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On the test square of the second test.

When the group of new students saw Murong Xues battle record, they were all discussed animatedly.

“D*mn, isnt this too powerful”

“150,000 reputation points, this is too powerful.”

“Shes so good-looking, yet her strength is so terrifying.

She is blessed by the god!”

“She is so fierce.

Please look at me!”


Before Murong Xue, none of the freshmen had more than 100,000 reputation points.

However, Murong Xues reputation point was more than 150,000.

Reputation points were based on everything that a Tower climber had done on the first three levels of the Tower.

Killing a fierce beast, obtaining equipment and treasures, increasing ones strength, and so on.

Many factors affected reputation points.

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However, without a doubt, the higher ones reputation points were, the stronger ones strength would be.

With 150,000 reputation points, it meant that Murong Xue was an expert among this batch of new students.

The few vice principals were all surprised to see this scene.

Shi Tian said excitedly, “Not bad, not bad! Shes a good seedling.

With such a high reputation point, such strong strength, and the achievement of the God of War, shes the most suitable candidate for our Combat Technique School.”

The other vice principals were also a little envious when they heard this, but they did not intend to compete.

This was because Murong Xues battle record was indeed the most suitable candidate for the Combat Technique School.

Of course, they also wanted such a powerful talent, but it was undoubtedly a waste of Murong Xues talent if she went to their schools.

Murong Xue was the most suitable candidate for the Combat Technique School

Ye He, the vice-principal of the Combat Technique School, smiled and said, “Vice Principal Shi, I remember that youve always been clamoring to find a disciple, so that you can teach your disciple everything youve learned in your life.

However, youve always struggled to find an outstanding and suitable candidate.

What do you think”

Hearing this, Shi Tian was stunned.

Previously, he had indeed wanted to find a disciple.

However, he could not find a student that was outstanding enough to his standard.

At this moment, Shi Tian looked at Murong Xues battle record again.

With a satisfied expression, he nodded slightly and said, “Her reputation point is much higher than when I first came up from the third level of the Tower.

Her talent and strength are completely sufficient.

If she is willing to, I will take her as my first disciple and teach her everything I have learned in my life!”

“Then congratulations, Vice Principal Shi.”

The other vice principals congratulated him when they heard that.

At the same time, they were also a little surprised.

Ever since Shi Tian had entered the Lighthouse Academy as a teacher, he had not been able to find any student that he like in the past few years.

Today, he had such a high evaluation of Murong Xue.

It seemed that Murong Xue was indeed extremely outstanding, and she was compatible with the Combat Technique School.

At this moment, facing the envious gazes of the crowd, Murong Xue also had a look of enjoyment on her face.

She had received so many blows from Liu Yan on the third level of the Tower that she had almost forgotten that she was also a genius.

At this moment, she had once again proven that she was also a genius by showing off her battle results through the test.

Murong Xue instantly felt a lot better in her heart.

Murong Xue immediately returned to the side of Liu Yan and the others.

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When the surrounding freshmen saw Liu Yan was with Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long, they felt a little envious.

The three girls had different styles, but their extremely beautiful appearance attracted countless gazes.

And the only male in this group, Liu Yan, naturally received a lot of hateful gazes from many people.

“Damn, this kid is too comfortable.

He has three top-notch beauties by his side.”

“If any one of these three beauties can be my teammate, I will wake up smiling every day.”

“Its not just that.

These three beauties are not only good-looking, but their battle records just now were also pretty good.

They are all very strong.”

“Could it be that this brat is tagging along with these three beauties He is really lucky!”

“It would be great if I could have such a good-looking and strong teammate!”


At this moment, Lei Jianbo and the four vice principals on the stage were also a little surprised when they saw the situation here.

Although Luo Qingchengs battle records were average, she was a rare commanding talent.

Chu Long was an extremely powerful healer and support awakened.

She was also extremely precious.

Needless to say, Murong Xue had the highest reputation point so far, which meant that she was the strongest expert among this batch of new students.

Naturally, it was a little surprising that such outstanding three girls were gathered together.

Especially since these three girls had a male teammate, he was naturally even more eye-catching.

However, unlike the envy and jealousy of the new students below the stage towards Liu Yan, Lei Jianbo and the four vice presidents on the stage were more looking forward to Liu Yan.

They had more experience.

They knew that the Tower climbers would not casually form a team.

Their strengths would be similar.

Since the three girls battle records were quite good, then Liu Yan, who was with the three female teammates, might not have a bad battle record either.

At this moment, under the gazes of everyone, Liu Yan also walked forward and began the test.

Liu Yan felt like laughing in his heart.

Murong Xues 150,000 reputation points had already surprised these people

When Liu Yan was on the second floor of the Tower, his reputation points had already reached a terrifying 320,000.

After passing through the third floor of the Tower, his reputation points would increase by a lot.

After all, on the third floor of the Tower, Liu Yan had killed quite many fierce beasts, including a fierce beast with a talent of SS-grade, the Ancient Draconic Croc.

At this moment, Liu Yan was a little nervous and looking forward to his result.

How was his battle record on the first three floors of the Tower

He could only connect his wristband to the equipment, and Liu Yans results appeared on the big screen.

Fierce beast killed on the first floor: 42, assist kill: 0.

Fierce beast killed on the second floor: 34, assist kill: 1.

Fierce beast killed on the third floor: 51, assist kill: 12.

Achievements of the first three floors: First kill of elite monster, first place in reputation ranking, sharpshooter, pinnacle warrior, explosive assassin, elemental power, core commander, first kill of SS-grade boss!

Reputation in the first three levels: 829,468.

The awakened humans killed in the first three levels: 6.

Evaluation result: Legendary all-rounder warrior, human leader, future of humanity!

The group of freshmen, vice principals, and the others were a little surprised when they first saw the number of fierce beasts that Liu Yan had killed.

Such an exaggerated number of kills even made them suspect that there was something wrong with the equipment.

When they saw the achievement bar filled with achievements, they were shocked beyond words.

Not only were there so many achievements in the achievement bar, every single one of them was extremely incredible.

They were not ordinary achievements.

They were all top-notch achievements.

Especially the last achievement, the first kill of an SS-grade boss Everyone had their mind blown away.

On the first three floors of the Tower, to be able to kill a fierce beast with A-grade talent was already an absolute genius.

Yet, this fellow had killed an SS-grade boss

The reputation bar made everyone doubt their own lives.

800,000 points Was this for real

Normally, 80,000 points were already considered a pretty good genius.

100,000 points were already considered an expert.

Yet, this fellow had 800,000 points

His final evaluation results stated legendary all-rounder, a human leader, and the future of humanity.

Everyone was dumbfounded and did not know what to say.


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