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Chapter 104, The Terrifying Attributes Panel


Liu Yan nodded slightly and replied, “Take a short rest, then follow me down.”

Since Liu Yan had already finished extracting the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse, it was no longer of much use to Liu Yan.


However, it was still an SS-grade fierce beast after all, plus it had reached a high level of 50.

The other fierce beasts on level three of the Tower were generally around level 10, with the highest around level 30.

The Ancient Draconic Croc was a super-level existence.

Naturally, he would make good use of its corpse.

Many parts of the Ancient Draconic Crocs body were treasures.

Even though Liu Yan hadnt thought of a way to use it yet, the baseline was the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse could significantly improve the Shadow Wolf.

Liu Yan sensed the Shadow Wolfs intense desire immediately after killing the Ancient Draconic Croc.

The Shadow Wolfs previous talent level was very low, only a D-grade.

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But after devouring powerful fierce beasts corpses twice, it had evolved into an S-grade Ice and Fire Two-headed Wolf.

This time, it could also become stronger or evolve using the Ancient Draconic Croc.

However, there were many other Awakened here, so Liu Yan naturally couldnt release it publicly.

The Shadow Wolf could also be considered Liu Yans trump card, so Liu Yan wanted to hide it.

Although his strength should be very strong, and he wasnt afraid of any other Awakened, Liu Yan still liked to keep a low profile and be cautious.

He felt more secure that way.

Liu Yan planned to wait till later before secretly releasing the Shadow Wolf to devour the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse.

As for the bottom of the Yang Lake, Liu Yan could sense that there seemed to be some treasures underneath through his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

It appeared to be extremely powerful.

However, Liu Yan didnt know what it was exactly.

It should be the treasures that the Ancient Draconic Croc was guarding.

Liu Yan didnt know what the situation was like under the Yang Lake, so he prepared to rest for a while to recover some stamina before going down in case there was any danger.

Although Liu Yan had the upper hand throughout the entire battle with the Ancient Draconic Croc, suppressing the Ancient Draconic Croc, it was still a fierce beast with SS-grade talent, so it was mighty.

Liu Yan had also spent a lot of effort before successfully killing the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Taking advantage of his free time, Liu Yan also checked his harvest.

He had just extracted an S-grade skill from the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse, but he hadnt had the time to check it yet.

Liu Yan currently had a bunch of A-grade skills on him, but for S-grade skills, he only had Sonic Speed which he had obtained from the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

Although the difference between an S-grade skill and an A-grade skill was only one level, the difference was like heaven and earth, having an insurmountable gap.

Every S-grade skill was a mighty and terrifying existence.

Liu Yan was filled with anticipation as he quickly checked it out.


Level: S-grade

Effect: Contains a trace of the dragon bloodline, which will continuously strengthen the hosts vitality.

When activated, it triggers the dragon bloodline, and the host will enter the Dragonification state, displaying a terrifying combat strength!

Liu Yan was extremely surprised when he read the introduction.

It was actually a transformation skill, and it was a transformation skill with the dragon bloodline.

It was a short introduction, but it revealed a terrifying power.

That was the dragon bloodline, an extremely noble and powerful bloodline.

As long as there was a trace of the dragon bloodline, it would be extremely powerful.

Liu Yan was a little curious, inevitably.

What kind of changes would the activation of the Dragonification skill bring him What kind of terrifying strength would it bring It seemed he would have to find a place to properly test it out.

After roughly understanding the effects of the newly acquired skill, Liu Yan was extremely satisfied.

Although he still did not know the exact strength of Dragonification, just based on the two simple words, S-grade and dragon bloodline, Liu Yan believed that Dragonification would not disappoint him!

Following that, Liu Yan rechecked his attributes panel.

He had leveled up seven levels consecutively, plus the tremendous amount of attribute points he had obtained from the Ancient Draconic Croc, that doubled Liu Yans attributes panel.

The increase was too exaggerated.

[Liu Yan]

Level: 19 (1000/9000)

Class: Dark Ranger (second transition)

HP: 1500/1500

MP: 1010/1030

Strength (Attack): 6,789

Vitality (Defense): 7,123

Agility (Speed): 4,456

Spirit (Mana): 1,780

Adaptability (Magic Resistance): 1,350

Luck (Probability): 43

Bow and Arrow: Myriad Beast Bow

Trap: None

Familiar: Ice and Fire Two-headed Wolf

Allocatable Attribute Points: 72

Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade) Frequency: 189/190(restores every hour)

Skill: Omniscient Insight (A-grade), Fog (B-grade), Ultimate Aim (B-grade), Poison Control (B-grade), Traceless Silence (B-grade), Poison Immunity (D-grade), Animal Affinity (B-grade), Flame Control (A-grade), Frost Control (A-grade), Wind Control (C-grade), Blazing Tyrant Fist (S-grade), Robbery (B-grade), Split (A-grade), Track (A-grade), Electrification (A-grade), Power of Desolation (B-grade), Counterattack Storm (A-grade), Sonic Speed (S-grade), Shadow Cloak (A-grade), Traceless Silence (B-grade), Backstab (C-grade), Dragonification (S-grade)

Items: Soft Blade Boxing Gloves (A-grade), Blade of The Night (S-grade), Myriad Beast Bow (C-grade), Wind Rider Set (D-grade), Elementary Storage Ring (B-grade)

After looking at his exaggerated attributes panel, Liu Yan was extremely satisfied.

Originally, Liu Yans agility attribute was the highest, and he was best at speed.

However, with the large amount of strength, vitality, and adaptability attribute points provided by the Ancient Draconic Croc, Liu Yans strength and vitality instantly far surpassed his agility and other attributes.

This was especially so for his vitality attribute, which had directly increased by 7,000 points.

It was indeed an exaggeration.

In terms of skill, Liu Yan was already very well-rounded.

However, after the battle with the Ancient Draconic Croc, Liu Yan also realized that although some of the skills were not high-level, they could provide him with a lot of help when combined.

Take the Backstab skill for example.

Even though it was only C-grade, when combined with the powerful S-grade weapon, Blade of the Night, and Liu Yans incomparably terrifying Dark Ranger classs Critical Strike effect, Backstab became an extremely powerful godly skill.

It seemed like he had to collect more skills in the future to improve his overall combat strength.

In terms of equipment, with the Blade of The Night, Liu Yans strength suddenly increased significantly.

The only weakness was that the level of the defensive equipment was relatively low.

However, Liu Yans terrifying defensive strength could compensate for that weakness.

Presently, Liu Yan had many opportunities to exchange for some high-level equipment.

However, those C-grade or B-grade defensive equipments defensive strength was inferior to Liu Yans.

So, Liu Yan didnt care about them and could not be bothered to exchange for them.

He would need a piece of equipment that was, at the very least, A-grade or above.

Currently, Liu Yan was only interested in those.

Liu Yan was almost rested by the time he finished checking his gains this round.

Although Liu Yan had just used up quite a lot of stamina, with his terrifying attributes, it would only take him a few minutes to recover his stamina.

Liu Yan stood up, looked at Murong Xue and said, “Alright, Im well-rested.

Prepare to go into the water with me.”


Upon hearing this, Murong Xue stood up and took off her outer clothes, revealing the clothes underneath.

Although relatively well-covered, the clothes underneath still could not cover Murong Xues voluptuous figure since she had an excellent figure to begin with.

She was really voluptuous…

Liu Yan sighed in his heart, then brought Murong Xue into the water.


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