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[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtain: 200 EXP!]


Seeing the notification, Liu Yan was delighted.

He hadnt expected the mutated huge rodent leader to be able to provide so much EXP.

Liu Yan remembered that he could obtain 10~20 EXP from normal level 1 beasts, 40~60 EXP from level 2 beasts, and 80~120 EXP from level 3 beasts.


Yet he had now gained 200 EXP in one go from the level 3 mutated huge rodent leader!

Liu Yan guessed that it was probably because the huge rodent leader had become relatively strong due to the mutation, which was why he was able to gain so much EXP.

The surrounding level 1 huge rodents were all shocked when they saw that their leader had actually been killed in one hit.

They stared at Liu Yan with some fear, not daring to go forward for a moment.

Liu Yan didnt put think much of the level 1 huge rodents at all.

His strength had increased a lot, making it extremely easy to deal with level 1 beasts.

Even if they were in large numbers, they wouldnt be able to cause any harm to him.


Liu Yan didnt bother with the huge rodents.

Instead, he went to the corpse of the mutant huge rodent leader and used Divine Extraction.

[Divine Extraction of elite mutated huge rodent leader has been successful.

Obtained: strength 12, vitality 13, adaptability 8, Miasma (C-grade), Poison (E-grade), Paralysis (D-grade), Delay (C-grade)!]


[Miasma, Poison, Paralysis, and Delay have successfully fused.

Obtained: Fog (B-grade)!]

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[Grade: B]

[Effect: AOE Skill.

Upon activation, fog will be produced in the surrounding 50 meters (radius of effect will increase with the increase of the users strength), which will unilaterally block the enemys line of sight.

The fog also has the negative effects of miasma, poison, paralysis, delay, and others.]


When Liu Yan saw these notifications, his face was instantly filled with ecstasy.


From the mutated huge rodent leaders corpse, not only did Liu Yan obtain a large number of attribute points which had improved his strength greatly, but he had also obtained so many skills, which in the end even fused into a powerful AOE offensive control skill!


Liu Yan looked at the surrounding huge rodents.

At this moment, they were extremely fearful of Liu Yan and were already slowly retreating.

To think they didnt dare to make a move against Liu Yan and wanted to escape instead.

However, Liu Yan wasnt willing to let them just leave.

Although these level 1 huge rodents werent strong, they were all treasure boxes of EXP.

They were beasts that could make him stronger.


Most importantly, Liu Yan had just obtained the powerful B-grade skill, Fog.

It just so happened that he wanted to find some beasts to test out the strength of the skill.

These huge rodents were undoubtedly a good choice!

Liu Yan immediately activated [Fog]!

Instantly, a 50-meter radius around him was instantly shrouded in white fog.

One couldnt even see ones fingers before oneself.

Although Liu Yan himself was also in the middle of the fog and couldnt see clearly, he could somehow clearly sense all the details within the white fog.

He did not even need to open his eyes to look, yet he could “see” things even more clearly than before.

It was as if the white fog was a part of Liu Yans body.

At this moment, he was touching everything within a fifty-meter radius, enabling him to clearly see everything within the range!


So this was the meaning of unilaterally blocking the other partys line of sight Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

The actual effects were more than the description.

It even enhanced Liu Yans perception of the surroundings!

Liu Yan could imagine that in future battles, as long as he used Fog, even though he would not be able to see anything clearly, he would be able to perceive everything around him with even greater precision.

The skill Fog was extremely powerful.

Moreover, it was a rare AOE offensive control skill.

Liu Yan felt that the B-grade Fog was not the slightest bit weaker than the ordinary A-grade skills!


At this moment, enveloped by the fog, multiple effects had been added to the huge rodents.

Their bodies were poisoned, paralyzed, and sluggish.

It was impossible for them to escape.


As the poison spread, the huge rodents quickly fell to the ground, unable to get up.

They looked like they were on the verge of death.

With just the activation of Fog, these huge rodents had all been heavily injured!

Liu Yan raised his dagger and moved freely within the white fog.

