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Liu Yan was counting the huge gains he had obtained this time and was happy with the improvement in his strength when a notification sounded from everyones smart wristbands in the Tower.


[Congratulations to the Awakened for obtaining the first kill of an elite beast in the Green Forest! Reward: one silver treasure chest!]


Instantly, all the Awakened in the Tower were astonished.

“What Someone has already managed to kill an elite beast”

“Its said that the strength of elite beasts is at least three times that of the ordinary beasts of the same level!”

“Which big shot did this”

“It must be a team with many experts who worked together to kill it.”


“Its said that the items in each treasure chest are extremely precious.”


At the same time, a treasure chest appeared in front of Liu Yan.

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The treasure chest was silver in color, gradually condensing from its virtual state.

In just a few seconds, the light dissipated, and the silver treasure chest landed on the ground.

Only then did Liu Yan understand.

No wonder the huge rodent leader could mutate and be so powerful.

So it was an elite beast.

Curious, he hurriedly went forward and opened the treasure chest.


Inside the treasure chest, there was only an extremely ordinary-looking ring.


Liu Yan picked it up and took a look.

The material seemed a little strange.

It looked like stone, but was extremely warm to the touch, without the slightest bit of roughness.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart wristband to check the stats of the ring.

[Elementary Storage Ring]


[Grade: B]

[Effect: Able to place any non-living creatures into the ring, allowing convenience to carry.

Internal space: 100 cubic meters.]


To think it was a storage ring!

Liu Yan had heard about storage rings on Blue Planet.

No matter how heavy the items stored were, the ring would still be as light as a feather, making it extremely convenient to carry things around.


However, the material and principle of the storage rings were very mysterious.

They were something the technicians on Blue Planet couldnt figure out at all.

As such, these rings could only be obtained from the first kill rewards or hunting high-level beasts in the Tower.

They were extremely precious.


Although the ring couldnt increase ones combat strength, it undoubtedly made things much more convenient on many occasions.

For example, Liu Yan now had two kinds of weapons: a dagger as well as a bow and arrows.

As such, it was quite inconvenient to bring them with him.

If he needed to bring some other things with him in the future, it would undoubtedly be troublesome and affect his movements.

But with this storage ring, convenience in all aspects would come naturally.

However, Liu Yan also understood the preciousness of the storage ring, so he remained himself to be careful in preventing the other Awakened from discovering his ring.


Although they were all Awakened from Blue Planet, the Federation rules did not apply in the Tower.

The strong preyed on the weak, and people would kill for treasures.

No one could say for sure what would happen.


Liu Yan remembered how to use the storage ring.

He used a dagger to cut his finger and dripped a few drops of blood onto it.


The blood was then absorbed by the storage ring.

Following this, Liu Yan could immediately sense the existence of the storage ring.

As such, he could put things into it and take out the items inside at any time and place.


From this moment on, the storage ring belonged to Liu Yan.

No one else could use it unless they killed him…

After putting on the storage ring, Liu Yan went to the empty grounds next to where he was.

There were the spoils of war from Wang Qings team.


Due to the urgency of the situation previously, they had all thrown their spoils of war here.

The two Awakened who had escaped couldnt care less about these things then.

Liu Yan went through them casually.

The rest were not of much use, being only some ordinary herbs or food.

The only thing that was more precious was a pair of boots.

The boots were snow-white and they looked quite nice.

Liu Yan used his smart wristband to check their stats.

[Cloud-treading Boots]

[Grade: E]


[Effect: Agility 30]

The effect of the E-grade equipment was quite good.

However, Liu Yan had the SSS-grade Divine Extraction, so he used it.


With that, a white light enveloped the boots, and soon, a notification appeared.

[Divine Extraction of the Cloud-treading Boots (E-grade) has been successful.

Obtained: Cloud-treading Boots (D-grade)!]

Liu Yan tried using Divine Extraction again but failed to do so.

Currently, it seemed that Divine Extraction could only upgrade his equipment by one grade.

