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When the freshmen heard that those with poor results would be kicked out of the Lighthouse Academy, their expressions changed.

They had never heard of this before.

They had paid expensive tuition fees to enter the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy.

They thought that as long as they worked hard and cultivated in the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy, they would become stronger and become an expert.

This also meant that no matter what, their future would not be too bad.

After all, those who could come out of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy were all outstanding individuals, the elites of the entire federation.

But now, Lei Jianbos words had undoubtedly made them panic.

They hadnt even entered the upper house of Lighthouse Academy yet.

It was just a freshman test, but they would be kicked out of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy because they werent strong enough.

This was too cruel!

The freshmen couldnt help but start discussing in hushed voices.

“Unbelievable! Its only the first day of school, and we have to worry about being expelled already”

“If we were to be expelled, wouldnt we have paid the tuition fees in vain”

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“I had used up all of my familys assets to get into this academy.”

“I also used up all of my familys assets.

If we were to be expelled, it would be a huge loss!”

“This competition is too cruel.”


Liu Yan and the others looked at each other.

They did not expect it to be so cruel.

Chu Long suddenly said with some worry, “I have almost no combat ability.

I wont be kicked out, right”

Luo Qingcheng, who was at the side, was more familiar with the situation.

She smiled and comforted Chu Long, “Dont worry.

The test is divided into many aspects.

Its not just about combat ability.

As long as you have a certain ability and a certain quirk, you will be kept.”

If she was not clear about this point, Luo Qingcheng would not have thought of ways to enter the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

After all, she was a Trickster, and she was not good at fighting too.

Chu Long heard this and immediately felt relieved.

Although she did not have much combat power, she had the S-grade talent, Holy Healing, and the rare profession Holy Priest of class transition.

Whether it was healing or supporting abilities, she was extremely powerful.

Naturally, she would be able to play a great role in a team.

As for Liu Yan and Murong Xue, they looked at each other.

They were both extremely confident in their strength and were not worried at all.

At this moment, Lei Jianbo, who was in front of them, spoke out once again, “Silence!”

Although the new students were dissatisfied, none of them dared to make a sound.

Lei Jianbo also continued, “I know you had paid for the tuition fees.

However, if you are kicked out of the academy after the test ends, you will not be refunded.

I hope that you will take the tests seriously.

Next, the test will begin!”

The awakened ones looked bitter when they heard this.

This way, they had no way out.

The three yin cards and three yang cards were extremely expensive for most of them.

If their test results were not good and they were kicked out of Lighthouse Academy, they would waste their hard-earned money.

They could not afford such a loss.

Without a doubt, there was only one path in front of them.

That was to pass the test, stay in Lighthouse Academy, and become an expert in the future!

At this time, many staff members of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy appeared.

They were distributed in front, holding a special origin stone recording instrument.

When the new student director Lei Jianbo saw that they were ready, he also announced,

“Now, lets begin the first test: confirm the will of the lighthouse! This test will test your purpose in climbing the Tower.

Each of you must tell us the purpose of coming here.

Let us confirm your original intention of becoming an expert.

We will only provide resources to those who are useful to the federation.

There is a special instrument here that can confirm whether you are lying through your brainwaves and heart rate.

I hope that you all would tell the truth honestly.

If we find out that youre lying, you would be kicked out of here right away!”

Liu Yan and the rest were a little surprised when they heard this.

They did not expect this was the first test.

After thinking about it, they understood that the academy did not have to need to nurture those awakened one will ill intention no matter how talented they were.

The awakened ones, on the other hand, would be unfavorable to the federation for their interests in the future.

However, what surprised Liu Yan and the rest was that there was a so-called lie detector here

From the sound of it, they seemed to be using a special device to determine if one was lying through their heart rate and brainwaves.

After knowing this, Liu Yan could not help but be a little worried.

After all, Liu Yans original intention in climbing the tower was to find out the reason for his transmigration.

He also wanted to figure out a way to leave this place.

Such an original intention did not bring many benefits to the federation, but it did not bring any harm either.

However, this matter was related to Liu Yans secret, so it was not good to reveal it.

Otherwise, if the people of Lighthouse Academy and the federation knew that Liu Yan had transmigrated here, they might capture Liu Yan and study him for a while.

Liu Yan had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, his current strength was also pretty good.

However, compared to those true almighty experts in the federation, the current Liu Yan was still extremely weak.

Naturally, he needed a certain amount of time to grow well and become stronger.

Liu Yan couldnt help but think of the deception skill that he had obtained from Luo Qingcheng.

The level of the deception skill was not low either, it had reached C-grade.

Liu Yan thought that it should be enough for him to pass the test.

At this moment, the new students in front of them had already split up and went to the front of the staff to carry out the first test.

Very soon, it was the turn of Liu Yan and the other three.

Luo Qingchengs goal was the clearest and simplest.

She was the first to walk forward and sit down in the special equipment of the staff.

A few sensors were placed on Luo Qingchengs temples.

The origin power in the origin stone was stimulated and started to circulate extremely.

The staff held the recording equipment and looked at Luo Qingcheng and asked, “Tell me your purpose for climbing the tower!”

Luo Qingchengs face was serious as she replied, “To become stronger.

I want to go to the higher levels of the Tower to find my sister.

I want to confirm her safety!”

Although she had no intention of serving the federation, she still had a positive purpose, so she passed the test.

After the staff member finished recording, he let Luo Qingcheng leave.

Murong Xue walked forward and sat down.

The machine was running, and the staff member asked the same question.

Murong Xue said with a face full of yearning, “I climb the Tower because I want to become stronger.

I want to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts!”

When the staff member heard this, he could not help but cast an appreciative gaze at Murong Xue.

Such a new student undoubtedly had the highest chance of becoming an expert in the future.

Lighthouse Academy greatly welcomed new students like Murong Xue.

“Very good.


Hearing this, Chu Long walked up and sat down.

Facing the staff members inquiry, Chu Long was a little confused.

She glanced at Liu Yan behind her.

She then said with a serious expression, “I climbed the Tower because I want to become stronger.

After that, I can always be together with Brother Liu Yan.

I will go wherever he goes.

I hope that I can help him and not drag him down.”

This was a normal reason to climb the Tower, but it was also considered to pass the test.

Very quickly, it was Liu Yans turn.

Liu Yan walked up and sat down.

Facing the staff members inquiry, he activated his C-grade deception skill.

Following that, Liu Yan said, “I climbed the Tower to become stronger.

Then, I will protect humanity and serve the federation!”


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