heated argument, Principal Zhong Yuntian, who had been silent all this while, laughed and said, “Alright, alright.

The four of you are the esteemed vice principals.

Now, you have lost your composure when you are arguing with each other.

What kind of decency is this Stop arguing.

I will take care of this matter!”

Seeing that the principal had spoken, the four vice principals didnt want to argue anymore.

They stopped arguing and looked at the principal.

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“Principal, please judge.

Such a rare cultivation genius, shouldnt he come to our Combat Technique School” Shi Tian looked at the principal and asked.

Ye He, who was standing at the side, did not give in at all.

He continued, “Who said that Liu Yan is only a cultivation genius He is also a rare commanding genius.

Everyone saw it during the second test.

Of course, he is the best fit for our Command School!”

Yu Zhitong smiled and said, “I wont compete with you guys, but I feel that such a rare genius could choose the school according to his preferences.

We cant force him to make a decision!”

Ling Fengs face was solemn as he said, “Principal, I have never begged anyone before, and I have never snatched any genius freshmen before.

But this time, I want this Liu Yan for sure!”

The four vice principals did not back down.

All of them wanted to take Liu Yan in.

Principal Zhong Yuntian could not help but laugh when he saw this.

If it were any other time, he would have been in a difficult position when faced with this scene.

The four vice principals had made great contributions to the Lighthouse Academy.

It was not good to reject any of their requests, and it was not good to offend them.

But this time, Zhong Yuntian had already made plans regarding Liu Yans whereabouts, so he naturally would not make things difficult for him.

“Alright, alright!”

Zhong Yuntian acted like a good person.

He waved his hand and said, “Vice principals, dont argue anymore.

We have decided on this matter.

We will give the four of you a satisfactory answer.

What say you”

The four vice principals heard this and didnt speak anymore.

But at the same time, they were a little puzzled.

They all wanted Liu Yan, so how could the principal give them a satisfactory answer

No matter which school Liu Yan went to, the vice-principals of the other three schools would be extremely jealous.

Principal Zhong Yuntian came before Liu Yan at this time

Zhong Yuntian didnt have the airs of a principal at all.

He was like a kind and friendly old grandpa.

Liu Yan couldnt feel any aura from him, as if he didnt have any strength at all.

Liu Yan even suspected that this Principal Zhong Yuntian didnt have any cultivation, and was just an ordinary person.

Perhaps his management ability or other outstanding abilities made him the principal.

While Liu Yan was sizing up Zhong Yuntian, Zhong Yuntian was also sizing up Liu Yan.


After sizing Liu Yan up, Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly, his face full of admiration.

“Not bad, not bad.

Your talent was quite strong despite your young age.

You dont have the slightest bit of arrogance.

You have a mature mindset!” Zhong Yuntian praised.

When the four vice principals behind saw this, they immediately had a bad feeling.

At this time, Zhong Yuntian looked at Liu Yan and said with a smile, “As a specially recruited student, you enter our academy.

In the future, you will be personally trained by me.

How about it”

When the surrounding freshmen heard this, they were all incomparably shocked.

He could receive personal training from the principal

The Lighthouse Academys principal had always been mysterious.

Many freshmen knew very little about him.

They only heard that he was an extremely powerful existence.

He was an idol-level existence among the higher-ups in Lighthouse Academy.

To be personally trained by the principal was undoubtedly the best choice.

The new students were very jealous.

However, when they turned their heads and thought about Liu Yans heaven-defying strength, it seemed completely reasonable.

With such a monstrous talent, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he would receive any special treatment.

The expressions of the four vice-principals behind them were quite unsightly.

The four of them finally understood the meaning behind the principals words just now.

So the so-called “satisfying” meant that the principal wouldnt give Liu Yan to any of them.

Although they respected the principal, the four vice-principals werent willing to back down on such a crucial matter.

“Principal, this… isnt an ideal arrangement, right” Shi Tian said with an awkward expression.

Although the other three vice principals didnt dare to say anything, they all looked at principal Zhong Yuntian with eager eyes.

Their intentions couldnt be any clearer.

Zhong Yuntian looked at the four vice principals.

He smiled and said, “Dont worry.

I dont mean that Im the only one training Liu Yan.

I know the strength of the four of you.

I plan to let Liu Yan go to your four schools for the first four days of a week.

He will then come to my place for the next three days for special training.”

“Of course, Liu Yan will also be more tired this way.” Principal Zhong Yuntian looked at Liu Yan again.

With a slightly serious expression, he said, “However, who asked you to be such a monstrous genius “Since you are a genius that only appears once in a hundred years, you naturally have to undergo all-rounder-focused training.

This is our responsibility as the principal and vice principals of Lighthouse Academy to you! Although you will be more tired, who asked you to be a genius You need to constantly improve in all aspects.”

The four vice principals finally understood what the principal meant.

They looked at each other.

Although they wished that Liu Yan could enter their respective schools, it was not realistic.

The current arrangement was undoubtedly more reasonable.

The four vice principals could focus on Liu Yans cultivation.

Other than that, it was the principals personal cultivation of Liu Yan.

The four vice principals looked at it and nodded in agreement.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also felt that it was not bad.

Just now, Liu Yan was also hesitating about which school to join.

Each of the four schools had its advantages, and it was beneficial to him.

The principals arrangement was undoubtedly the best.

Liu Yan could go to all four schools, and then he could also go to the principals place.

It looked like it was more tiring, but he could get the benefits from the four schools and the principal.

Liu Yan was satisfied with the principals arrangement.

“Of course.

Then I would like to thank the principal and the four vice principals for your nurturing and care!” Liu Yan bowed slightly and said gratefully.


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