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Chapter 19: The Bloodline of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox. Everything Can Be Restored and Extracted!

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Clouds and mist swirled like surging waves not far away. Huge waves swept through the air, and a green peak could be faintly seen. It was as if a giant from ancient times was standing there. Gu Xi stepped into it and felt refreshed.

“Do you like this place”

When Shen Tianyi saw his expression, he knew that Gu Xi was extremely satisfied. “This is Mount Sanqing. I specially chose this for you. Ill give it to you in the future.”

The things that Gu Xi had chosen previously were very underwhelming, and could even be said to be ordinary. This made Shen Tianyi feel a little guilty.

One had to know that even the elders personal disciples had all sorts of divine-grade cultivation methods and techniques, top-grade medicinal pills, and powerful Familiar Beasts. However, when it came to his own disciple, Gu Xi had chosen the unwanted stuff. Thus, he decided to give Mount Sanqing to Gu Xi, which had an extremely dense spiritual energy.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Its just that Mount Sanqing has always been uninhabited, so its a little deserted. However, this will be your territory from now on, so you can do whatever you want with it. If you need help or anything else, you can just ask me.”

Gu Xi did not expect Shen Tianyi to give him such great authority. Looking around, Gu Xi was extremely satisfied. Indeed, it was a little empty. There was nothing but mountains. However, everything could be slowly set up in the future.

He believed that cultivating in such a blessed land would be twice as effective with half the effort.

“Youre quite tired today. Rest well and visit the Peak Master and Elders in the future.”

Shen Tianyi flew away. Gu Xi made sure that there was no one else around. After setting up the enchantment, he looked at the vast sky above him. He had never felt so carefree before.

However, the most important thing now was to quickly purify the bloodline of the egg. There were too many people with prying eyes earlier, so it was not convenient for Gu Xi to do so. Otherwise, his aura would leak out and people would find out some clues about his special ability.

He took out the gray egg and saw a streak of golden light. It seemed that the surrounding spiritual energy had been attracted by something as they gathered together. In an instant, the wind and clouds surged.

Countless red threads came from the dark and connected to the egg. Gu Xi could actually feel the ancient aura from it. There seemed to be liquid flowing in the threads, like blood or something else.

Gu Xi had never seen such a scene. Thus far, he had only the system to purify objects. This was the first time he had used it on a living thing.

The huge Nine-tailed Fox phantom slowly took shape, blotting out the sky and covering the sun. Its nine silvery-white tails swayed in the wind, and the golden-red fur on its body interweaved together, giving it a supreme majesty.

It only took a glance at Gu Xi, but it already made his minds waver, he felt the urge to sink into the irresistible aura.

The phantom slowly sank into the egg, and Gu Xis eyes regained their clarity. “Is this the power of the Nine-tailed Celestial Fox Even if its just a phantom, its still so powerful.”

If it was on the battlefield, it would be enough to make the enemy lose their mind, even if it was only for a moment.

The gray patterns on the egg slowly fell off, removing its mediocre appearance. It was as if it had been reborn from a cocoon. The golden and red patterns interweaved together, appearing mysterious and charming, just like the color of the phantom image that Gu Xi had seen earlier.

At a glance, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary item. It was as if it was the most exquisite masterpiece of the Heavens.

However, even after the sun had set in the west, the egg had not hatched yet. Gu Xi guessed that the system probably worked slower on living things. The system was slowly removing its impurities.

Another reason was that the Nine-tailed Celestial Fox bloodline was too weak, so it was taking more time to purify.

Not knowing how long it would take for the egg to hatch, Gu Xi began to wander around in boredom.

The trees were dense, and bamboo was everywhere. Wherever he looked, it was his territory. This made him feel an unprecedented sense of pride.

The mountains and rivers here were clear and the spiritual energy was indeed abundant. However, compared to the twelve main peaks in the sect, it was still slightly inferior. In any case, no matter how powerful Gu Xi was, he was only a disciple. Naturally, he could not compare himself to the Sect Leader or the other peak elders.

Suddenly, Gu Xi came up with an idea, and he activated the system.

[The system is checking Mount Sanqing.]

[Discovered 86,890 flaws. Would you like to extract the flaws and repair them]

He could even extract and repair the environment! This was simply amazing.

Gu Xi was stunned. He realized that the systems functions were far more powerful than he had imagined. The system could remove impurities from ordinary cultivation methods, medicinal pills, Familiar Beast eggs, and so on. Now, it could even repair and purify the environment!

Everything could be extracted!


Gu Xi made a prompt decision. He wanted to see what Mount Sanqing would look like after the impurities were removed.


A loud sound was heard, and the ground began to shake as if an Earth Dragon had flipped itself over. With this violent shaking, the entire mountain seemed to have risen a lot higher. Gu Xi flew up to the top of the mountain, taking in the view of the entire Mount Sanqing.

Countless spiritual energy gushed out from the ground like a spring, forming a spiritual energy pillar that could reach the sky. It spread out rapidly in the surroundings. The sea of clouds churned and surrounded the mountain, just like an Immortal island in ancient times. It was filled with mysterious and indescribable Daoist charm.

There was chanting of scriptures in the background, coming from the distant horizon. An Immortal Crane fluttered lightly, bringing with it a long stretch of purple gas. The clouds in the sky also became colorful, and the Heavenly Court could be seen in the colorful light. All kinds of strange phenomena played out around him, and he gasped in amazement.

The spiritual energy nourished the unparalleled vitality. The green essence flowed slowly and seeped into the earth, and the majestic aura of life rippled rapidly.

In an instant, the plants flourished, and countless flowers bloomed. There were so many strange flowers and plants, and they were all treasures that were at least 100 years old. Before this, they were just insignificant grass by the roadside.

At this moment, Mount Sanqing could be considered a true paradise.

Gu Xi looked at the changes in front of him, and he was so shocked that he could not speak. He looked around.

The sun was at its peak, and it looked like it could reach the Heavens. The clouds cradled the sun, and the dense spiritual energy rippled among the mountains, churning the sea of clouds slowly. It was as if an Immortal had descended to the mortal world. When he was here, he could reach out and touch the stars and the moon.

Even the Familiar Beast egg was nourished by the spiritual energy. The remaining life essence poured into the egg, and the whole egg started to glow faintly. Even the patterns on the egg were more pronounced.

Gu Xi could feel the powerful life force coming from the egg. It seemed that it would not take long for the egg to hatch.

Taking advantage of the fact that the spiritual energy between heaven and earth had not dispersed, Gu Xi quickly sat cross-legged and meditated. He circulated the spiritual energy around his body and absorbed the remaining spiritual energy into his body.

The spiritual mist around him gathered and dispersed, but the spiritual energy in Gu Xis body gradually grew until it eventually formed a white cocoon around him.


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