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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 30 - Crushing The Harada Family

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Kenji had tried his hardest to suppress the news about his son, but that proved too difficult as it had already spread too deep. Even after he stopped the local news from talking about it, the information on the internet remained and continuously spread like some kind of disease. He had tried to remove every mention of it, but he could not find where the information started coming from. Not only that it was just generally hard to remove information on the internet, it would seem that there was some truth in the saying once posted on the internet it will remain there.

"Kenji what are we going to do" Sara asked looking a bit worried about the situation at hand.

"Tsk, we have no choice, we need to evacuate Itsuki to the Soira Empire. He just needs to stay there until this whole thing dies down. I need to make immediate preparations, but first, before I can do all that we need to bring him back home." As Kenji stood up and was about to give an order, one of his men entered the room.

"Boss, a bunch of media people are now downstairs, the local news, some random bloggers, and random bystanders are down there wanting to get your statement. Also, one of our moles in the police station is saying that two police officers are coming with a warrant of arrest."

"What the f*ck are we paying that police commissioner for! Get some of the boys to create a distraction downstairs. Once you get the media people away, we will bring back my son to the villa."

"Alright boss."

After ordering his goons, Kenji called the police commissioner. Once the police commissioner picked up the phone, he spoke in a rather respectful tone.

"Sir Kenji, to what do I owe the pleasure."

"You should know why I'm calling! Why is one of your people coming to arrest my son!"

"Wait, Sir Kenji, I think there's some kind of misunderstanding here."

"What kind of misunderstanding can there be! Some of your f*cking men are coming here, and they even have a warrant of arrest!"

"Just wait a moment Sir Kenji, I'll find out what's happening." The Police Commissioner then called for a lieutenant and asked about anyone who was dealing with the Harada Itsuki case.

"The moment Detective Watanabe saw the news she bolted out of the room saying that she was going to talk to the Harada family."

"Did she get a warrant"

"Of course not."

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Once the Police Commissioner got his answer he relayed the information to Kenji.

"What the f*ck you can't even control one of your people! Make her stop and get her out of my way!"

"I will try my best."

"I don't want your f*cking best I want results!" Kenji hanged up the phone.


Matsuri was driving like crazy when her partner John's phone started ringing. John picked up the phone and even though it was not on loudspeaker Matsuri could hear the voice of the shouting Police Commissioner.

"You two should come back to the station at once, this is an order!" Before John could answer Matsuri took the phone from him.

"What did you say Comish I can't hear you, don't worry I'm doing my JOB and we're about to apprehend a perp. Sorry, Comish the line seems to be dicey, I'll call you back later. Oh right, John and I forgot to bring our radios so you might not be able to contact us for a while." Matsuri then hanged up the phone, but immediately after the Police Commissioner started calling again, but this time before John could pick up Matsuri spoke.

"Just silence your phone. The Comish is just going to keep on complaining." Hearing what Matsuri said made John sigh in resignation.

"The Chief isn't going to like this."

"Don't worry I'll take the heat for you. What matters now is to catch that brat from the Harada Family. This could be our only chance to take down even a single member of the Harada family. An evil that is operating in plain sight. Even though it's just right there, even though I feel like I can just stretch my arms to reach it, but I cannot touch it, is so very irritating. Now that I have a chance to catch them of course I'm going!" Matsuri said with a passion as she drove even faster.



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