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On the square.

Principal Zhong Yuntian, Lei Jianbo, a few vice principals, a group of staff, and freshmen.

Just as they were waiting for Liu Yans result of challenging a virtual opponent with a coefficient of ten, the lights suddenly flickered.

Immediately, with a “boom”, the surroundings were pitch black.

At this moment, the entire upper house had fallen into darkness.

The origin power cores power supply to the light suddenly stopped.

Everyone was shocked.

They did not understand what had happened and were discussing it in panic.

“Whats going on Why did the power suddenly go out”

“Didnt they say that the light source is powered by the origin power core and will never go out”

“Is there a fierce beast attacking the city”

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“Thats impossible.

This is the third-and-a-half level.

Its a space created by the seniors.

Fierce beasts can not reach this place through our humans teleportation array!”

“Whats going on”


While everyone was discussing in panic, the light was restored once again.

After all, it was a powerful origin power core.

After a short period of insufficient energy supply, it quickly recovered.

Lei Jianbo had a puzzled look on his face.

He asked, “When we built this virtual opponent system, it should withstand 10 times the strength of a level 30 awakened.

Although Liu Yan is very strong, he cant be level 30!”

Principal Zhong Yuntians expression changed slightly at this moment.

He didnt understand how it happened.

Logically speaking, a factor of 10 should be a huge load to the origin power core, but it was still manageable.

It should not cause a blackout.

The few vice principals also had puzzled expressions as they discussed and guessed, but they couldnt come up with a conclusion.

At this moment, in the virtual space, after that terrifying arrow disappeared, the virtual space gradually stabilized.

The 10-times-stronger virtual opponent condensed once again.

Liu Yan frowned slightly.

The power of Elemental Fusion was enough to defeat this 10-times-stronger virtual opponent.

Liu Yan hadnt even fully displayed his full strength yet.

Only the easiest two of the four elements had been fused.

The power of elemental fusion had yet to be truly displayed.

Apart from that, Liu Yan still had two S-grade skills, Dragonification and Sonic Speed, which he hadnt used yet.

However, Liu Yan could roughly guess that it was because the power of the fusion of elements was too terrifying, and the virtual space could no longer bear it.

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After thinking about it carefully, Liu Yan also understood.

This virtual space was a temporary space that was not too stable.

The power of the fusion of elements was enormous.

It caused a huge burden on the virtual space.

So, it was no surprise that the virtual space was overloaded.

Liu Yan was slightly disappointed.

Although he had already tested many, he had not used his two strongest attack methods.

He still had not reached his limit yet.

This virtual space was already unable to withstand his terrifying attacks.

Sighing, Liu Yan chose to give up and leave the virtual space.

But even though he had not tested it, Liu Yan had a rough idea in his heart.

The fusion power of the lightning element and the wind element was enough to instantly kill a virtual opponent with a coefficient of 10.

If the fire element and the frost element were fused, or even the fusion of four elements, Liu Yan estimated that it would be no problem to instantly kill a virtual opponent with a coefficient of 12, or even higher.

Moreover, he had not used his Dragonification skill yet.

Even if Liu Yan was losing, he could still use Sonic Speed to dodge the attacks and stall for time.

With Liu Yans current mental strength, using Sonic Speed to stall for an hour would probably not be a problem.

However, this test only had one result, and it did not affect Liu Yan that much.

There was not much difference, so Liu Yan naturally could not be bothered to pursue a good result.

Liu Yans figure walked out of the teleportation array.

And Liu Yans third test had finally ended here.

The gazes of the entire crowd instantly focused on Liu Yan.

This was simply a monster.

The crowd looked at Liu Yans third test result.

It was 28 minutes.

He even had defeated a 9-times-stronger virtual opponent!

Although it was only a few minutes more than Murong Xue, the difference between the two of them was like heaven and earth.

After all, Murong Xue would only face a virtual opponent with a coefficient of three in the end, while Liu Yan would face a terrifying opponent with a coefficient of ten.

When the crowd saw Liu Yan, they all went crazy.

“Liu Yan!”

“Liu Yan!”


The new students kept shouting Liu Yans name, feeling excited and proud of Liu Yan.

Although this was Liu Yans test result and not theirs, they were all human beings.

Seeing such a heaven-defying powerhouse among human beings, they were all very excited.

At this moment, the four vice principals came in front of Liu Yan one after another.

One of them was the arrogant vice principal of the Weapon School, Ling Feng.

Shi Tian still took the lead and came in front of Liu Yan, with a smile on his face, he said, “Liu Yan, come to our Combat School.

I will teach you everything I have learned in my life.

Lets pursue the pinnacle of martial arts together.

How about it If you come, you can choose any of the combat techniques in the Combat School!”

Ye He, who had always been more refined, did not care about his old body at this moment.

He squeezed forward and said, “Liu Yan, dont listen to him.

Your strength is already so strong.

There is no need for you to spend all your effort to raise your strength.

Why dont you come to Our Command School We will train you to be the next leader of the Academy.

In the future, you might even have the chance to become a leader of mankind!”

Yu Zhitong also had a smile on her face.

She said, “Liu Yan, the Logistics School has everything you want.

If you come, well give you whatever you want.

Well definitely satisfy you! Our Logistics School is extremely rich.

Do you want a house Well give you a house, cars or money!

At this moment, Ling Feng even said, “Only the pinnacle of weapons can bring earth-shattering strength to the human race.

If you are willing to come to our Weapon School, you can name any conditions you want.

You can take all kinds of high-grade equipment and weapons.

Ill satisfy your needs!”

The many new students below looked at the scene in front of them with astonished expressions.

This scene was truly too mind-blowing.

The four vice principals of the Lighthouse Academy were disregarding their image and trying to recruit Liu Yan crazily.

They kept offering all kinds of conditions.

Each of them was simply better than the other.

However, the many new students had already witnessed Liu Yans impeccable talent and felt that this scene in front of them could be considered reasonable.

Such a monstrous genius was worthy of the four vice principals fighting over him.

All of this, Liu Yan was undoubtedly worthy!

At this moment, the many new students could only be envious.

They begged to enter the four great schools.

However, the vice principals of the four great academies were begging Liu Yan to join their respective schools.

The difference between them was huge.

It was simply like heaven and earth.

Liu Yan looked at the four crazy vice principals in front of him and was slightly shocked.

He didnt expect this scene to happen.

Liu Yan immediately laughed in his heart.

These four did not know that he still had not reached his maximum combat strength in the virtual space.

If the virtual space could withstand his power and he used his maximum combat strength, the results of his third test would be even more shocking.

At that time, would the four vice principals be even crazier


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