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Hearing Luo Qingchengs explanation, Liu Yan frowned slightly.

“In that case, the yin and yang cards are still very important on this third-and-a-half-level.

The awakened ones might find it very difficult to gather the yin and yang cards.” Liu Yan said with a strange expression.

After all, Liu Yan had come up from the third level of the Tower, so he naturally knew that it was extremely difficult to obtain yin and yang cards.

Only by killing a fierce beast on the third level of the Tower would one have a chance of obtaining yin or yang cards.

However, fierce beasts were extremely powerful.

Usually, it required many awakened ones to work together to kill a fierce beast.

The most important thing was that killing a fierce beast only had a chance of dropping yin or yang cards, and the drop rate was relatively low.

Apart from that, the awakened would also have to take the yin and yang cards from the other awakened ones.

No matter which method it was, it was extremely difficult to obtain the yin and yang cards.

It was already extremely difficult to gather enough yin and yang cards needed to pass the third level of the Tower, as well as the class transition.

The awakened ones would have an extremely difficult time gathering the yin and yang cards needed to enter the Lighthouse Academy.

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Luo Qingcheng nodded her head slightly and said with a distressed expression, “Thats right, the yin and yang cards are extremely precious.

I had no choice but to rob all of your properties and wanted to collect the tuition fees.

Before this, I…”

As Luo Qingcheng talked about it, Liu Yan also learned about Luo Qingchengs background.

She had no parents since she was young.

She was raised by an elder sister and was greatly indebted to her.

Her elder sister entered the Tower to gain experience.

However, Luo Qingcheng lost contact with her elder sister at a certain level of the tower.

Her elder sisters fate was unknown.

Naturally, Luo Qingcheng could not sit idly by and do nothing.

She wanted to look for her master and then head to the higher levels of the Tower to look for her sister.

Therefore, she had to enter the Lighthouse Academy.

However, Luo Qingcheng did not have money.

She did not have enough to buy yin and yang cards.

Her own yin and yang cards were also not enough.

She could not afford thetuition fees to enter the Lighthouse Academy.


To enroll in the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy, each person had to pay three yin cards and three yang cards.

The awakened ones would be very lucky if they had one or two more yin and yang cards.

Naturally, it would be extremely difficult for them to pay the tuition fees.

As a result, the price of yin and yang cards had also risen.

The current price of yin and yang cards had reached a sky-high level.

It was not something that ordinary people could afford.

Hence, Luo Qingcheng thought of such a method.

The awakened ones who had just come up from the third level of the Tower did not understand the situation of the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform.

Then, she went to rob their properties.

Luo Qingcheng wanted to rely on this method to collect thetuition fees for entering the Lighthouse Academy.

At this time, Luo Qingcheng had a helpless look on her face, “I have only robbed money.

I will not hurt anyone.

As long as I earn the tuition fees, I will stop.

I will not do this again.

Oh right, I dont think you guys have any yin and yang cards on you, right Why dont you guys join us We can rob together and collect your tuition fees at the same time.

But lets make it clear first, you must collect my tuition fees first and then collect your tuition fees.

First come, first served.

There must be an order.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan suddenly laughed.

This Luo Qingcheng was really funny.

She actually dragged him to join her to rob the awakened ones from the third level.

Liu Yan had enough yin and yang cards, so naturally, he wouldnt do this.

Even if he didnt have them, Liu Yan couldnt be bothered to do so.

With Liu Yans strength, it wasnt difficult for him to get the yin and yang cards.

The simplest thing was to go to the black market to buy the awakened equipment and use the Divine Extraction to raise the grade of the equipment.

Then, he could sell it and make a huge profit.

Liu Yan did not lack money.

As long as he wanted to get it, he could spend time to earn it.

Liu Yan opened his storage ring.

With a wave of his hand, a large number of yin and yang cards appeared on his hand.

There were more than a hundred of them, which were dropped from the Ancient Draconic Croc.

At that time, Liu Yan thought it was useless, so he threw the cards into his storage ring.

Fortunately, he didnt throw them out.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome now.

“I have a lot of yin and yang cards, its impossible for me to join you.” Liu Yan shook his head slightly.

Luo Qingcheng saw the large number of yin and yang cards in Liu Yans hands, and her eyes were wide open.

She had been robbing people for a while, but the current price of yin and yang cards was too high.

She had only managed to get one yin card, and it was still far from the tuition fee.

At this moment, seeing that Liu Yan had so many yin and yang cards, Luo Qingcheng was surprised.

“Why do you have so many yin and yang cards” Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

According to her experience in the third-and-a-half central resting platform, it was already good enough for an awakened who came up from the third level of the tower to have one or two extra yin and yang cards.

It was precisely because there were too few yin and yang cards that their price was so expensive.

At this moment, the few strong men who were punched by Liu Yan into the river climbed up one after another and approached Luo Qingcheng.

Seeing that Liu Yan had so many yin and yang cards in his hands, they were stunned.

If they could get their hands on so many yin and yang cards, they would be rich.

They wouldnt have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives.

In front of the huge temptation, these strong men completely forgot about Liu Yans terrifying skills and rushed towards Liu Yan.

“Quick, take him down!”

“With so many of us, how can we not defeat him”

“With so many yin and yang cards, we are going to be rich!”


Luo Qingcheng saw that her subordinates were going to surround and attack Liu Yan, but her expression changed, and she quickly said, “No!”

Although she did not see Liu Yans skills, just based on Murong Xue and Chu Longs description, and the terrifying speed that Liu Yan displayed just now, Luo Qingcheng was very clear that her subordinates were not a match for Liu Yan.

Liu Yans face turned cold when he saw the few strong men rushing towards him.

They did not use any moves and simply exchanged punches and kicks.

The strong man, who looked extremely strong and was twice the size of Liu Yan, could not withstand a single blow.

After a few punches, the few strong men fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

On the other hand, Liu Yan was completely unharmed.

He did not even look like he had really made a move yet.

These few strong men were not very strong, there was a huge gap between them and Liu Yan.

Luo Qingcheng was also shocked when she saw this scene.

She had guessed that Liu Yans skills were extremely strong, but she did not expect him to be so terrifying.

Luo Qingcheng looked at her subordinates in annoyance and scolded, “Useless things, who asked you to make a move Get out!”

The few strong men immediately left in a sorry state.

Only Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng were left in the room.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan coquettishly and said, “Liu Yan, its been so hard for you in the Tower.

You must want to vent your tension, right Your two girlfriends are definitely not as good as me…”



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