He wondered if he would be able to upgrade his equipment even more after he leveled up and slowly developed his talent.


That being said, just being able to upgrade his equipment by one grade was already very powerful.

Any equipment would be worlds apart from its previous state after being upgraded by a grade.

Liu Yan then took the bow and arrow that he had taken from Wang Qing down from his back.

At that time, the situation had been urgent, so he had not been able to upgrade it.

[Divine Extraction of Federation Standard Beginners Bow and Arrow has been successful.

Obtained: Federation Standard Beginner Bow and Arrow (E-grade)!]


Following this, Liu Yan checked the stats of the two pieces of equipment.

[Cloud-treading Boots]

[Grade: D]

[Effect: Agility 80, increases jumping ability.

The specific effect depends on the users agility.]

[Federation Standard Beginners Bow and Arrow]

[Grade: E]

[Effect: Arrow speed 30, attack power 30]


The effect of the bow and arrow was as what Liu Yan had guessed, which was about the same as the other two E-grade equipment on him.

However, the D-grade Cloud-treading Boots surprised Liu Yan.

He did not expect D-grade equipment to be so powerful.

First of all, it added a lot of agility.

The agility the boots provided even directly surpassed Liu Yans current agility.


One had to know that Liu Yan was already a level 3 Awakened.

Moreover, because he had Divine Extraction, his attributes were quite heaven-defying.

His agility was not even the slightest bit lower than that of an ordinary level 4 Awakened.


Yet, the D-grade Cloud-treading Boots could instantly increase his agility which would make him akin to a level 4 Awakened.

It was truly powerful!

In particular, after its upgrade to the D-grade, there was actually an additional effect that could increase his jumping ability!

Liu Yan hurriedly put on the Cloud-treading Boots.

The D-grade Cloud-treading Boots would automatically shrink or expand according to the size of the wearers feet.

After putting it on, it would be extremely fitting, making it extremely convenient to move around.

The minute he put it on, Liu Yan felt as if he was walking on clouds.

Walking was extremely easy.

He could cross three to four meters with one step, and his speed was abnormally terrifying!


Immediately after, Liu Yan tried out the jumping ability.


“Wow!” Liu Yan cried out in surprise.

With a light jump, he had directly jumped onto a towering tree at the side that was more than ten meters high!


And this was even when he had not used his full strength yet.

Liu Yan felt that with his current agility, if he used his full strength, he could probably jump up to thirty meters high in a go.

It was abnormally terrifying!


If he was still on Blue Planet, he probably would not have imagined that he could easily jump up to the height of ten floors with the help of the Cloud-treading Boots not long after he had just entered the Tower world.

He was practically a monster.

Liu Yan was satisfied after going through his gains.

When he had reached level 3, the CD of Liu Yans Divine Extraction had been reset, and he had a total of twenty times.

Later on, he had used his talent on the corpses of more than a dozen huge rodents as well as two pieces of equipment.

As such, he currently only had one more chance.


On the other hand, it had currently become difficult for Liu Yan to obtain any improvements from hunting beasts on level one of the Tower.

Seeing that it was getting late, Liu Yan immediately rushed to the beginners camp as marked on his smart wristband.

He had to travel there to enter level two of the Tower.

On the other side, the two Awakened who had been with Wang Qing earlier didnt know that Wang Qing was already dead because they had been hurrying to escape.

They thought that they had just been separated from Wang Qing, so they simply headed to the beginners camp to wait for Wang Qing.


Hearing the notification that had been broadcasted on the smart wristband, the location of the Awakened who did the deed seemed to be the place where they had met the huge rodents previously.

The two immediately thought that Wang Qing had killed the huge rodent leader and completed the first kill of an elite beast.


As such, the two instantly felt incomparably proud.

Wang Qing was their big brother.

Now that Wang Qing had become stronger, they could benefit from being on good terms with him since he could gain more now.

“Did you hear that Our big brother Wang Qing has already killed an elite beast.”


“Hes got B-grade talent and has killed an elite beast.

