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In the next two days, Liu Yan and the others were more at ease.

They had enough yin cards and yang cards, and each of them had a powerful class transition.

They had already obtained almost everything that they could obtain from the third level of the Tower.

Even the incomparably powerful Ancient Draconic Croc had been killed by Liu Yan.

Liu Yan thought about his encounters on the third level of the Tower over the past few days.

It could be said that he had gained a lot.

Although the third level of the Tower was extremely dangerous, there were many opportunities.

In these few days, Liu Yan had risen from level 8, who had just entered the third level of Tower, to level 19 now.

His class transition had become a fusion class, Dark Ranger.

He had also obtained a few S-grade weapons.

His overall combat strength had increased by several times.

Apart from that, shadow wolf, Murong Xue, and Chu Long, who had followed Liu Yan, had also greatly increased their strength.

At this point, there was nothing on the third level that could arouse Liu Yans interest anymore.

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Currently, there were only two things on the third level of the Tower that Liu Yan still didnt know.

One was what grade of the Mountain and Sea Chest was, and what use it had.

The other was the golden-armored blue ape.

Even though Liu Yans strength had increased tremendously after the class transition and killing the Ancient Draconic Croc in the past two days.

However, judging from the previous situation, Liu Yan was still not a match for the golden-armored blue ape, who had its seal slightly lifted.

The golden-armored blue ape was too powerful and was not on the same level.

Two days passed in a flash.

When time arrived, the Yin-Yang Reversal occurred.

The entire yin and yang region started to rotate.

The positions of the yin and yang regions started to change.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Mysterious Door, there was a flash of light.

A rumbling sound was heard.

The Mysterious Door was slowly opening.

Liu Yan and the other two had already left the Yang Lake and arrived at the entrance of Mysterious Door.

At this point, the three of them were already prepared.

When they saw the opening of the Mysterious Door, they looked at each other and rushed over.

After this period of training, Liu Yan gradually realized something.

The higher the level of the Tower, there would be more dangers.

Moreover, it would become more difficult and more dangerous than the previous levels.

However, there would also be more opportunities.

Especially for Liu Yan who had SSS grade talent, the stronger the fierce beast and the awakened one, the faster he increased his strength through consumption of corpses.

As for the other awakened ones, the higher their level, the slower they increased their level.

However, it was the complete opposite for Liu Yan.

The higher his levels were, the faster his strength would increase as he advanced.

His rate of improvement on the third level of the Tower was even faster than the rate of improvement on the first and second levels combined.

It could be said that Liu Yan had gained a lot.

As for the higher levels of the Tower, Liu Yan was naturally looking forward to it.

The awakened ones might find it more dangerous and difficult to stay alive.

But to Liu Yan, the higher the Tower was, the more rewards he would get.

Despite there would be more dangers at the higher levels of the Tower, Liu Yan was looking forward to it.

At this moment, Liu Yan and the other two arrived at the entrance of the Mysterious Door.

The entrance of the door was flashing with seven-colored light, and they could not see what was happening behind it.

Murong Xue reminded them, “Principal said that as long as each of us hold a yin card and a yang card, we will be able to pass through the Mysterious Door safely.

We will pass the trial on the third level of the Tower and leave the trial on the third level of the Tower.”

Liu Yan nodded his head slightly and took out the yin card and the yang card respectively.

He passed also them to the two ladies.

At this moment, there was some movement from behind.

The awakened ones had arrived one after another.

Liu Yan looked behind him and took the yin card and the yang card.

He took the lead and entered.

Murong Xue and Chu Long followed closely behind the weather.

A cool feeling came from their bodies, followed by a feeling of dizziness.

When they opened their eyes again, they saw an open space in front of them.

Murong Xue and Chu Long also appeared beside Liu Yan.

The three of them looked up and saw a vast flat land around them.

On both sides were forests, with all kinds of shops, restaurants, and so on.

There was a river in the middle, and on the other side of the river stood all kinds of beautiful European-style academy buildings.

The scene was pleasing to the eye.

“So beautiful.”

Chu Long looked at the scene in front of her and could not help but sigh.

Liu Yan also had the same feeling.

Ever since he entered the Tower, he had seen many beautiful scenes.

But at the same time, they were accompanied by dangers.

And the scene in front of him of humans living peacefully was indeed extremely rare.

At this time, Liu Yan also looked at Murong Xue and asked, “Oh right, arent you from the Murong Family Do you know anything about this third-and-a-half-level central resting platform”

Hearing this, Murong Xue shook her head helplessly and said, “The higher up the Tower, the more secretive the news is.

I dont know anything either.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

It seemed that he could only go and find out by himself.

At this moment, the surrounding empty space was flashing with light.

The awakened ones who had come out from the third level of the Tower were all teleported here.

The awakened ones who had come out from the third level of Tower could not help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw the quiet and peaceful environment around them.

They rested on the spot.

To Liu Yan and the two ladies, they were more powerful than the others.

They could even defeat the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Hence, the third level of the Tower was naturally not that dangerous to them.

However, to the other awakened ones, it was extremely dangerous.

The awakened ones were constantly on the edge of their wits.

If they were not careful, they would lose their lives.

After all, an ordinary fierce beast would require the combined efforts of three awakened ones to defeat.

The number of fierce beasts on the third level of the Tower was far more than the number of awakened ones.

Naturally, it was extremely dangerous.

Even an ordinary fierce beast could threaten their lives at any time, not to mention a powerful and terrifying fierce beast.

The awakened ones all heaved a sigh of relief and discussed as if they had just survived a disaster.

“I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and rest for a while.”

“The third level of the Tower is too dangerous.

My two teammates are gone.

Its too tragic.”

“I can finally rest for a while.”

“You didnt see it just now.

Some people who didnt gather enough yin and yang cards also wanted to pass through Mysterious Door.

However, they were melted.

The scene of them screaming was terrifying.”

“This Tower is too cruel.”

“Haha, this place looks so safe.

Why dont we just stay here and recuperate We dont have to go any higher.”

“I think so too.

So many people were sacrificed on the third level.

If we go any higher, well definitely lose our lives!”


The awakened ones all had this thought.

The trial in the Tower was too dangerous and cruel.

For the third level of the Tower, it would be good if 10% of the participants could pass the trial.

The sacrifices were tragically huge.

And this was only the third level.

It was said that the danger would increase with each level, so they naturally didnt have the courage to continue climbing.


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