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“According to Pu Shis judgment, he believes that the remaining player teams are still not clean.

He will think of a way to catch therat.”

President Wayne thought for a moment, then he raised his head and asked, “Have you checked the true identities of the intruders”

“The Federation is currently conducting an investigation.

It will take some time for the results to come back.

Since the intruders were able to hide within us for so long, Im afraid it wont be so easy to find clues.”

A vice president of the association revealed a displeased expression.

“Two days ago, someone made some minor adjustments to the seal.

Did Pu Shi not discover anything at all Whats going on”

“Dont get angry.

It has nothing to do with Pu Shi.

Hundreds of years of peace have caused us to slowly relax our vigilance.

We are all responsible.” President Wayne raised his hand to stop him.

“No matter who it is, disturbing the peace of the dead is the greatest blasphemy.

His soul will never be able to rest in peace.”

“Fortunately, the death realm crevice is still under control.

We still have time to recover.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Dickey was burning with anxiety.

He could not sit still.

It was fine if the seal on the crack in the world of death was destroyed.

It did not matter if this world was destroyed.

After all, to the necromancer, death was true peace.

But why did it have to involve his favorite student

If he had known that something like this would happen, he wouldnt have agreed to let Fang Heng go to the fallen corridor even if a knife was pointed at him.

Dickey was now very clear that at this stage, the outside world had no way to save Fang Heng.

He could only rely on himself!

“President, with Pu Shis ability, he should be able to complete the repair of the damaged seal.”

“But what Im worried about is that this incident happened too suddenly.

The fallen corridor is completely sealed off, and the members trapped inside dont have any supplies.

In addition, the Shrine of Bones has been triggered maliciously, and the ancient vengeful spirits have revived.

If this drags on for a long time, the combat strength of the players trapped inside the corridor will be greatly reduced.”

Indeed, the most troublesome problem was the replenishment of materials.

The trapped players lacked holy water to dispel the curse.

If they were careless and were injured, the curses effects would accumulate to a terrifying degree.

There were also soul candles, food, water sources…

The lack of materials was a great test for the entire team.

Facing all sorts of unfavorable conditions, how long could they last

“We have to prepare for the worst.

Once the seal of the death realm crevice is completely destroyed and Tier 4 creatures escape, there will be a huge disturbance in the Eastern region.

We need to set up a control beforehand and completely seal off the surrounding cities.”

A vice president from the Federation frowned and suggested, “Vice presidents, a large-scale migration of people will cause a huge disturbance in the Eastern region.

Do we have any other methods We…”

As the few of them were discussing, a necromancy attendant hurried in and whispered into Waynes ear.

“Are you sure”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Waynes brows were tightly knitted together and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

He nodded at the attendant.

The necromancy attendant turned to look at the crowd and said, “Dear President and vice-presidents, weve just investigated a very strange matter.”

“According to the necromancy attendants guarding the fallen hall, senior member of the Necromancer Association, Fang Heng, has brought a large number of resources into the fallen hall over the past two days, including a large amount of holy water, the Books of the Dead, soul candles, and other battle materials, as well as compressed biscuits, tents, quilts, and other survival materials…”


Hearing this, everyone in the room suddenly had strange expressions on their faces.

What was going on

Bringing survival materials into the fallen corridor in advance, what was he trying to do

Was he trying to build a base camp in the fallen corridor

Why did it seem like Fang Heng knew in advance what bad things would happen in the fallen corridor

A strange thought appeared in everyones mind at the same time.

It couldnt be

Could it be that Fang Heng was the mastermind behind this

Thinking through it carefully, the nameFang Heng seemed a little familiar.

“Fang Heng”

Everyones gaze shifted to Dickey.

“Thats right, Fang Heng is my student.”

After the initial shock, Dickey stroked his white beard.

His face was not red nor was he embarrassed.

He looked at the crowd calmly.

He was even a little proud.

“My students personality is as steady as mine.

He likes to have a few more tricks up his sleeve when encountering a situation.

He plans before acting, so he prepared some survival materials in advance.

Why Is there a problem with having a few tricks up his sleeve Isnt this helping the team”

“Or are you suspecting that I have a problem too”

Hearing Dickeys reply, everyone was momentarily at a loss for words.


Dickey naturally wouldnt have a problem.

Since Dickey had given his all to guarantee, then Fang Heng wouldnt have a problem either.


This was too strange!

Fang Heng blended in with the team and followed Dong Jiachen all the way back to the camp.

Along the way, they encountered a few high-tier soul bodies, which were all chased away by Dong Jiachen using a special tool that he had prepared beforehand.

When they returned to the camp, the players who had stayed on guard came up to ask about the situation.

Dong Jiachen gave a general account of what they had encountered in the central region.

The players had different expressions as they discussed in hushed tones.

When everyone was done discussing, Fang Heng clapped his hands to draw everyones attention back.

“Its just as Dong Jiachen said.

Right now, the central region is perilous.

The lowest-tier ones are all high-tier soul bodies.”

“At this stage, we cant help out or leave the fallen corridor.

So, everyone, if you still want to continue working, please follow me.

Well calculate the remuneration as usual.

If you dont want to start working, you can also go to the camp to rest.

Well provide food and accommodation.”

Huh Was he crazy

Or was he joking

At this time, he still wanted to scam the workers to earn more money

Tan Shuo looked at Fang Hengs serious face and it didnt seem that he had the slightest intention of joking.

He was speechless for a moment.

God really had a big heart.

The players also looked at each other.

They didnt expect it.

At this time, the boss still wanted to start work

But thinking carefully, what could they do now

As a group of beginners, it was already the greatest help if they didnt cause trouble for Teacher Pu Shis side.

Rather than staying here and wasting time, they might as well work and earn some pocket money.

Since they were idle anyway.

They could only admit their bad luck if they were trapped here.

It was just a coincidence.

After thinking it through, many players chose to continue working.

They started to light the soul candles again and spread out to search for souls wandering in the corridor.

“Impressive! The boss still has some ideas.

Being trapped here can persuade them to continue working to earn money.”

Seeing the players start working, Li Shaoqiangs entire person became full of spirit.

Tan Shuo silently glanced at the excited Li Shaoqiang by the side and was filled with helplessness.

They could still roll it up in such a situation


After working for more than half a day to look for and lure soul bodies, the players set up tents one by one in the reserved open space.

They arranged for the people on duty every night to prepare to rest after that.

They stayed inside the fallen corridor.

Other than the soul candle, there was no other lighting equipment.

The players could only rely on their phones without the internet to confirm the time.

Fang Heng had also spent more than half a day with the souls.

He was pushing a truckload of the Books of the Dead back to the tent.

He was ready to bring them back to the game while no one was paying attention.

Li Shaoqiang hurried over from afar.

“Fang Heng, I was looking for you.

Theres a small problem with the money plan.”


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