Our big brother Wang Qing is probably the strongest existence in this batch of Awakened!”

The two Awakened bragged to the others who had rushed to the beginners camp.

When the others heard this, they were instantly filled with envy.

“Really Is Wang Qing so powerful Zou Yu and Zhou Peng, you two are really lucky to be able to have a big brother like Wang Qing!”

“Yeah, its a pity that my talent is only at the E-grade.

Big brother Wang Qing doesnt want me at all.”

“The reward for the first kill is a silver treasure chest.

I wonder what treasures will be inside.”

“No matter what it is, it must be very powerful!”

The group of Awakened were discussing when Liu Yan rushed into the camp at this time.

Although he had killed many beasts and reaped huge rewards, Liu Yans body was covered in blood because he had killed too many beasts.

As such, he appeared to be in a rather sorry state.

Zou Yu and Zhou Peng recognized Liu Yan.

He was the guy who had rejected Wang Qing when he had invited him to join the team.

The two of them looked at Liu Yan, who was in a miserable state.

He was covered in blood and there was nothing else on him other than a dagger.

Even his backpack was gone.


Immediately, the two of them laughed.

“Hey kid, are you running for your life because you got nothing”

“Hahaha, even if a person like you can survive, whats the use If you cant improve your strength, youll still die later.”


“Our big brother Wang Qing invited you out of kindness, yet you didnt know how to appreciate his kindness and refused.

What a joke!”

“Are you regretting it now Our big brother Wang Qing has obtained a silver treasure chest as a reward for achieving the first kill of an elite beast, but you didnt get anything.

You even lost your own backpack.

What a joke!”

When the other Awakened heard this, they all looked over at Liu Yan.

Seeing that he was in a sorry state and there was nothing on him at all, all of them felt that this lone ranger was a little too arrogant.

Although they were also in a sorry state and hadnt gotten much either, at least they still had some gains and their strength had increased a little.

When Liu Yan heard this, he was baffled.

He looked at himself and finally understood.

Because he had the storage ring, Liu Yan naturally put all the food, equipment, herbs, and other things owned into the storage ring.

This was much more convenient, so he threw his backpack away.


Other than keeping the dagger at his waist because it was more convenient that way, Liu Yan didnt have anything else on him, which was why his situation had been misunderstood and he was being ridiculed.


However, in the face of the misunderstanding and ridicule, Liu Yan couldnt be bothered to explain.

His gain in a day was probably several times more than all of them combined.

It was fine as long as he was clear about his gains and that he was becoming stronger.

There was no need to explain anything.

As for the matter of Wang Qings death, these two obviously did not know about it.

Therefore, Liu Yan could not be bothered by such a misunderstanding.


Soon after, Liu Yan entered the beginners camp.

He hurriedly washed up and changed into clean clothes.

It was somewhat uncomfortable to be covered in blood all the time.

When it was dark, all of the Awakeneds smart wristbands started broadcasting the same notification.

[Thus far, more than half of the Awakened who have entered the Tower have died.

The Awakened who have died are: Yan Yuanzhi, Song Yu, Wang Qing…]


When they heard the first announcement from the smart wristband, Zou Yu and Zhou Peng immediately panicked.

They did not expect Wang Qing to have died.

The grade of their talents was not low.

Having reached D-grade, they could be considered above average.


However, during this period of time of following Wang Qing, the two of them had not improved their strength much.

Originally, they were thinking that since Wang Qing had improved a lot, they could just follow him and use his powerful strength to smoothly enter level two, then leave the Tower alive.

They had never thought that Wang Qing would actually die..

Instantly, both of them fell into despair.

At the same time, the other Awakened were also confused, fearful, and even panicked.

Only one last day was left, and there wasnt much time left for them.


For a moment, the many Awakened in the beginners camp all became nervous.

As for Liu Yan, he had just taken a bath and was lying down to rest with a leisurely expression.

He still needed to wait a day So troublesome.

If only he could enter level two now, Liu Yan secretly complained.


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