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“Bang! Bang!”

“Bang! Bang!”

The two hearts beat rhythmically.

Shen Ran felt a steady stream of power surging into his limbs and bones.

The blood in every vein was trembling violently.

Purple auras instantly filled Shen Rans muscles and bones, constantly tempering them, emitting golden and purple lights that were abnormally dazzling.

A moment later, the aura subsided slightly.

Shen Ran also sensed that he was very different at this moment, as if he had obtained a new body.

His soul had also been strengthened and reconstructed, and he was full of divine power.

The more than 300 Supreme Bones in his body quickly absorbed the spiritual energy in the white jade, and runes vaguely appeared on them.

This white jade unexpectedly has such an effect Shen Ran was pleasantly surprised and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He could clearly feel the endless energy contained in every Supreme Bone in his body surging towards his Divine Sea, converging to produce ten thousand resplendent divine rays.

His body was even sturdier, his muscles were knotted, and his bones were incomparably tough.

He already possessed the ability to accommodate everything in the world.

No matter what cultivation technique it was, he would transform it for his own use.

As the saying went, everything became one.

Since the white jade had already been absorbed, the sealed demonic body naturally could not be awakened.

A glint of bright light flashed across Shen Rans eyes.

Then he quickly left the extreme north and flew towards the miasma forest once more.

A moment later, Shen Ran re-entered the miasma.

He found the stone altar again and went to the first underground palace with ease.

“Ye Bufan, get out!” Shen Ran shouted sternly.

An extremely cold aura instantly swooped down on him, and then a mass of blue soul gradually condensed.

Ye Bufan saw that Shen Rans expression was not right and was slightly stunned.

He still said gently, “Little Brother, youre back so soon”

Shen Ran looked at the kind old man in front of him and smiled mockingly.

“Ive already absorbed that white jade.

Im afraid you cant have the demon body you wanted.”

Ye Bufans pupils suddenly constricted as he glared at Shen Ran in disbelief.

A terrifying pressure erupted from his body.


Ye Bufans techniques changed, and he quickly formed a seal, wanting to summon that white jade.

As expected, he lost contact with that white jade.

Ye Bufans cold eyes stared fixedly at Shen Ran, and his expression changed drastically.

“How is that possible What did you do with this white jade! What exactly did you do”

Ye Bufan stared at Shen Ran in disbelief, his brows furrowed, and his expression was filled with doubt.

This white jade was formed from his indestructible heart.

No one else could activate it, let alone control it.

This was also the reason why Ye Bufan dared to hand the white jade to Shen Ran.

But now… the white jade did not react at all.

It did not listen to his summons at all.

“!!!” Ye Bufans eyes trembled, and his face was filled with anger as he questioned again, “What exactly did you do!”

The corners of Shen Rans mouth curled up slightly, and a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

Then his entire body trembled.


A purple flame emitted from Shen Rans body.

This purple flame was the Demon Heart Flame.

Its evil spirit had already been eliminated by Shen Ran, revealing a purer purple flame.

This purple flame was not harmful to the body, but it specialized in subduing the soul.

Ye Bufans pupils trembled, and he looked at Shen Ran with a hint of fear.

He was indignant and laughed in anger.

His expression gradually became ferocious.


He had thought that he could make good use of this small disciple of the Empyrean Sword Sect, but he did not expect to be schemed against.

He had been trapped for tens of thousands of years.

He was indignant!

Shen Rans expression was cold.

A cluster of purple flames kept jumping in his palm, condensing into a lotus flower.

The terrifying temperature of the flames made the underground palace begin to distort crazily.

“Go to hell.”

Shen Rans palm power burst into purple lotus flame which rushed towards Ye Bufan.

The moment the huge lotus burst into flames, it was like a wave of fire that instantly annihilated the entire underground palace.

Endless screams sounded, like the abyss of hell.

Shen Ran turned around and left, returning to the forest.

He looked coldly at the entrance to the underground palace without any sympathy.

He was a heinous person in this underground palace to begin with, but he did not repent at all.

He even wanted to cause trouble.

So what if he was killed

Only when all the souls in the underground palace were burned to ashes and the miasma in the forest quickly dissipated did Shen Ran leave.

On the other side, Chen Beixuan, who was resentful towards Shen Ran, was searching for the Rose Forbidden Land based on his memories from his previous life.

The Rose Forbidden Land was the most special forbidden area in this mystic realm.

There was an array formation surrounding them.

Ordinary people were easily bewitched by the illusory realm outside the array formation and were swallowed by the man-eating roses outside the array formation.

However, as long as he successfully passed the illusory realm and opened the array formation, he could enter the depths of the forbidden area.

This place was filled with spiritual herbs and poison.

It was enveloped in a dense aura and was filled with spiritual energy.

Chen Beixuan found a patch of scarlet man-eating roses and found the forbidden area.

“Right here.” Chen Beixuan was overjoyed and quickly entered the illusory realm.

In front of him, a few exquisite women in red slowly approached.

Their clothes gradually widened, revealing their faintly discernible fair skin and bewitching, charming smiles.


“Come on, Young Master Chen.”

“Come quickly.”

Chen Beixuans expression changed slightly as he composed himself.

Suddenly, the woman in red in front of him transformed into Liu Nanzhi.

Her figure swayed, and her eyes filled with endless love.

She looked at Chen Beixuan with a shy expression.

“Nanzhi…” Chen Beixuans eyes trembled, and his entire body involuntarily became hot.

But he quickly thought of something.

Anger shot out of his eyes.

He opened his scabbard and a sharp light appeared.


Since the woman in front of him had been killed, the Illusory Realm was naturally broken.

He had been reborn.

A mere illusion was not able to disturb his mind.

Chen Beixuan quickly walked to the forbidden area, opened the array formation, and entered smoothly.

He saw a vast green spiritual herb field that emitted a faint spiritual light.

The spiritual herbs and immortal flowers inside emitted a faint strange fragrance that made one feel relaxed and happy just by taking a whiff of it.

Looking up, the sun was shining and the scenery was beautiful.

Chen Beixuan was in a good mood and quickly walked towards the cave.

Light flashed in the cave, and the surrounding spiritual energy condensed into a fog.

Chen Beixuan plunged in and found a White Jade Lingzhi herb emitting golden light.

The White Jade Lingzhi herb was snow-white and crystalline.

Its roots were covered in golden threads that emitted golden light.

“Supreme-grade spiritual herb!” Chen Beixuan quickly plucked it without hesitation.

“The White Jade Lingzhi herb condenses the essence of the earth and absorbs the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

It has grown in this mystic realm for 10,000 years.

Although its not comparable to the Chaos Sacred Fruit, it still has a third of its effect.”

Chen Beixuan looked at the spiritual herb that was constantly emitting the essence of the earth in his hand, his eyes shining.

With this spiritual herb, he could successfully break through to the first level of the Illumination Realm.

“Shen Ran, just you wait.” A cold glint flashed across Chen Beixuans eyes.

He quickly retracted his gaze and swallowed the spiritual herb.


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