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Lei Jianbo also saw Liu Yans exaggerated battle record.

At first, he was shocked.

He even suspected that there was a problem with the instrument.

But when he thought about it, the instrument was connected to the origin power core of the entire Lighthouse Academy.

There was no problem at all.

Immediately after, Lei Jianbos face was filled with surprise.

“Previously, I heard from the principal of the Lighthouse Academys lower house that a peerless genius has appeared.

He surpassed the record from decades ago.

Looks like it should be this young man in front of me.

Our Lighthouse Academys upper house has finally produced a monstrous genius.

We are going to rise!” Lei Jianbo said with a face full of joy.


At that time, when he heard from the principal of the lower house of the Lighthouse Academy that a monstrous genius had appeared, or even the future of mankind, he still had some doubts.

He felt that it was too exaggerated.

After all, it was only a lower house branch.

There were only a few worlds merged into the Tower.

in addition, it had fewer new students too.

But now, it seemed that it was not an exaggeration at all.

Up until now, the highest record of reputation points was more than 600,000 points.

It was a record from decades ago.

There had been all sorts of geniuses in the past few decades, and there were quite a few good seedlings among them.

They had all grown to become a top-notch expert of mankind.

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However, none of them had surpassed the best record.

However, Liu Yan had not only broken the best record, but he had also surpassed it by a lot.

He had over 800,000 reputation points.

Without a doubt, 800,000 reputation points were extremely high.

He was even able to crush the fierce beast on the third level of the Tower.

His strength had long surpassed the difficulty of the third level!

Seeing this, the Combat Technique Academys vice principal Shi Tian, said with a bright smile, “Such a strong freshman must enter our Combat Technique School.

Our school can nurture his combat strength and let him become the top expert of humanity!”

The vice principal of the Command School, Ye He, had always been more refined and did not like to fight over things.

Now, he stroked his snow-white beard and thought for a while.

He then smiled and said, “No, no, Vice Principal Shi, such a monstrous genius must be the leader of our human race.

He must have extraordinary strength.

What he lacks is the ability to command.

He must be sent to our Command School to be nurtured.

In the future, he will be the leader of our human race and lead our human race forward!”

The vice principal of the Logistics School, Yu Zhitong, smiled, she said, “I wont argue with you guys, but if this little genius is willing to come to our Logistics School, I will welcome him.

There are so many beautiful women in our school.

Who knows, he might come to our school.”

Ling Feng, who had always been rather arrogant and rarely spoke, actually opened his mouth and said, “He is an outstanding genius, so he must not lack any strength and commanding ability.

On the contrary, he could come to our Weapon School to create strong weapons and equipment.

Only then will we be able to benefit all human awakened ones!”

When the others heard this, they were all somewhat surprised.

There were very few people in the Weapon academy.

Moreover, Ling Feng had always been very cold and aloof.

Many geniuses had been rejected by him.

The few of them recalled for a moment.

This seemed to be the first time that Ling Feng had taken the initiative to ask for someone.

When Lei Jianbo saw that the few vice principals had already started to compete among themselves, the atmosphere started to become a little tense.

He helplessly smiled and said, “Vice principals, dont be anxious.

Its not time yet.

After the end of the third test, only then will we be able to decide which school this young fellow will go to.”

When the few vice principals heard this, the atmosphere was a little lightened up.

Otherwise, if they continued to compete, they might even end up fighting on the spot.

At this moment, when Liu Yan saw his exaggerated battle record on the big screen, he was also a little surprised.

Liu Yan himself did not expect that his battle record would be so impressive.

After recalling for a moment, Liu Yan realized that in just a few short months, he had experienced so much since he entered the Tower.

He had also grown so much.

From the first level of the Tower, he had continuously used Divine Extraction to extract the corpses of the fierce beast and the awakened human.

He continuously increased his various attribute points and obtained various attribute skills.

Later on, when the fierce beast attacked the city on the first level of the Tower, he went in the opposite direction.

He went deep into the central nest of the fierce beast.

Not only did he obtain a large number of the corpses of the fierce beast and the awakened human, but he had also increased his strength once again.

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He had even killed the first elite monster and obtained quite a lot of rewards.

He had successfully changed his class transition to Hunter and obtained his first pet, Shadow Wolf.

From the beginning, Shadow Wolf was a hungry beast that was eager to grow up.

Following Liu Yan, it had devoured several powerful fierce beasts and continued to evolve and grow.

Now, it had grown into an SS-grade Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf.

Its strength was extremely terrifying.

Then, Liu Yan arrived at the second level of the Tower, the Elemental Peak.

He had killed the first S-grade fierce beast.

Later, he had entered the ice and snow secret realm and killed a large number of powerful fierce beasts.

He had also obtained an inheritance.

Later, he had even obtained an enchanted puppet.

However, the enchanted puppet was not of much use.

With the increase in Liu Yans strength, the combat strength of the enchanted puppet was no longer enough.

However, among the inheritances he obtained, Liu Yan clearly remembered that there were many ways to increase the strength of the enchanted puppet.

The materials he had accumulated previously were almost enough.

When he found another powerful soul, he would be able to quickly increase the combat strength of the enchanted puppet.

Judging from the inheritance he obtained, the combat strength of the enchanted puppet was not bad.

It could be used as a very good auxiliary combat strength, which was pretty convenient.

Later on, Liu Yan reached the third level of the Tower.

After eating the golden fruit on the third level of the Tower, his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, was completed.

The range of the extraction was even wider.

Later on, Liu Yan used the silver-backed gray ape and the golden-armored gray ape to obtain his first powerful SSS-grade skill after many times of extraction.


Later on, after completing his class transition and obtaining his first S-grade weapon, Liu Yans combat strength soared.

He directly went to kill the Ancient Draconic Croc with the SS-grade talent, and his strength rose once more.

Along the way, he had experienced too many things.

The current Liu Yan had also grown a lot, and his strength had undergone a qualitative increase.

Perhaps he couldnt be considered a true expert yet, but Liu Yan was very confident that with such a rapid increase in strength, he would be able to grow into a true powerhouse in the near future.

After all, this SSS-grade skill, Divine Extraction, would become stronger as he progressed.

Hence, he could increase his strength even faster in the future.

For example, the higher the level of the Tower, the more Liu Yan would gain, and the more strength he would increase.

The awakened ones would find it harder to increase their strength at the higher level of the Tower, but Liu Yan was the complete opposite.

It was simply heaven-defying!

Facing the admiring gazes of the surrounding people, Liu Yans heart was somewhat calm.

Liu Yan was clear that his future path was still very far.

He could go further, ascend higher, and grow stronger!


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