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Luo Qingcheng returned to her room with some disappointment.

On the table in the room, there was a beautiful photo.

Luo Qingcheng looked at the photo and was lost in thought.

She said with a firm tone, “Sister, dont worry.

I will definitely gather enough money for the tuition fees of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

I will definitely go and look for you.

We will definitely meet again!”

This scene was clearly seen by Liu Yan, who was lying on the chair outside.

Through his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, he could see everything clearly.

At this moment, Liu Yan also had a rough idea of the situation.

Luo Qingcheng was not the official guide of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

This place was not a residential area.

Instead, this place was a trap set up by Luo Qingcheng and the others.

Since he had roughly understood the situation, there was no need for Liu Yan to continue his disguise.

At this moment, a few of Luo Qingchengs subordinates came up to Liu Yans side.

“He looks very rich, and his equipment is not bad.

Why does he have so little money on him”

“What bad luck.

I almost want to throw this kid into the river.”

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A few of them were discussing with dissatisfaction.

At this moment, Liu Yan, who was pretending to be unconscious, had already opened his eyes and stood up with a cold expression.

When the few of them saw that Liu Yan had woken up, they were immediately shocked.

“Whats going on How did you wake up”

“It cant be.

That knockout drug is so strong.

At least youll wake up tomorrow.”

“Kid, whats going on with you”

“It doesnt matter.

There are so many of us, we still can subdue him”


Luo Qingchengs subordinates immediately panicked.

They were active in Riversouth Region and couldnt go to the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy in the Rivernorth Region.

Naturally, their strength wasnt that great.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have stayed here.

Liu Yan coldly glanced at them and activated his A-grade skill, Blazing Tyrant Fist.

After a few punches, these people were sent flying by Liu Yan and fell into the still river.

Liu Yan did not pay attention to these small fries and walked towards Luo Qingchengs room.

Luo Qingcheng also heard the noises outside and felt that something was wrong.

She quickly opened the door and was about to check the situation when she bumped into Liu Yan.

“Why are you still awake” Luo Qingcheng was surprised when she saw Liu Yan.

At the same time, Luo Qingcheng also stepped back in fear.

Through the conversation with Murong Xue and Chu Long, the two women did not talk much about Liu Yan.

But from their conversation, the two womens strength was pretty good.

And as their captain, Liu Yans strength must be even stronger.

Murong Xue knew that she was no match for Liu Yan.

She took a glance at the window and immediately wanted to escape.

However, Liu Yans high agility was not something that Luo Qingcheng could compare to.

Currently, Liu Yans agility was close to 4,000 points, extremely terrifying.

Even if he did not use any speed-type skill, his speed was already extremely fast.

With a flash, Liu Yan appeared in front of Luo Qingcheng, blocking her retreating path.

Luo Qingcheng saw Liu Yans terrifying speed.

Her face could not help but turn pale as she slowly retreated.

Liu Yan pressed on step by step and in a short while, he had forced Luo Qingcheng into a corner.

Luo Qingcheng had no other way out.

Through the conversation just now, although Liu Yan knew that Luo Qingcheng was trying to rob people, she still had a moral code.

She only robbed people of their money.

She did not harm their lives or did not allow her subordinates to sexually assault women.

Hence, Liu Yans impression of Luo Qingcheng was not so bad.

Therefore, Luo Qingcheng did something wrong, but she did not deserve to die.

She only needed to be punished.

Seeing that there was no way out, Luo Qingcheng suddenly looked at Liu Yan with some embarrassment and said, “Captain Liu, I was wrong.

Can you spare me this time”

Luo Qingcheng knew that she was not a match for Liu Yan at all, so she did not have any thoughts of resisting.

If she resisted, the outcome might be even worse.

Instead of resisting and being punched, it would be better to beg for mercy.

There might be a chance for her to turn the tables.

Liu Yan looked at Luo Qingcheng coldly and said indifferently, “First, explain everything clearly.

If you dare to lie and do any tricks again, dont blame me for being impolite.”

Luo Qingchengs face suddenly turned pale when she heard this.

Then, she slowly explained the cause of the matter.

After listening to Luo Qingchengs story, Liu Yan gradually had a better understanding of the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform.

It turned out that starting from the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform was the last beginners resting platform.

In addition, the development of this platform was more complete.

It had larger territory and was completed with all kinds of facilities.

It had even achieved self-sufficiency and internal circulation.

Therefore, after many awakened ones reached the third-and-a-half-level resting platform, they did not want to continue to try to reach the higher levels of the tower.

After all, the first three levels of the Tower were quite dangerous, but they were only considered as the beginner village.

Only less than ten percent of awakened ones in the Tower managed to reach this place.

The casualty rate was extremely high.

Not to mention the higher levels of the Tower, the higher the difficulty.

The higher levels would be more dangerous.

It would be extremely difficult to survive on the higher levels of the Tower.

Hence, most of the awakened ones who arrived here all wanted to give up climbing the Tower and enjoy life.

Although they wouldnt have much strength, they could at least live a relatively comfortable life, which was actually not bad.

However, the Lighthouse Academy clearly didnt want this to happen.

They pursued the awakened ones to reach the higher levels of the Tower, give birth to more human powerhouse and bring a glimmer of hope to everyone.

Therefore, the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy, which was on the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform, decided to directly use the river as the boundary.

The north side and south side of the Jing River were governed differently.

This was also the current situation on the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform.

South of the Jing River was the Riversouth Region, where all kinds of awakened ones and ordinary residents lived.

There were a large number of residential areas and businesses, forming a relatively well-developed community.

North of the Jing River was the Rivernorth Region, which was the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy.

At the same time, the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy said that if these people wanted to stay idle, they had to do it in their own region.

For the sake of humanity, the Lighthouse Academy had to lead the rest of the awakened ones who had a vision and desire to continue to charge upwards.

As a result, the Riversouth Region became a gathering place for regular people and dispirited awakened ones, while the Rivernorth Region became the upper house of the Lighthouse Academy.

In order to ensure the quality of the students, the upper house also ensured that the people who came would not waste their resources.

They deliberately set a high standard for admission.

Either they had to spend a lot of money, or they had to take out a large number of yin and yang cards.

The awakened ones had already gone all out just to pass the trial on the third level of the Tower.

In addition, they had used up the yin and yang cards through the Mysterious Door on the third level.

The class transition had also used up their yin and yang cards.

The strong awakened ones had extra yin and yang cards so they would be fine.

However, the weaker awakened ones had a difficult time to obtain yin and yang cards.

After using them twice, they were unable to take out extra yin and yang cards.

This also caused the yin and yang cards, which were basically useless after the trial on the third level of the Tower, to become extremely expensive.


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