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Lei Jianbo and the other vice principals looked at the flickering stadium, not knowing what to say for a moment.

“Its fine.

Its still barely holding on.

That monster Liu Yan is almost at his limit.” Ye He said with a smile.

However, just as he finished his sentence, they heard the news that Liu Yan had once again defeated the virtual opponent.

Even the 9-times-stronger virtual opponent could not stop him.

For a moment, Lei Jianbo and the other vice principals looked at each other.

They were speechless for a long time and didnt know what to do.

When the surrounding freshmen saw this, they were completely shocked.

“Holy sh*t! He defeated the 9-times stronger virtual opponent.

How is that possible”

“This Liu Yan is a huge monster!”

“He made the power supply of the entire platform unstable, but he still hasnt reached his limit!”

“This is too exaggerated!”

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At this moment, Lei Jianbo and the others didnt know what to do.

The energy supply of the entire platform was already unstable, but they still couldnt test Liu Yans limit.

Should they end the test now, or continue to increase the coefficient of the virtual opponents strength

Lei Jianbo and the others discussed among themselves.

At this moment, a figure silently arrived.

It was a pale-haired old man.

Unlike Lei Jianbo and the others, the aura on his body was more powerful.

It was obvious that he was more powerful.

However, the old man didnt have the slightest aura fluctuation.

Not to mention Lei Jianbo and the few vice principals, he was even inferior to the freshmen.

It was as if the old man didnt have any cultivation at all and was just an ordinary person.

After the old man arrived, he smiled and said faintly, “Its fine.

Try to increase it to 10 times stronger than average!”

Lei Jianbo and the others turned around when they heard this.

When they saw the old mans face, they immediately became extremely respectful.

“Welcome, Principal!”

“Welcome, Principal!”


Lei Jianbo and the others showed incomparable respect.

When the new students saw this, they were all curious.

Lei Jianbo and the others were the leading figures of Lighthouse Academy.

They actually showed such respect to this old man and even called him principal.

Could it be that he was the Lighthouse Academys principal

At this moment, Lei Jianbo also looked at the new students and introduced, “Everyone, the person in front of you is the principal of our Lighthouse Academys upper house, Zhong Yuntian!”

Lei Jianbo and the others were extremely respectful towards the principal.

Moreover, it was not the kind of respect of the employees, but the respect from the bottom of their hearts.

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Zhong Yuntians position in their hearts was extremely important.

At this moment, when Lei Jianbo heard the principals words, he said a little worriedly, “Principal, the power supply is already unstable now.

If we continue to increase the coefficient, will it…”

Principal Zhong Yuntian waved his hand and said with a smile, “Its fine.

Lets give it a try.

Its rare to have such a talented genius.

We have to let him test his own limit.”

When Lei Jianbo and the others heard this, they understood what the principal meant and immediately gave the order.

And the coefficient of the virtual opponent increased again, reaching a terrifying ten times!

In the virtual space.

Liu Yan had just finished off the 9-times-stronger virtual opponent.

This time, Liu Yan was already having some trouble.

Using the Flying Cloud Mystic Bows full strength, with multiple stacked skills and full firepower, Liu Yan finally killed the 9-times-stronger virtual opponent.

Liu Yan understood that if he continued, he would have to use a more powerful attack method.

At present, he had already tested the method of using the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow.

Using his full strength, he instantly killed a virtual opponent with a coefficient of nin.

It was already a stunning result.

One had to understand that this was an instant kill.

In a normal battle, Liu Yan estimated that with his strength, it should not be a big problem for him to deal with an opponent with a strength of over ten times the same level.

And at present, Liu Yan only had two trump cards left.

One was to use the Flying Cloud Mystic Bows Gods Skill to fuse the elements.

It was said that different elemental energies were repelling each other, making it extremely difficult for them to coexist.

However, as long as they were able to fuse, they would be able to erupt with extremely horrifying strength.

Currently, Liu Yan had four types of elemental energies.

They were A-grade Flame control, A-grade Frost Control, A-grade Electrification, and C-grade Wind Control.

If the two types of elemental energy were fused, Liu Yans offensive ability would be greatly improved.

He would obtain a qualitative improvement, not to mention the fusion of the four types of elemental energy.

Other than that, there were also two S-grade skills that he had not used, Dragonification and Sonic Speed.

Liu Yan could not help but look forward to it.

It had been a long time since he had used his full strength.

This was a rare opportunity.

After waiting for a while, just as Liu Yan was surprised that the outside world would not continue to increase the coefficient of the virtual opponent, another virtual opponent appeared in front of Liu Yan.

In the air, the number 10 indicated that this virtual opponents combat ability had reached 10 times the combat ability of a level 19 excellent awakened.

A 10-times-stronger virtual opponent was not as simple as ten level 19 awakened ones.

It was much stronger.

The difference was huge.

Liu Yan once again raised the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow and used its Gods Skill, Elemental Fusion!

It was his first time using this Gods Skill, Liu Yan chose to use Electrification and Wind Control just to be safe.

He combined the lightning element and wind element.

These two attributes were relatively easier to control, and they were not repelling each other.

If he were to directly fuse the fire element and frost element, which were two opposing elements, Liu Yan was worried that something wrong would happen.

A-grade skill Electrification, and C-grade skill Wind Control, were activated at the same time.

Lightning and wind elements gathered, condensing into bolts of lightning and gusts of whirlwind.

Following that, Liu Yan used the Elemental Fusion of the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow to fuse them.

The two elements that Liu Yan could not fuse previously were miraculously fused successfully on the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow.

Because of the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, the two elements were much more obedient and temporarily fused together.

The lightning element and wind element condensed into a fusion elemental arrow.

The purple energy mixed with green energy looked extremely gorgeous.

And Liu Yan could feel its enormous power.

Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

Was this the power of Elemental Fusion

Liu Yan had yet to shoot this arrow, but he knew that this elemental fusion arrow was already more powerful than his previous stacked skills and full power arrow.

Following that, Liu Yan shot this terrifying arrow.

However, right after he shot the arrow, the entire virtual space shattered.

The virtual opponent disappeared, leaving nothing in front of Liu Yan.

So, he missed the shoot.

Liu Yan was slightly surprised.

This virtual opponent was extremely powerful.

From the beginning until now, no matter what the coefficient was, it could not dodge his arrack.

He had to face it head-on.

But soon, Liu Yan realized that something was wrong.

The entire virtual space was unstable.

It was as if the origin power core did not provide enough energy, causing the entire virtual space to be unstable.

When Liu Yans terrifying arrow shot out, the energy supply was greatly affected.

The energy supply was cut off, and the virtual opponent directly disappeared.

A thought suddenly emerged in Liu Yans mind.

Could it be that this virtual space couldnt hold the 10-times-stronger virtual opponent and his terrifying arrow at the same time


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