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Murong Xue felt the warmth in front of her, and her body felt much better.

The resentment in her heart towards Liu Yan had also lessened by a lot.

Her expression was finally no longer sullen as she said snappily, “Im fine now.

Go and see whats inside that black chest!”

Although she sounded impatient, he was willing to speak.

It was obvious that he was no longer angry with Liu Yan.

Seeing that he had coaxed Murong Xue, Liu Yan nodded slightly and returned to the front of the black chest to inspect it.

He had been at the bottom of the deep water just now.

He had limited time as well, so he did not look carefully.

At this moment, under the sunlight, Liu Yan realized that this chest was indeed a little unusual.

It was completely black and had some strange patterns on it.

Liu Yan did not recognize the patterns, but there were some strange fierce beasts and even dragons patterns.

It felt very unusual.

The chest was made of strange metal.

It was clearly at the bottom of the deep water, so it should be extremely cold.

However, Liu Yan found that it was warmed to touch, which was really weird.

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However, the chest was not locked.

Liu Yan directly opened it, and inside was a pair of gloves and a bow.

When Liu Yan saw this, his face was filled with surprise.

There was actually a bow!

During the battle with the Ancient Draconic Croc, Liu Yan had a hard time fighting it because he lacked a powerful bow.

Although the Myriad Beast Bow was not weak, it could no longer keep up with Liu Yans strength.

It could not display all of Liu Yans strength.

Just when he needed a good bow, he unexpectedly encountered one.

This bow was completely golden in color, emitting a faint golden light.

It looked extremely extraordinary.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart wristband to check the information.

[ Flying Feather Mystic Bow ]

Grade: A-grade

Effects: Attack 3,000.

No need to draw the bow.

It can condense the arrow itself.

Maximum strength: 10,000

Liu Yan was thrilled when he saw it was an A-grade bow

Currently, the Myriad Beast Bow was only C-grade.

Now that he had obtained an A-grade bow, it had undoubtedly greatly improved Liu Yans long-range attack ability.

The effect of the Flying Feather Mystic Bow was very simple, but Liu Yan was very satisfied with it.

The additional attack of 3,000 was quite a lot, which was nearly half of Liu Yans own attack power.

The fact that the Flying Feather Mystic Bow could condense arrow itself was undoubtedly much more convenient.

For example, the current Liu Yan needed to collect arrows himself.

If he used up all of them, they would be gone.

Under normal circumstances, it would be fine.

But it was still a little bit troublesome.

However, if he was in a long or large-scale battle and needed a large number of arrows, then he would be in a more awkward situation.

The Flying Feather Mystic Bow perfectly solved this problem.

And the most important thing was undoubtedly that the quality of the bow and the quality of the bowstring had increased by a lot.

The upper limit of the bows strength had suddenly increased by a lot.

Currently, the upper limit strength of the Myriad Beast Bow used by Liu Yan was only around 3,000 points.

Previously, Liu Yan could still use it at full strength, but he could not use the Power of Desolation to increase his strength furthermore.

Otherwise, the Myriad Beast Bow would not be able to withstand it.

However, now that Liu Yan had leveled up by 7 levels consecutively, he had also obtained a large number of attribute points from the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Liu Yans strength had reached a terrifying 6,000 points in an instant.

The Myriad Beast Bow was undoubtedly unable to keep up with Liu Yans strength.

This situation could be considered quite special.

Normally, the job class that used bows and arrows would usually have a stronger agility attribute, while their strength attribute would be average.

The awakened with strength and agility attribute like Liu Yan were extremely rare.

Liu Yan had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, which allowed him to continuously obtain large amounts of attributes.

The strength and agility attributes of the current Liu Yan were frighteningly high.

Even his other attributes had already far surpassed the awakened and fierce beast of the same level under the continuous improvement of the Divine Extraction.

The awakened and fierce beast of the same level would not be able to compare to Liu Yan.

Currently, the Flying Feather Mystic Bows maximum strength had reached 10,000 kilograms, which was barely enough for Liu Yan to use.

Liu Yans strength attribute was more than 6,000.

However, if Liu Yan used the Power of Desolation to increase his strength tenfold, he could not hold the Flying Feather Mystic Bow for long.

However, Liu Yan was not worried about this.

After all, he still had the Divine Extraction, which could increase his weapon by another grade.

Following that, Liu Yan quickly used the Divine Extraction on the Flying Feather Mystic Bow.

White light landed on the Flying Feather Mystic Bow, and a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Flying Feather Mystic Bow (A-grade) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow (S-grade) ! ]

Another S-grade weapon!

Liu Yan looked at the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow in front of him.

It didnt change much from the previous Flying Feather Mystic Bow.

Instead, the golden light was more restrained, and it wasnt as obvious.

However, Liu Yan was not worried.

He knew that some weapons were like this.

The higher the grade, the more restrained they were.

Although they looked ordinary on the surface, it did not mean that they were not strong.

Liu Yan quickly looked at it.

[ Flying Cloud Mystic Bow ]

Grade: S-grade

Effect: Attack 7,000.

No need to draw the bow.

It could condense arrows by itself.

Extremely powerful bowstring (maximum strength: 100,000)

Gods effect: Elemental Condensation (able to fuse the power of various elements into an explosive attack)

After the bow reaching S-grade after Divine Extraction, all attributes increased by several folds.

Its attack increased by 7,000 in an instant, almost the same as Liu Yans own attack power.

His upper limit strength also reached 100,000 in an instant.

Even if Liu Yan used the Power of Desolation to increase his strength tenfold, he still did not reach the upper limit.

This also meant that this Flying Cloud Mystic Bow could finally unleash all of Liu Yans strength.

More than 60,000 attack power, and he could draw the bow and shoot arrows at full force.

Even Liu Yan himself did not dare to imagine how terrifying the speed and power of the arrows would be!

And apart from that, this Flying Cloud Mystic Bow actually had a Gods Effect.

It was an S-grade weapon, bit it had a Gods Effect that only an SSS-grade weapon should have.

This time, it also confirmed Liu Yans previous guess.

An ordinary S-grade weapon would not have the Gods Effect.

However, after the Divine Extraction, not only would the weapons grade increase in power, but its power would also be much stronger than a weapon of the same grade.

Furthermore, it would have the Gods Effect even though it was still an S-grade weapon.

After understanding this point, Liu Yans heart was instantly filled with excitement.

This meant that in the future, every time Liu Yan obtained an A-grade weapon or equipment, he would be able to obtain an S-grade weapon or equipment that possessed Gods Effects through Divine Extraction.

An S-grade weapon or equipment that possessed Gods Effect would probably be no weaker than an SS-grade weapon or equipment.

In some cases, because of Gods Effects, it would be even stronger than an SS-grade weapon or equipment.

Just like the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow in front of Liu Yan, the effect was actually Elemental Condensation.

Attribute was different.

It was extremely difficult to fuse them.

However, as long as the fusion was successful, the power would increase exponentially.

Coincidentally, Liu Yan himself had multiple attributes.

Fire attribute, frost attribute, lightning attribute, and wind attribute.

How terrifying would the fused elemental arrow after fusing four attributes be

Even Liu Yan was looking forward to it.

“Looks like I have to find some time to properly test my current combat strength.”

With this S-grade Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, Liu Yan conservatively estimated that his combat strength had increased by more than two times.

Especially when this Elemental Condensation was combined with Liu Yans four attributes, the power would probably be hard to imagine.

It could reach an extremely terrifying realm!


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