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955 Evidence

All of a sudden, the heated discussion about Fang Heng increased rapidly.

Some players felt that there was something wrong with Fang Hengs brain.

He was just lucky enough to get the Vampire Kings coffin.

After that, he became so arrogant that he didnt know his capabilities.

Didnt he understand the principle of “quit while youre ahead”

To think he was so greedy that he wanted to control the worlds of the vampires Wasnt he afraid of being beaten to death by the major forces

Wasnt it good to develop in secret

In contrast, a small number of players expressed that the people who said that didnt know **.

How could someone who could snatch the vampire Kings coffin from the hands of so many forces be an idiot

Fang Heng was a double World Lord from the Zombie Apocalypse, to begin with.

He clearly had the strength and absolute confidence in his own strength.

With controversy came heated discussions.

For a time, information about Fang Hengs background, identity, and others was dug up.

The two sides of the dispute were divided into those who believed in Fang Hengs strength and were on his side and those who didnt think highly of Fang Heng on grounds that he was greedy and arrogant.

In addition, there were also those instigating in the middle.

For a time, the busybody masses were quarreling on the forum as if they had been injected with adrenaline.

No one expected that after more than 20 minutes of discussion, an eye-catching headline would once again make the two words “Fang Heng” extremely popular.

“The Demon Kings descent Vampire District 8 surrenders unconditionally!”

boxn ovel.


The title was very eye-catching.

When one clicked on it, one would find that it was also a video.

In short, the vampires Elders Council of District 8 had announced that they recognized Fang Hengs title as the vampire King!

They were even willing to join Fang Hengs forces and pledge their loyalty to him!

This was a little too much of a fantasy…

The vampires in District 8 had joined Fang Hengs force.

Did that mean that the Vampire Apocalypse District 8 was already under Fang Hengs control

The onlookers, who had been on Fang Hengs side during the quarrel, were instantly excited.

See! They said that he was domineering! He had the strength! Didnt District 8 surrender with no conditions

If theres a first, there will be a second.

Just wait and see!

The players who thought that Fang Heng was arrogant and greedy were also stunned when they got the news.

They thought to themselves that this was really strange.

Why did District 8 surrender Since when were the vampires so cowardly

Of course, the onlookers were not willing to admit defeat so easily.

They were stubborn and said, “Just you wait.

This is just the beginning.

The game had only just begun, okay The big guilds havent even made a move yet, so why are all of you so anxious”

At the Federations temporary camp, the Necromancer Association.

A Federation soldier was reporting the latest situation to Qiu Hai.

“The blood crystal in District 4 is in preparation.

The price of the blood crystal in District 7 has been settled.

It is estimated that it will be ready for teleportation in three hours.

In addition, after Fang Hengs team stopped the operation of the magic array, the concentration of the aura of the death realm stabilized for 30 minutes before beginning to slowly increase again.”

“Hmm,” Qiu Hai replied.

“Sir!” A Federation soldier hurriedly entered the room and handed over the report with both hands, “Just now, some important news was released on the world of vampires page on the game forum.

A special mission in the world of vampires has been triggered, and the one who triggered it is Fang Heng.”

Fang Heng

Qiu Hai was stunned and immediately took the report from his subordinate.

After scanning through the information, Qiu Hais brows furrowed.

A fight for the position of Territory Lord among the vampires

Fang Heng had announced his identity as the successor of the Vampire King to the public in the game and was summoning the loyalty of all major worlds of the vampires!

Qiu Hai was dumbfounded.

What was this

Could it be… Was Fang Heng doing this to get the blood crystals from the worlds of the vampires

As he continued to read, Qiu Hai rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Huh District 8 had already announced that they recognized Fang Heng as the Vampire King

He did it Did the vampires really surrender

How did he do it Was it premeditated

Qiu Hai was like most ordinary players such that they had greatly underestimated the effects of the vampires curse on the vampires.

The idea that only the Vampire King could remove the curse in their blood was deeply rooted in the hearts of many vampires.

In addition, the strength of District 8 had been greatly reduced when they invaded the real world.

Their Prince was dead, and so was their Duke.

Even more than half of their Marquises were dead! Those who returned were all injured.

Yet, the Holy Court and the demon-hunting forces in District 8 were still around!

Taking advantage of the fact that the vampires strength had been weakened to the lowest point in history, the Holy Court and demon-hunting forces naturally began to stir up trouble under the instigation of the players from all sides.

When the Elders Council of District 8 came back to its senses, it found that it didnt get any benefits from the invasion of the real world.

Instead, it almost killed itself!

After receiving the news released by Fang Heng, the Elders Council and the remaining vampire Dukes gathered to figure out what to do.

Unknowingly, the vampires had almost reached a life-and-death situation.

It would be a great humiliation if they were accidentally destroyed by the Holy Court.

The most annoying ones were the vampires from District 1.

In the past, they had tried all sorts of ways to trick them into joining the real-world battlefield.

Now that they were in trouble, District 1 didnt even let out a fart when they asked them for help!

How about…

Should they be more thick-skinned and surrender to Fang Heng, the foreign aid

Wasnt he the successor of the Vampire King

Didnt he claim to lead them to glory

After surrendering, he wouldnt just leave them in the lurch, right

After all, surrendering was better than dying at the hands of the Holy Court, right

Surrendering to Fang Heng would at most make them lose a bit of face.

If they didnt, they would lose both their face and their lives!

After some deliberation and weighing the gains and losses, more than 80% of the vampire elders agreed to surrender after the final vote.

In the real world, Western Federation.

In an underground cave, Jian Muzhi supported himself against the wall and walked forward step by step.

It was as if every step took a great deal of effort.

His palm left a row of deep palm prints on the rock wall.

“Crack…” The automatic door on the rock wall in front of them opened, and a melodious electronic female voice sounded.

“Welcome back, Mr.


The biochemical repair machine is currently in good condition.

You have 20 unread emails.”

Jian Muzhis breathing had become extremely heavy in just a few steps.

He took a deep breath and said, “Load repair program No.


“Command received.

Loading pre-determined repair program.”

Jian Muzhi dragged his heavy body into the room.

Seeing the cultivation pod in the room, Jian Muzhis heart relaxed.

He held on and walked to the biochemical repair cultivation pod in the center of the room and sat down.

Then, he leaned against the cabin and took deep breaths as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“The pre-programmed procedure has been loaded.

Please complete the injection of test subject No.

28s solution.

This solution has not undergone safety testing.

Please confirm the disclaimer.

First, this product is in development…”

“Shut up!”

“Highest level of authority confirmed.”

“Crack, crack, crack…”

On the command station next to the cultivation pod, a tube of light blue potion rose from the mechanical control panel.

Jian Muzhi took a deep breath and waited for his strength to recover a little.

Then, he picked up the syringe containing the blue solution on the command station and injected it into his thigh.

Following this, Jian Muzhis face revealed a relaxed expression.


The auto door opened again.

Jian Muzhi, who had his back against the cultivation pod, sat up straight and looked up at the person who had come.

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