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Chapter 103, Fear

Liu Yan was overjoyed.

He quickly checked his other gains.

Although the EXP gain was huge, that was only a small part.

There were many other gains as well.

First was the tremendous amount of attribute points.

Liu Yan could clearly feel that his vitality had become much stronger.

It had reached an extremely exaggerated level.

Those ordinary bows, arrows, and low-level weapons couldnt even pierce through Liu Yans skin now.

Although Liu Yan hadnt achieved the level of the Ancient Draconic Crocs heavy armor, his vitality was already highly astonishing.

In addition, his strength had also received an enormous increase.

It was doubled.

After all, it was a level 50 fierce beast with an SS-grade talent.

The number of attribute points that Liu Yan attained from Divine Extraction was simply too much.

To Liu Yan, who was over level 10, it was not an exaggeration to say that those three attributes points had doubled.

At that moment, Chu Long and Murong Xue, who were watching from afar, had a look of surprise on their faces.

They had not expected that Liu Yan would be able to deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc in such a short period.

One after another, they approached him.

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“Brother Liu Yan, are you hurt” Chu Long asked with concern.

However, Chu Long did not find any wounds on Liu Yans body after examining Liu Yan from top to bottom.

There was nowhere to be treated.

Murong Xue also looked at Liu Yan with a face full of surprise and disbelief.

Such a powerful Ancient Draconic Croc was actually killed by Liu Yan alone.

And judging from Liu Yans appearance, he did not seem injured.

He only appeared to be a little tired and sweating.

Other Awakened ones only knew that the Ancient Draconic Croc was a mighty fierce beast that could kill dozens of them instantly.

However, they did not know exactly how powerful it was.

Murong Xue, on the other hand, knew a little about it.

Before she entered level three of the Tower, she had heard about it from the elders in her family.

From level three of the Tower onwards, some fierce beasts would be suppressed there.

Most of those fierce beasts had either offended other terrifying fierce beasts or committed some mistakes, causing the public to be angry, and thus, they were suppressed there.

While being suppressed, they were also guarding some important treasures and carrying out important missions.

And even though those terrifying fierce beasts were suppressed, and their strength was greatly restricted, they were existences that far surpassed the fierce beasts of the same level.

The Awakened simply couldnt provoke them.

Simply put, those fierce beasts did not belong to the monsters on the map.

They were existences that completely surpassed the level.

Without a doubt, the Ancient Draconic Croc in front of them was like that.

Its strength was not something that the Awakened on level three of the Tower could provoke.

They were not on the same level at all.

But now, Liu Yan had single-handedly defeated that Ancient Draconic Croc, which was of a higher level.

It was truly shocking.

Murong Xue was secretly shocked.

According to the elders in the family, only when a particular batch of Awakened had many geniuses who were extremely powerful would the whole level of Awakened have a chance of defeating that type of fierce beast.

But the hope was still extremely slim.

Murong Xue wondered what her family would think if they knew that Liu Yan had single-handedly taken care of that type of fierce beast.

At that moment, the Awakened in the distance saw that the battle had ended, and their faces were filled with shock.

Although they had already witnessed Liu Yans terrifying strength and how he did not seem to be injured when he took the Ancient Draconic Crocs attack head-on, they had never thought that Liu Yan would actually be able to defeat the Ancient Draconic Croc.

It had only taken him one hour.

“This is too powerful.

Why does it feel like Liu Yan can defeat this Ancient Draconic Croc more easily than I can defeat an ordinary fierce beast”

“Yesterday, I saw the Ancient Draconic Crocs attack.

It killed more than ten of us in a single strike.

Its too terrifying.”

“Thats right.

When we faced this Ancient Draconic Croc, we didnt even have the strength to resist.”

“As expected of the monstrous Awakened who broke the Federations record.

Its truly terrifying!”

“If I had Liu Yan, no, one-tenth of Liu Yans strength, I feel like I would be able to wake up laughing in my dreams!”


The Awakened ones were discussing in shock as they slowly approached, wanting to see the appearance of the Ancient Draconic Croc that had fallen.

However, they did not dare to approach it.

Even if the Ancient Draconic Croc was dead, they still did not dare to face it or approach it.

In addition, they were extremely afraid of Liu Yan and didnt dare to approach him.

After all, if Liu Yan could deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc so easily, wouldnt it be easier to deal with them

They feared that Liu Yan would snatch the Yin and Yang cards in their hands or even kill them.

After all, Liu Yan could do so.

Those Awakened ones who had previously attacked Liu Yan didnt dare to face Liu Yan.

Liu Yan glanced at those Awakened, but he was not interested.

If it was before, Liu Yan would have taken their Yin and Yang cards.

That way, Liu Yan and his teammates could obtain more Yin and Yang cards, allowing them to transit to a stronger class.

However, Liu Yan had already obtained many Yin cards from Scarface and the others in the Yang region.

Plus, they also obtained many Yin and Yang cards from Old Yin Bi, who came from the upper level last night.

Liu Yan and his team had too many Yin cards and Yang cards.

After the three of them completed their class transitions and consumed a large number of Yin and Yang cards, they still had a large number of Yin and Yang cards.

Currently, the Yin and Yang cards were completely superfluous to Liu Yan and his team.

Liu Yan naturally did not have any thoughts of attacking those Awakened.

Liu Yan looked at those Awakened again and said indifferently, “If you dont provoke me, I wont attack you.

This place belongs to us.

Dont go near the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse and the Yang Lake.”

The Awakened didnt feel any revulsion when they heard his commanding tone.

Instead, they heaved a sigh of relief.

They felt much more relaxed when they heard Liu Yan say that he wouldnt attack them.

After all, if Liu Yan chose to attack, although they had many people, they might not be a match for Liu Yan alone.

Liu Yans strength was simply too terrifying.

The Awakened then rested a little further away from Liu Yan and the others.

It was daytime now.

Fierce beasts were rampant in the Yang region, and the number was huge.

The Awakened could only hide as it was tough to face many fierce beasts head-on.

On the other hand, because of the Ancient Draconic Crocs aura and the terrifying aura that Liu Yan and the Ancient Draconic Croc had released just now during the battle, the ordinary fierce beasts didnt dare to come close.

Instead, there was not a single fierce beast near the Yang Lake.

Those ordinary fierce beasts circled from a distance, making the place extremely safe.

Liu Yan glanced at the many Awakened hiding in the distance and did not pay much attention to them.

He then looked at Murong Xue and Chu Long and said, “One of you will stay here and guard the Ancient Draconic Crocs corpse.

The other one will have to go underwater with me later.

There are some things that need to be retrieved together.”

Chu Long and Murong Xue looked at each other when they heard this.

Chu Long immediately said with a troubled expression, “Im not very good at swimming.”

Murong Xue walked out directly and said, “Ill go down with you.”


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