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In the virtual space.

The battle between the Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf and the virtual opponent was about to start.

The fireball and frost arrow hit at the same time.

Under the terrifying ice and fire elements, the virtual opponent was severely injured.

However, it was a virtual opponent after all.

After a short while, its origin power was fully charged.

It recovered to its peak state in an instant.

When Liu Yan saw this, he understood why it was so difficult to defeat a virtual opponent.

It was because all the new students could only stall for time and had no intention of defeating the virtual opponent.

The initial strength of the virtual opponent would always be 1.5 stronger than the average strength of the awakened ones with same level.

Yet, it could remain uninjured and maintain its full strength.

No wonder none of the challengers could defeat the virtual opponent.

After understanding this point, Liu Yan also ordered Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf to attack with full strength.

They had to kill the virtual opponent in one hit to win.

Liu Yan didnt want to waste time.

He wanted to defeat the 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponents as soon as possible and then continue to fight the stronger virtual opponents.

No matter what, Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf was a strong fierce beast that was level 20 and had SS-grade talent.

Its strength was extremely terrifying.

Although it might not be able to compare to the current Liu Yan, it was still an extremely powerful existence to many people and fierce beasts.

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The Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf understood and immediately roared as it charged towards the virtual opponent.

The Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf was attacking with all its strength.

It defeated the virtual opponent in just a few moves.

It directly shattered the virtual opponent, giving it no time to recharge!

When Liu Yan saw this, he could not help but praise, “Not bad, youre already so strong!”

When Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf heard the praise, it immediately returned to Liu Yans side and rubbed its two heads against Liu Yans hands.

Liu Yan looked at Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf.

It was extremely fierce a moment ago, but now it turned around and acted cutely.

He was momentarily speechless.

However, Shadow Wolf was only a few months old.

It was weaned not long ago.

It grew rapidly along with Liu Yans strength.

However, its intelligence was probably equivalent to a few years old human.

It was still an infant.

At the same time, outside the virtual space.

When the staff member saw Liu Yan instantly kill the 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponent, he immediately reported to the new student director, Lei Jianbo.

When Lei Jianbo heard this, he immediately said with a face full of surprise, “What Liu Yan killed a 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponent so quickly”

When the other vice principals heard this, they also had faces full of surprise.

Over the years, Lighthouse Academy had produced countless geniuses, but the number of geniuses who could defeat a virtual opponent was less than ten.

After all, the strength of these virtual opponents was not fixed but was adjusted based on the strength of the challenger.

It was 50% stronger and with unlimited recovery, how could it be so easy to defeat

But now, Liu Yan had broken this record.

In less than a minute after entering the virtual world, he had instantly killed a 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponent with a.

It was unbelievable!

When the freshmen heard this, they were also surprised.

At the same time, they were somewhat puzzled.

“Whats the situation How did Liu Yan defeat the virtual opponent”

“Isnt it rumored those virtual opponents are invincible What happened”

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“Liu Yans strength is too terrifying.

Hes practically a monster.”

“Yeah, when Im facing the virtual opponent, I can only run and get beaten up.

However, this fellow Liu Yan directly defeated a virtual opponent in less than a minute!”

“Moreover, I heard that virtual opponents adjusted their strength based on the challengers strength.

Liu Yan is so strong, so his virtual opponent must be much stronger.

Hes much stronger than the virtual opponent we encountered!”


Lei Jianbo faced the confused freshmen.

He calmly explained, “Defeating a virtual opponent is incredibly difficult, but we could still defeat it.

If we have the strength to instantly kill an opponent seven or eight levels higher, we can instantly kill a 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponent!”

Hearing the new student director Lei Jianbos explanation, the freshmen were even more shocked.

It was very difficult for ordinary people to even fight against opponents of a higher level.

After all, every level up would bring about a huge increase in strength.

Even for those geniuses, they would only be able to fight against opponents of a few levels higher at most.

However, to be able to fight against opponents of a few levels higher and instantly kill opponents of seven or eight levels higher was completely different.

Murong Xue and Chu Long looked at each other, their faces full of surprise.

They had been guessing how long Liu Yan could last.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yan directly defeated the virtual opponent.

At this time, the official in charge of Liu Yans test also looked at Lei Jianbo with confusion.

He asked, “Director, should we directly increase the coefficient of the virtual opponent to fight Liu Yan, or adjust it when its time”

When Lei Jianbo heard this, he was also at a loss for a moment.

Liu Yans situation had not appeared so far, so he did not know what to choose for the time being.

Under normal circumstances, even if the freshmen were stronger, they would be able to deal with a 1.5-times-stronger virtual opponent easily.

However, it was impossible to defeat the virtual opponent.

After all, a virtual opponent could constantly recharge its energy.

If the virtual opponents constantly recovered to full health, it would be impossible to defeat them without killing them in one hit.

Therefore, they would adjust the strength of the virtual opponent two times stronger than the challenger after ten minutes.

Then, the virtual opponent would continue to fight the challenger.

If the opponent could persist for twenty minutes, the virtual opponent would continue to strengthen.

It would become three times stronger than the challenger.

This kind of slow adjustment was both safer and less prone to accidents.

On the other hand, it was a fair price.

This way, all the challengers would face the virtual opponent with the same strengthening magnitude and strengthening interval.

It would become a fair competition for challengers with different strengths.

However, Liu Yan broke this situation.

Now, there were only two choices in front of Lei Jianbo.

Either he could make an exception and increase the strength of the virtual opponent to let Liu Yan continue fighting, or he could wait for Liu Yan to wait for ten minutes Then, he could create a 2-times-stronger virtual opponent to fight against Liu Yan.

However, after thinking for a moment, Lei Jianbo had an idea, he said, “Increase the strength of virtual opponent.

Liu Yan is the number one genius of this batch of freshmen.

How long he could last in the battle is no longer relevant.

We have already seen his talent and strength.

Now, lets see just what his limit is!”

The staff understood what he meant and immediately went back to operating.

Meanwhile, Lei Jianbo and a few vice presidents came to the front of Liu Yans test equipment.

They watched and waited.

They wanted to see how Liu Yans final test result would be.

“I have a feeling that Liu Yan can also defeat the 2-times-stronger virtual opponent.” Lei Jianbo said with a bitter smile.

Shi Tian grinned and said, “I think he could defeat the 3-times-stronger opponent.

Lets witness a miracle together!”

The vice principal of the Logistics School, Yu Zhitong, also covered her mouth and laughed.

She said, “Having such a genius is a blessing for the Lighthouse Academy and the human race.”

The vice principal of the Weapon School, Ling Feng, still remained cold and silent.

However, he also stared at the testing device.

Obviously, he was extremely curious about Liu Yans test results.

At the same time, the new students also looked at Liu Yans testing device with a face full of curiosity and surprise.

They were waiting for Liu Yans test results.

For a time, Liu Yan once again became the center of attention.


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