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Liu Yan completed the second test and walked down under the admiring and jealous gazes of the crowd.

Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan as if she was looking at a monster.

When they were on the resting platform on the second level of the Tower, Murong Xue felt that she and Liu Yan could still fight evenly.


she only found out later that Liu Yans long-range attack ability was stronger than her close-combat ability.

Liu Yans close-combat ability was also comparable to hers.

But at that time, Murong Xue also felt that the gap between her and Liu Yan was not very big.

After experiencing the third level of the Tower, she had grown a lot and even went through a hidden class transition.

Her strength had greatly increased.

But now, Murong Xue felt that the gap between her and Liu Yan seemed to be even greater.

Murong Xue suddenly felt a little helpless.

Since young, she had always been a genius.

She was always better than everyone.

She had never worried about who would be stronger than her.

She only needed to train hard, and she would surpass everyone else by miles.

But Liu Yan was completely different.

On the contrary, it was Liu Yan who surpassed her.

This was the first time Murong Xue had experienced this kind of helplessness of losing to someone else.

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At the same time, Luo Qingcheng was also extremely surprised.

Previously, she knew that Liu Yans strength was extremely powerful.

Otherwise, she would not agree to sign a soul contract with Liu Yan and even give her body to Liu Yan.

However, she did not expect that Liu Yan was so ridiculously strong that he directly broke the record set by the Lighthouse Academys upper house for dozens of years.

He was not a genius.

He was simply an existence on the level of a monster.

As for Chu Long, she did not think too much at this moment.

When she saw that Liu Yan was very strong, she was purely happy for Liu Yan.

“Brother Liu Yan, you are so powerful.

In the future, no one will dare to bully me if I follow you!” Chu Long happily threw herself into Liu Yans arms.

Liu Yan patted Chu Longs head and put Chu Long down.

He smiled and said, “Of course.

No one will bully you!”

The other two girls were shocked and envious, but they were also happy for Liu Yan.

Then, they waited by the side.

Not long after, the second round of the test ended.

Only a small number of new students were eliminated in the first test.

However, there were more people eliminated in the second test.

Many of the new students were just lucky to get here.

They did not have the talent or strength they should have to enter the Lighthouse Academy.

Liu Yan took a rough look.

Almost half of the freshmen were eliminated.

There was indeed a lot of them.

Some were happy while others were sad.

The freshmen who were eliminated had a bitter look on their faces as they left helplessly.

There were even many people who were so sad that they cried.

For them, after parting with Lighthouse Academys upper house this time, they would never have the chance to enter Lighthouse Academys upper house in the future.

This also meant that they would never have the chance to become an expert in the future.

Outside of Lighthouse Academy, some people relied on themselves to become an expert.

However, it was undoubtedly extremely difficult and extremely rare.

Meanwhile, the new students who passed the second test were all incomparably excited at this moment.

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Many of them had heard that the second test had the highest elimination rate.

Although the third test was relatively strict, it mainly divided talent and strength.

It determined ones status and importance in the academy, as well as the number of resources one would receive.

However, almost no one would be eliminated.

This also meant that as long as one passed the second test, they would be able to stay in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy and receive training.

However, how much training they received would depend on the subsequent third test.

Those who failed the test had all been chased away, leaving behind only those who passed the test.

At this time, there were nearly half of the people in the square, and it was also much more spacious.

The new student director, Lei Jianbo, also walked forward at this time and started speaking:

“First of all, I congratulate everyone present.

You have passed the second test.

You have met the requirements to stay in the Lighthouse Academy.”

“But I also want to tell all of you that you cannot let your guard down.

The following third test is also extremely important.

It will determine how much attention and resources you will receive in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy in the future.

I hope all of you will take it seriously

“Next, I would like to announce the third test.

The content of the third test is the actual combat test.”

“There is an extremely magnificent statue at the entrance of the academy.

I believe all of you saw it when you entered.

Actually, it is not just a statue.

Inside the statue is the origin power core that supports the energy of our entire three-and-a-half-level platform! The third test is to use the origin power core to create a virtual opponent to fight against you.

Next, all of you will enter the teleportation array.

Then, you will enter the virtual space to fight against the virtual opponent created by the origin power core.”


Lei Jianbo reminded them with a solemn expression, “All of you must do your best to persevere.

Even if you cant defeat your virtual opponent, you must try your best to persevere for a long time to obtain a higher score.

Every second that you persevere for, your future might undergo an earth-shattering change!”

When the freshmen heard this, they were all a little surprised.

They didnt expect that they would be fighting against a virtual opponent.

For a moment, everyone was a little curious about what kind of virtual opponent that would be.

At this moment, Lei Jianbo, and a few of the vice principals of the schools were secretly laughing.

This origin power core was the energy center of the entire three-and-a-half-level platform.

It was powered by a large number of high-grade origin stones, and it was the energy center of the entire city.

Under normal circumstances, the origin power core would naturally be fully charged, and the origin power within it would naturally be extremely terrifying.

The virtual opponent created by the origin power was extremely powerful.

Moreover, its strength could even be adjusted.

Even the vice principals with astonishing battle prowess wouldnt be a match for it.

In other words, it was impossible to win against such an opponent.

If a freshman had strong strength, the virtual opponent would constantly increase its strength.

Hence, the freshman would never be able to win.

That was why Lei Jianbo had emphasized the importance of enduring for as long as possible.

Because in reality, those who couldnt win were those who had failed.

Naturally, one could only measure the combat strength of a freshman by how long they could endure.

There were reasons why they used this method to test the combat ability of the freshmen in the third test.

Firstly, it could stimulate everyones greatest potential.

Secondly, it was also to show these geniuses that there was always someone better than them.

Lei Jianbo and the vice principals were very clear that the freshmen who had been through all kinds of hardships and came to Lighthouse Academy were all outstanding people.

They had pride in their hearts, thinking that they were very powerful.

However, this kind of pride and self-righteousness would most likely cause the deaths of these geniuses.

Lei Jianbo and the others knew this really well.

Therefore, before the new students entered the academy, they had to suppress the egos of these freshmen.

They had to let the freshmen knew that there was always someone better out there.

They wanted to make the freshmen humbler by letting them lose the battle.


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