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Liu Yan counted the yin and yang cards in his hand.

After the consumption of the three peoples class transition, they kept some yin and yang cards to leave the third floor of the Tower.

Even so, the three of them still had quite a number of yin and yang cards left.

There were close to forty yin cards, and even more yang cards, close to eighty.

Liu Yan, Murong Xue, and Chu Long discussed what the three of them needed, and then decided to start the transaction.

Then, Liu Yan looked at the group of awakened who was resting, and shouted, “The awakened who need yin cards and yang cards, you can trade with us for the materials of similar value!”

Hearing Liu Yans shout, many of the awakened ones looked at Liu Yan curiously.

They had already witnessed Liu Yans strength and knew that Liu Yan was abnormally strong.

Such a powerhouse naturally had a large number of yin and yang cards in his hands.

At this moment, Liu Yan also took out the excess yin and yang cards and placed them on the ground.

The awakened looked surprised when they saw this.

They didnt expect Liu Yan to have so many yin and yang cards.

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They worked hard, but many of them didnt even have one yin and yang cards.

They didnt even meet the requirement to pass the third level of the Tower, let alone getting more yin and yang cards for class transition.

Many people immediately moved closer to Liu Yan.

The awakened ones looked curiously at the large number of yin and yang cards in front of Liu Yan, but they didnt dare to touch them.

Liu Yan didnt have any scruples and directly put the yin and yang cards on the ground.

He was not afraid that his cards would be stolen, because he was extremely confident in his own strength.

Some of the awakened ones did want to steal the cards, but they only thought about it and didnt dare to do it.

They had witnessed Liu Yans terrifying strength with their own eyes.

He was unfathomable and wasnt an existence they could provoke.

If they really stole the yin or yang card in Liu Yans hand, once they were discovered by Liu Yan, they would definitely end up miserably.

A young man looked at the yin and yang cards in front of Liu Yan with interest and hurriedly asked, “Expert, can I use money to buy one of your yang cards You can name the price.”

The young man was also helpless.

His awakened talent was average, and his strength was also relatively average.

Naturally, he did not form a strong team.

It was already very good that he was able to survive until now.

Other than the initial yin card, he had obtained nothing so far.

The most unfortunate thing was that he had encountered a fierce beast, and his teammates were all dead.

Now that he was the only one left, he could not even defeat an ordinary fierce beast.

Naturally, it would be very difficult for him to obtain a yang card.

Liu Yan glanced at the young man indifferently.

In terms of price, Liu Yan and the two girls had already roughly confirmed it.

They could exchange for the outside world currency.

Although in the Tower, federation coins were almost useless and couldnt buy anything.

But after leaving the Tower, federation coins were still very useful.

They could still buy many things in the Towers resting platform

Not to mention leaving the Tower, the use of federation coins was even greater at the outside world.

However, the amount of federation coins needed to exchange for a yang card was naturally not small.

Liu Yan said faintly, “You can use federation coins to exchange.

A hundred million federation coins can be exchanged for one yang card.”

When the young man heard this, he immediately frowned.

A hundred million federation coins was quite a lot.

However, it was fortunate that his wealth was relatively thick, so he could barely take out 100 million federation coins.

Although it pained him, his own life was definitely more important.

The young man nodded in agreement.

After asking Liu Yan for his card number, he immediately transferred the money.

After confirming that he had received the money, Liu Yan immediately tossed a yang card over.

After receiving it, the young mans face immediately lit up with joy.

With this, he had gathered the yin and yang cards, and he would be able to pass the trial on the third level of the Tower and leave the third level alive.

The awakened ones also felt a little envious upon seeing this.

They might not be able to obtain the yin and yang cards even if they risked their lives before, but now they could obtain them through trading.

Although the price was very expensive, it was still worth it.

After all, there were only two ways to obtain the yin and yang cards from other sources.

The awakened ones could either kill the fierce beast or plunder the yin and yang cards from the other awakened ones.

Normally, it required three awakened ones to kill an ordinary fierce beast on the third floor of the Tower.

Moreover, after killing a fierce beast, one would only have a chance to obtain a yin card and a yang card.

But the drop rate was not high, only about 10%.

Generally speaking, one would need to kill ten fierce beasts before they could obtain a yin card or a yang card.

Naturally, it was extremely difficult.


The awakened ones would definitely lose their lives if they were to plunder the other awakened ones.

There was also a great risk.

The awakened had their eyes on the young man who had just traded with Liu Yan.

They didnt dare to rob the yin and yang cards in front of Liu Yan.

The awakened who had just traded with Liu Yan had average strength, so they could definitely rob him.

Liu Yan had seen this scene clearly through his Omniscient Insight.

After sensing this, Liu Yan also faintly said, “Whoever dares to snatch the awakened that I have traded with, they will have to deal with me.

Whoever dares to make a move against him, dont blame me for being rude!”

As soon as Liu Yans words fell, the awakened ones that had originally planned to make a move instantly retracted their steps.

What kind of joke was this With Liu Yans terrifying skill, they didnt dare to provoke him at all.

With Liu Yans strength, even if all the awakened ones attacked Liu Yan together, they might not have a chance at all.

Some of the awakened ones who heard Liu Yans words immediately became excited.

Liu Yans words had assured their protection.

As long as they could take out enough precious resources or federation coins, they could trade with Liu Yan and obtain the yin and yang cards.

Not only could they gather enough yin and yang cards, but they could also enjoy Liu Yans protection.

They would be able to leave the third floor of the Tower safely as long as they stayed close to Liu Yan and ensured that the other awakened ones did not dare to attack them.

Those awakened ones immediately wanted to trade with Liu Yan.

“I have a good piece of equipment here.

Its D-grade.

Can we trade”

“I have some precious herbs here.

I obtained them from a strange cave.

Their level isnt low.

Can you take a look”

“Ill use federation coins to trade as well.

A hundred million federation coins each, right I want to trade three of them!”


The awakened ones swarmed in front of Liu Yan and the other two, fighting to trade.

Liu Yan and the other two also started to check.

If they had enough resources, they would trade.

If they didnt like the materials, they would refuse to trade.

All kinds of materials entered the pockets of Liu Yan and the other two.

They managed to trade off their excessive yin and yang cards.


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