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Chapter 29: Dont Take Any Commission. The Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce Is Trying to Curry Favor With Him

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A thought flashed through Gu XIs mind. Even the bloodline of demonic beasts could be purified. It was likely that the seeds could be purified as well. He immediately exclaimed in joy, “Quick, bring them over for me to take a look.”

Gu Xi found what he wanted in this pile of extremely precious seeds.

“How do I settle this”

The servant was puzzled to see Gu Xi choose a pile of seeds instead of the herbs he had already prepared.

Although these seeds were precious, it was extremely difficult to cultivate them. The more precious the herb, the harder it was to survive. The environment in which it grew was also extremely harsh. Therefore, it was not worth it to buy and cultivate seeds.

Only those who specialized in this path could do it. If it was an amateur, it would undoubtedly be a loss. Moreover, the growth cycle of these seeds was very long. At the very least, it would take 40 to 50 years for them to bloom and bear fruit. It would also take a lot of time and energy. One could say that the gains did not make up for the losses.

The servant could not help but ask, “Customer, do you really want to buy these seeds When you buy from us, you are not allowed to return or exchange them, even if you cant make the seeds germinate.”

These seeds had been placed here for a long time, and no one had paid attention to them. Originally, they had been intended to be sent to the headquarters of the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce to be specially cultivated. He had never thought that Gu Xi would take a fancy to them.

“Im sure.”

“But these are very expensive.”

Gu Xi generously handed over the Black Card in his hand. This was the same Black Card that Manager Li had given him when he was here the last time.

The attendant had said all that he could, but Gu Xi was determined. The servant was about to take the Black Card when he heard the sound of hurried footsteps.


Manager Li rushed over after hearing the news. He did not even have time to wipe the sweat off his forehead as he glared at the servant, “You blind thing, do you know who the guest in front of you is Hurry up and return the Black Card.”

Then, he smiled apologetically at Gu Xi, “I didnt know that Young Master Gu had come. Please forgive me for not welcoming you personally.”

When he heard that an extraordinary customer had come, Manager Li did not pay attention at first. However, from the description, the more he heard, the more it sounded like Gu Xi. He hurried over to take a look, and could not help but feel lucky.

However, when he got close to Gu Xi, he felt a surge of imposing aura. He was shocked.

Gu Xis clothes were completely different from the first time he came. Even the spiritual power on his body–

He could vaguely guess Gu Xis cultivation level last time, but now, he could not sense it anymore. It was as if he was looking straight into an abyss in front of him. Manager Li hurriedly lowered his head, afraid that his gaze would offend him, and said respectfully, “You can go down. I will personally serve this guest.”

It had only been half a month or so. To be able to make him feel this way, he must have at least reached the Golden Core stage. How long had it been How could he advance so quickly

Manager Li had seen countless people and thought that he had experienced many storms and waves, but this kind of cultivation speed was truly monstrous! In the entire continent, there was no one who could compare to him.

“What kind of background does this person have, to actually make Manager Li so humble.”

One had to know that Manager Lis status in the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce was quite high, and it was very rare for him to personally serve people. The servant recalled the nonchalant look on Gu Xis face in front of the boss, he could not help but feel a little curious.

“He looks so familiar. Have we seen him somewhere before Oh right! Do you know that the Great Marrow-cleansing Pill was produced by him”

“No way, hes actually an alchemist You have to know that this Marrow-cleansing Pill was auctioned off at an astronomical price.”

Everyone was discussing animatedly, and they were even more curious about Gu Xis identity.


Manager Li suppressed his excitement, “Young Master Gu, the Great Marrow-cleansing Pill that you placed with us last time caused a huge sensation. I hope that well have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Here are 10,000 high-grade spirit stones for you. Please take a look.”

One had to know that this Great Marrow-cleansing Pill had been auctioned at an unprecedented high price. Logically speaking, the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce would be able to take a high commission for such a consignment.

However, Manager Li did not take a single cent and gave the full amount to Gu Xi.

“Also, the pile of seeds that you took a fancy to just now, you dont have to pay for it. Just treat it as a gift from me as a personal friendship. Just treat it as a gift from a friend.”

Compared to the auction price of the Marrow-cleansing Pill, the pile of seeds was insignificant.

All of this was because Manager Li wanted to win Gu Xi over to his side.

Gu Xi had given him a supreme-grade spirit stone, and he also casually produced a Great Marrow-cleansing Pill. No matter how you looked at it, Gu Xi was an extremely influential person, and it was only right for them to build a good relationship with him.

Therefore, Manager Li tried his best to build a good relationship with Gu Xi.

Gu Xi did not reject Manager Lis good intentions, “Well then, thank you very much.”

Manager Li said carefully, “I have a presumptuous request. If Young Master Gu has more pills next time, can you sell them in our chamber of commerce We will only take half of the commission.”

To Gu Xi, it was just a small matter. He nodded and agreed, “No problem.”

According to the market, they would usually take a 30% commission, let alone a large chamber of commerce like the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce. The people who came in and out were all extraordinary figures.

This meant that there would be a large flow of people and a high level of popularity. The starting price would also be higher, so the final price would naturally be higher.

When this commission was announced, it was simply shocking to everyone. It was no different from giving away free money. After all, the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce was not a philanthropist, so they had no obligation to help someone sell pills for such a low commission.

Manager Li, on the other hand, was overjoyed. “Thank you, Young Master Gu.”

He respectfully walked Gu Xi to the door and only returned to the chamber of commerce after he had left.


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