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Chapter 105, Black Treasure Chest

At the bottom of Yang Lake.

Liu Yan brought Murong Xue deep into the lake.

His A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, was activated.

Everything within a hundred-meter radius was clearly within Liu Yans perception range.

After sensing for a while, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

There was basically no fierce beast underwater.

At the very least, there wasnt any powerful fierce beast in the area.

However, after deliberating, Liu Yan understood.

The Ancient Draconic Croc was so mighty and was suppressed here.

How would the other weak and ordinary fierce beasts dare to approach

After confirming that there wasnt any other fierce beast nearby and that there was no danger, Liu Yan immediately relaxed and continued to go deeper into the water.

Even though it was currently noon and the sun was shining brightly, it became dimmer as he went deeper.

Liu Yan had Omniscient Insight, so he was clear of everything around him.

Thus, he was not afraid at all.

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Murong Xue, who was next to him, did not have such a powerful perception skill, so she was unclear about everything around her.

To Murong Xue, everything was unknown in the deep water.

She was inexplicably afraid.

Just then, Liu Yan sensed they were about to reach the bottom of the lake.

And in a cave at the bottom of the lake, there seemed to be some treasures.

Their auras were not weak, so their levels should be pretty good.

Liu Yans face was immediately filled with joy, and he hurriedly brought Murong Xue along.

Murong Xue, who was swimming, suddenly felt something touch her body.

The strange touch immediately made Murong Xue think that she had encountered a monster, and she immediately approached Liu Yan in panic.

Liu Yan noticed something amiss and quickly turned around, only to see Murong Xue approaching him in panic.

Liu Yan looked behind Murong Xue and saw nothing but a few weeds.

Liu Yan quickly grabbed Murong Xue and signaled her to calm down.

But she couldnt speak underwater.

Murong Xue still looked fearful.

She wasnt weak, and even if she encountered a fierce beast, with Murong Xues strong vitality, she didnt need to be afraid.

However, because they were now underwater, Murong Xue was afraid for no reason.

She could not think calmly at all.

Liu Yan saw that Murong Xue was still in a state of panic and immediately felt helpless.

There was a limit to how long they could hold their breath underwater.

If this dragged on, Liu Yan and Murong Xue would have to return to the shore to breathe and then come down again to retrieve the treasure.

With no other choice, Liu Yan could only hug Murong Xue tightly, leading her to look back.

Murong Xue only heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that there was nothing behind her but only a few ordinary weeds.

However, Murong Xue immediately felt that something was amiss.

She lowered her head, and Liu Yans hands had also slipped under her clothes.

Liu Yan also realized that something was amiss.

He did not think much about it in his moment of desperation just now.

Only now did he realize something was wrong with the place he touched.

Murong Xue thought that Liu Yan was doing it on purpose.

There wasnt anyone around, so she immediately stretched her hand toward Liu Yans crotch out of fury and embarrassment.

She wasnt the kind of person who would suffer losses.

However, Liu Yans Omniscient Insight was still on, so he had already noticed her movements.

He stretched out one hand and grabbed both of her hands.

Holding her wrists tightly, Murong Xue couldnt move at all.

This girl was really making a fuss.

Liu Yan decided to punish her.

He held Murong Xues hands tightly with one hand and did whatever he wanted with the other.

Just now, Liu Yan was holding Murong Xue.

Right now, Murong Xues entire body was in Liu Yans arms and could not move.

Her hands were held tightly by Liu Yan, and she could not move either.

Murong Xue was instantly annoyed and wanted to break free.

However, Liu Yans strength was already much higher than Murong Xues.

If it were in the past, even though Murong Xues strength was inferior to Liu Yans, she would still be able to struggle for a while.

However, Liu Yan had just finished dealing with the Ancient Draconic Croc and obtained a tremendous amount of strength and vitality attribute points from the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Liu Yans current strength was already far ahead of Murong Xues.

Murong Xue struggled with all her strength.

But to her surprise, she discovered that the strength attribute she was best at was far behind Liu Yans.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not move Liu Yan in the slightest.

Murong Xue was extremely shocked.

When had this fellows strength become so terrifying

Murong Xue was instantly in despair.

She was currently at the bottom of the lake.

No one else could help her, and her strength had been entirely suppressed by Liu Yan.

She was unable to resist Liu Yan at all.

Feeling the reckless act on her chest, Murong Xue felt a wave of embarrassment and anger.

After Liu Yanpunished her a little, he let go of Murong Xue and signaled her to continue to follow him down to retrieve the treasure.

Once Murong Xue was let go, she caught up with Liu Yan to take revenge.

However, after Liu Yan turned around and gave her a cold glance, Murong Xue did not dare to do it anymore.

Murong Xue had just witnessed Liu Yans terrifying strength and knew that she was no match for Liu Yan.

She could only take the loss and obediently follow Liu Yan into the depths of the water.

Not long after, the two of them arrived at the bottom of the lake.

In a small cave, there was a strange metal box.

The box was completely black and looked somewhat ordinary.

It was not even eye-catching.

If it were not for Liu Yans Omniscient Insight, he would not have been able to find the black box at the bottom of the deep lake with just his eyes.

Liu Yan used Omniscient Insight to sense the surroundings.

There was nothing else in the surroundings other than the black box.

He was actually unable to sense anything inside the black box after he attempted to.

So far, Liu Yan had been proficient in using his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight.

He roughly understood that the interior of an ordinary object could be sensed.

Only the interior of an extremely high-level object could not be sensed.

The seemingly ordinary black box before him was very clearly likely to be a treasure.

It seemed that this was the treasure the Ancient Draconic Croc had been guarding.

Liu Yan picked up the black box and brought Murong Xue to the lakes surface.

The two of them had been in the water for some time and also just experienced that short interlude.

Their oxygen was no longer enough, so they could not stay underwater for long.

Seeing that, Murong Xue quickly followed Liu Yan.

Not long after, the surface of Yang Lake rippled.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue brought a black box ashore.

After they went ashore, Murong Xue quickly put on her clothes.

It seemed that she felt aggrieved because of what had happened just now.

After putting on her clothes, she quietly sat to the side.

Seeing Liu Yan and Murong Xue come up, Chu Long quickly went forward.

“Brother Liu Yan, youre back.” Chu Long went forward to help put down the black box.

When she raised her head to look at Murong Xue, Chu Long immediately realized something was wrong.

She confusedly asked, “Sister Murong Xue, why are you blushing Whats wrong”

When Murong Xue heard this, she became more embarrassed and angry.

She didnt say anything and turned her head away, not wanting to see Liu Yan.

Chu Long had a puzzled look when she saw that, not understanding what had happened.

Seeing that, Liu Yan came to Murong Xues side and said with a smile, “Youre all wet, arent you cold Let me help you warm up.”

As he said that, Liu Yan activated his A-grade skill, Flame Control.

A ball of flame appeared beside Murong Xue and warmed her up.


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