He didnt even need to look to know clearly what was around him.

Liu Yan came to the front of one huge rodent after another and stabbed at their weak spots.

Meanwhile, these huge rodents lay on the ground, suffering endlessly.

They did not have the slightest strength to resist or escape Liu Yans attack.

Soon, the more than ten level 1 huge rodents were all killed by Liu Yan.

After stopping the skill, the fog slowly faded away.

Liu Yans clothes were disheveled, but there was not much blood on him.

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 13 EXP!]

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 16 EXP!]

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 14 EXP!]

[Congratulations on your level increase.

You have reached level 3.]

A series of notifications rang out, and Liu Yan had reached level 3.

His face was filled with ecstasy as he quickly checked his attribute panel.

[Liu Yan]

[Level: 3 (12/500)]

[HP: 800/800]

[MP: 380/420]


[Strength (attack): 51]


[Vitality (defense): 53]

[Agility (speed): 56]

[Spirit (mana): 26]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 39]

[Luck (probability): 43]

[Allocatable attribute points: 8]


[Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade, usage times limit: 20/20 (CD refreshes once every hour)


[Skills: Strength Enhancing (D-grade), Ghoststeps (D-grade) , Spirit Vision (E-grade), Fog (B-grade), Ultimate Aim (B-grade) , Poison Control (B-grade)]


[Equipment: Federation Defensive Equipment Set (E-grade), Federation Special Dagger (E-grade), Federation Standard Beginners Bow and Arrow (F-grade)


Liu Yan was overjoyed when he saw his attributes.

His strength had once again received a huge improvement.

Compared to when he had just entered the Tower, Liu Yans attributes alone had increased by four to five times.

Combined with his equipment and powerful skills, Liu Yans overall combat strength had increased by more than ten times.

After leveling up, Liu Yan had once again received eight allocatable attribute points.

Just like before, he evenly distributed them among his strength and vitality to further strengthen himself.

The number of times he could use Divine Extraction was as what Liu Yan had guessed.

After leveling up, not only would the maximum number of times he could use Divine Extraction increase, but the CD would also reset when he leveled up.

He should probably use up the chances of Divine Extraction before he was about to level up in the future to avoid wasting it.

Then, Liu Yan looked at the corpses on the ground.

He had already used Divine Extraction on the corpse of the mutated huge rodent leader, and it had already withered.

There were still a dozen or so level 1 huge rodents left.

Although they couldnt compare to the mutated huge rodent leader, no matter how minuscule they were, they were still meat.

They could all help Liu Yan become stronger.


Looking at it from another perspective, although the attribute points obtained from each level 1 huge rodent might not be much for the current Liu Yan, for other ordinary Awakened, it was very likely to be something that they could only obtain in a week.

Coming before the corpses of the huge rodents, Liu Yan used Divine Extraction, and a green light enveloped the corpses.

Not long after, notifications appeared before his eyes one after another.

[Divine Extraction of huge rodent corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 2, vitality 2, agility 1, Poison (E-grade).

Poison (E-grade) has been automatically fused into Fog, enhancing the poison effect by 10%!]

[Divine Extraction of huge rodent corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 3, vitality 1, adaptability 1, Paralysis (F-grade).

Paralysis (F-grade) has been automatically fused into Fog, enhancing the paralyzing effect by 5%!]

[Divine Extraction of huge rodent corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 2, vitality 1, agility 2, Poison (F-grade).

Poison (F-grade) has been automatically fused into Fog, enhancing the poison effect by 5%!]

After using his talent on all the corpses, Liu Yan took a look.

In total, it had increased his strength attribute by 21 points, vitality attribute by 18 points, and agility attribute by 15 points.


Apart from that, the Fogs poison effect had increased by 40% while the paralyzing effect had increased by 30%!

The gains from each huge rodent corpse werent great, but with a total of more than ten huge rodents corpses, the gains he obtained added up to quite a bit.


Liu Yans strength had once again received a considerable improvement!


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