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When the freshmen heard the words of the vice principal of the Logistics School, Yu Zhitong, they were surprised.

The future pillar It was a terrific commend.

This was too explosive!

It meant Chu Long could become the leader of the Logistics School in the future.

She would be the core figure of Lighthouse School.

However, when everyone thought about it carefully, they realized that their combat classes could only last for two to three minutes.

Chu Long, a support class without fighting power, was able to last for eight minutes.

It was indeed impressive and respectable.

However, when Chu Long heard Yu Zhitongs words, she did not reply.

Instead, she looked at Liu Yan, who was not far away.

It was like she wanted to listen to Liu Yans opinion.

Yu Zhitong saw through Chu Longs thoughts and immediately had a helpless expression.

She looked at Liu Yan and asked, “Looks like she will have to listen to your arrangements.”

Liu Yan then smiled helplessly and said, “Of course, the supporting class will gain a lot at the Logistics School.

Its the best choice.

Chu Long, quickly thank Vice Principal Yu.”

When Chu Long heard this, she looked at Yu Zhitong and thanked her, “Thank you, Vice Principal Yu.”

Seeing this, Yu Zhitong smiled bitterly.

However, she was thrilled to recruit such a talented support genius.

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“Alright, remember to make the registration!”

After that, Yu Zhitong left.

She still had to pay attention to and recruit the other support geniuses.

Although the other geniuses might not be as good as Chu Long, they were worth nurturing too.

Luo Qingcheng saw Chu Long return to Liu Yans side and congratulated her, “Congratulations, Chu Long.

You attracted so many attentions! You will definitely perform well in the future.”

“Thank you.” Chu Longs eyes were smiling like crescent moons.

Liu Yan glanced at Chu Long and didnt say much.

In his heart, he understood that it took more than a strong healing ability to persist in the virtual opponents fight for a long time.

Chu Long must also have strong willpower.

After all, she had been hit by the virtual opponent while kept healing herself the entire time.

This willpower was not something that everyone had.

It was extremely rare.


The three of them waited for a while more.

This batch of new students had all come out, but only one person had yet to come out.

It was Murong Xue.

Looking at the time again, it had already reached fifteen minutes.

It had already surpassed the previous best record.

When the freshmen saw this, they were all a little surprised.

“This is too amazing.

She managed to hold on for 15 minutes.”

“There were so many freshmen before, but the longest one was only 10 minutes.”

“Its considered normal.

Her previous battle record was incredible.”

“Sigh, I only managed to hold on for one minute.

If only I could hold on for 15 minutes.

In the future, I would soar to great heights.

The entire family would be able to live a good life with me.”

“She is already an absolute genius if she can hold on for more than 15 minutes.

He is indeed formidable!”


At this moment, the Lei Jianbo and a few vice principals were also paying attention.

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Even the vice principal of the Combat Technique School, Shi Tian, had already walked up to the teleportation array and started waiting.

He directly announced, “This talent has to come to our school.

If any of you dare to fight me to recruit her, I will not back up!”

The other vice principals all smiled when they heard his words, but they didnt have the intention to fight with him.

They had also seen Murong Xues battle record.

She was indeed a talent that was suitable for the Combat Technique School.

The awakened with the power of God of War was a rare talent.

She must go to the Combat Technique School.

Chu Long couldnt help but say, “Sister Murong Xue is so powerful.

She can actually last for so long.”

“Thats normal.

She should be able to hold on for twenty minutes with her strength.” Liu Yan smiled and spoke.

Liu Yan was clear about Murong Xues strength.

Although there was a big gap between her and Liu Yan, it was not because Murong Xue was weak, but because Liu Yan was too monstrous.

Murong Xues strength was already extremely powerful.

She had already shaken off a large gap between the other awakened ones of the same level.

She was definitely a genius.

In addition, Murong Xue was a Rock Pugilist.

Her defense was already astonishing, and she specialized in defense.

It was indeed not that difficult to last a little longer.

Everyone waited patiently for a while.

When the time reached 23 minutes, Murong Xue walked out of the teleportation array.

At this moment, Murong Xue was panting.

She was covered in sweat, but her aura was fully unleashed.

The new students felt a wave of pressure.

This was all because Murong Xue was much stronger than them.

Liu Yan felt this aura and said with slight surprise, “Looking at this aura, it seems that Murong Xue has used this test to successfully activate the fourth level of the Tyrant Body.”

Liu Yan was very clear about Murong Xue was not that strong after activating the third level of the Tyrant Body.

It was clear that she had broken through during the fight and successfully activated the fourth level of Tyrant Body.

Liu Yan remembered that Murong Xue had activated the third level of Tyrant Body for the first time during their battle before entering the third level of the Tower.

After that, she was able to slowly familiarize herself with the third level of Tyrant Body.

He had never thought that Murong Xue would be able to activate the fourth level Tyrant Body so quickly.

Her growth rate was astonishing.

Berserker Stance was purely an S-grade close combat talent.

With every level of Tyrant Body, her strength would undergo an earth-shattering change.

Liu Yan could feel the aura of Murong Xues fourth level Tyrant Body.

He guessed that Murong Xues strength would increase by at least 50%.

However, her aura was still not stable.

After all, this was the first time she had activated the skill.

She was still not familiar with it yet.

After she slowly familiarized herself with it, perhaps her strength would become even stronger.

The vice principal of the combat techniques school, Shi Tian, looked at Murong Xue, who was emitting an astonishing aura.

His eyes were filled with admiration.

He hurriedly said, “Murong Xue, right Come to my Combat Technique School and become my disciple.

After my guidance, you will become a top-notch powerhouse of the human race!”

The other three vice principals and the new student director, Lei Jianbo, were surprised when they heard that Shi Tian had such a high evaluation of Murong Xue.

Although Shi Tian had a fiery temper and was more carefree, he had always been more practical and would not speak nonsense.

He gave a high evaluation of Murong Xue.

It seemed that Murong Xue was indeed a rare genius.

She would grow into a top-notch powerhouse in the future.

When the new students heard Shi Tians evaluation of Murong Xue, they were all jealous.

Not only did Murong Xue receive the vice principals attention to enter the Combat Technique School, but she could also become Shi Tians disciple.

Her future was limitless.

However, at this moment, Murong Xue did not hold back and said, “I like to enter the Combat Technique School, but please allow me to consider becoming your disciple.”

Murong Xue was not stupid.

Although Shi Tian was powerful, he was only the vice principal of the Combat Technique School.

The principal of the Combat Technique School was definitely more powerful, so Murong Xue naturally needed to consider it.

When the freshmen heard this, they were all a little surprised.

Murong Xues talent was indeed extraordinarily strong, but her words were too blunt.

The dignified vice principal of the Combat Technique School wanted to take her as a disciple, but she did not agree right away.

Shi Tian did not feel embarrassed at all.

Instead, he laughed and said, “Alright, then come to the Combat Technique School and think about it.

You can see if Im enough to become your master!”


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