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On the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform of the Tower.

On a road in Riversouth Region, Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng were walking.

On the way, Luo Qingcheng explained to Liu Yan the details of the sale of yin and yang cards.

“Currently, many awakened ones come up from the third level of the Tower.

Generally, they have no extra yin and yang cards at all.”

Speaking of this, Luo Qingcheng suddenly looked at Liu Yan with some doubts, “Can you tell me where did you get so many yin and yang cards Normally, even if you are powerful, you wouldnt have earned this many yin and yang cards.”

Luo Qingcheng also came up from the third level of the Tower, so she was quite clear about the Taiji Basin on the third level of the Tower.

There were only two ways to get the yin and yang cards.

One was to kill the fierce beast, but it was more difficult to kill the fierce beast.

The awakened ones had to risk their lives to do so.

Moreover, there was only a chance to get the yang card or the yin card by killing the fierce beast.

In fact, even if one was very powerful and could kill a lot of fierce beasts, one would not too many yin and yang cards.

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Logically, it was almost impossible to get more than 100 yang and yin cards by killing fierce beasts like Liu Yan.

Besides killing fierce beasts, one could only plunder or kill the other awakened ones.

At present, Liu Yan had signed a soul contract with Luo Qingcheng.

As long as it wasnt something too secret, he could tell Luo Qingcheng.

There was no need to continue hiding it.

“About that, that night…”

Liu Yan immediately told Luo Qingcheng about the situation when the three of them met the awakened one, Old Yin Bi from the higher levels.

In fact, the large number of yin and yang cards that Liu Yan obtained were from Old Yin Bi of the higher level of the Tower.

Other than those, they were obtained from the Ancient Draconic Croc.

When Luo Qingcheng heard Liu Yans explanation, her expression changed slightly.

She asked in a low voice about the details of the awakened one, Old Yin Bi.

When Liu Yan saw Luo Qingcheng asking about these details, he was a little puzzled, but he still told Luo Qingcheng everything.

“Whats wrong Do you know this person” Liu Yan looked at Luo Qingcheng.

Luo Qingcheng nodded slightly and said, “I heard about this awakened who went down from the high level by using the bug, but I dont know him personally.

He is the subordinate of a boss of the black market that we are going to today.

I heard that he had an accident two days ago, so there was a problem with the supply.

Combined with the fact that you have so many yin and yang cards, I started have some doubts.

I didnt expect that you really obtained it from that person.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he immediately asked with some doubts, “If this person wants to live an idle life, he can stay on the resting platform for a short while.

He still has food and drinks.

Why would he use the bug to come to the third level of the Tower”

“Of course, he can live an idle life if he stays on the resting platform, but he cant live a luxurious life.

In fact, this is the case…”

After the explanation of Luo Qingcheng, Liu Yan gradually understood it.

The awakened one, Old Yin Bi was the subordinate of a boss of the black market here.

He used a special method to get to the lower level.

First of all, although his strength was not that great in the upper level, he was already extremely powerful in the third level of the Tower.

It was easy for him to deal with ordinary fierce beasts.

As long as he did not seek death and was surrounded by a large number of fierce beasts, he could almost walk freely in the third level of the Tower.

Thus, he could easily kill a large number of fierce beasts on the third level and continuously obtain yin and yang cards.

Although the probability of a fierce beast dropping yin and yang cards wasnt high, if he could kill tons of them, he would still get a large number of yin and yang cards.

In addition, he could also plunder the yin and yang cards in the hands of the newcomers.

After all, every awakened who reached the third level had a yin or yang card in their hands at the beginning.

In this way, he could get a large number of yin and yang cards on the third level and then bring them to the central resting platform to sell.

However, it was also relatively difficult to use this bug.

In addition, it required a lot of money, so it would take a long time for him to go to other levels in the Tower.

And a few days ago, it was the day that Old Yin Bi returned to the resting platform.

However, they did not expect that after the black market bosss men used a special method to open the teleportation array, there was no sign of Old Yin Bi.

It was very likely that something had happened.

Liu Yan learned everything and nodded slightly, “I didnt expect there to be such a method.

Its really something.”

Luo Qingcheng rolled her eyes at Liu Yan, she said unhappily, “If you sell your yin and yang cards in one go, you will intercept their supply.

In this case, not only did you cut off their supply, but you also seized their market.

If you were to sell this yourself, it would definitely arouse suspicion and you might have become their target.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan also had a look of agreement.

Judging the situation, it was indeed what Luo Qingcheng had described.

If Liu Yan were to take out a large number of yin and yang cards to sell, it would definitely arouse suspicion and might even attacked by the other party.

This was the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform and there were many high-level experts here.

Even though Liu Yan was very confident in his own strength, but he also understood that there was always someone better than him, so he had to be careful in everything.

“Then do you have a way to solve it” Liu Yan looked at Luo Qingcheng again.

“Dont worry.”

Luo Qingcheng said with a relaxed face, “Taking out a large number of yin and yang cards at one time and selling them will arouse suspicion, but I have a lot of connections.

I can sell them separately to a lot of small vendors at a slightly lower price, giving them some profit margin.

Although we will earn a little less and much troublesome this way, we can sell a large number of yin and yang cards quickly.

It will also be much safer and wont attract the attention and suspicion of others.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

Fortunately, he had Luo Qingcheng to help him.

Otherwise, if Liu Yan were to sell the yin and yang cards himself, it would probably cause a lot of trouble.

As for the smaller profits, Liu Yan didnt care at all.

On the third-and-a-half-level of the Tower, Liu Yan wanted to quickly enter the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

He wanted to quickly raise his strength, and then advanced to a higher level.

He didnt want to stay on this third-and-a-half-level central resting platform to earn money and live a rotten life.

For the other awakened, the higher levels of the Tower would be many times more dangerous.

It was a struggle between life and death, and the trial filled with dangers and despair.

However, it was completely different for Liu Yan, who had an SSS-grade talent.

The higher the tower was, the more powerful the fierce beasts and the awakened ones would be.

It meant that Liu Yan would be able to obtain more benefits.

Liu Yan could increase his strength even faster through Divine Extraction.

The true power of the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, had yet to be displayed.

The later the stage, the faster the Divine Extraction helped Liu Yan increase his strength.

The Divine Extraction itself would become more powerful as well.


Liu Yan was extremely looking forward to all of this.

As for danger, it would still exist.

However, Liu Yans current strength had become much stronger than the others of the same level.

Liu Yan believed that as long as he was a little more prudent and careful, he would be able to easily protect himself.


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