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Exclusive Rights to An Online Voice Actor Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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It was late into the night.

He couldnt remember how he fell asleep. All he could remember was waking up twice in the few hours that he was asleep, setting a new record low for his average sleep quality.

The first time he woke up was to the sound of a resident from downstairs humming an out of tune melody while cooking. That family was probably having Szechuan style braised pork for dinner based on the tingly and numbing smell coming from the direction of the sound.

The second time he woke up was from his stomach cramping up and had to get up to search through the drawers for the medicine to curb it.

Irregular sleep.

Irregular diet.

Qi Jing thought to himself that if he went to voice act for a sickly character right now, it would surely sound very realistic.

After being out for half a month, the foods in his fridge were basically inedible. However, it was not like he just order in at 2 AM in the morning. Qi Jing felt his world spinning when he got up; it was probably due to low blood sugar. After taking a shower, he dug out the only packets of biscuits he had at home and ate them as a form of temporary recharge.

He turned off the air-con and opened the windows to let the air in.

There were hardly any stars to be found in the night skies above the city and tonight was no exception. It was all just a patch of endless darkness, perfect for all kinds of negative thoughts to fill the mind.

Like for example, the time when he just came out of the closet.

For example, the unease he felt when he became aware of his sexual orientation.

Though compared to back then, the current him had gotten over it. The only thoughts that would appear in his head were laughable, like this one: a time like this where one could virtually hear a pin drop falling, without any disturbances; its perfect for recording. Perhaps that was the reason why he still stuck with his hobby of voice acting no matter how busy he was in real life. There was a sense of belonging which closed the gate on all these negative thoughts.

In comparison to him, his computer was sound asleep.

Qi Jing actually felt a flash of jealousy towards his computer.

The window to the QQ chat was still opened. Qi Jing decided to reply to all his private messages first before getting ready to scan through the chat history of the groups he was in.

Typically speaking, a voice actor wouldnt go through every single message in the group chat, but he would.

It was in his name after all. He perfectly embodied the meaning of a talkaholic.

His parents clearly had a lot of foresight when they gave him that name as he was indeed someone with a love for words and chatting. Usually, due to his vast knowledge which spanned across various fields and him collecting news materials as part of his job, there was a never-ending list of topics that he could talk about. Even if he wasnt present at the point in time, he would often check the chat records afterward.

Whats interesting was not the gossip itself.

Whats interesting was him personally opening the pandoras box when everyone thought he didnt know. Oh, their confounded expressions.

Just as he was about to go through them one by one, from top to bottom, he suddenly received a notification. There was a beep alongside the bouncing group icon at the bottom right corner of his screen.

Group Name: Gradually inching towards quitting the community

This wasnt a group chat for production crews, but one of his few groups dedicated to casual small-talk with the friends hes made within the circle. Plus, the admin of the group was a close friend of his.

He raised an eyebrow at the notification and moved his cursor to open it.

Ninth lady: Ever since I joined the time-difference gang, I always miss the times when everyone is online. Such torture ┭┮﹏┭┮

Rolling ball of Meows: Im here too, Ninth ┭┮﹏┭┮

Ninth lady: Meows! Im guessing youre burning the midnight oil, working on your designs again, arent you

Rolling ball of Meows: (Plopped onto the floor) Yes... the life of a design intern is too hard for you to comprehend...

Ninth lady: Pfft, all those that do design have a tough life.

Rolling ball of Meows: What time is it over there

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Ninth lady: Almost noon.

Rolling ball of Meows: Pfft, you have the time to come online in the middle of the day Dont you have class

Ninth lady: Its the summer holidays over here, pfft. Im currently helping out around the lab for my Boss research. But the Boss is away for a seminar and Im done running all the tests so Im quite free right now.

Rolling ball of Meows: I see. Everyone else is asleep. Looks youre the only one who can accompany me here, Ninth (′へ`、 )

Ninth lady: If theres anyone else online, please tweet.

Dont ask for my return date: Tweet.

Ninth lady: !!

Rolling ball of Meows: !!

Ninth lady: Heck! Youre back, Return date!

Dont ask for my return date: Un, I just woke up ╮( ̄▽ ̄”)╭

Rolling ball of Meows: Return date!! Please send hugs! Send comfort! Send some welfare! (o >__<

Producer – Rouge Flower: Super Gong aura 1

Publicity – Onion: Super Gong aura 2

Script-writer – Puppet Show: Super Gong aura 3

Director: Knives cutting in from four corners: Super Gong aura 10086... But I have to remind you that youre voicing a Shou here~

Producer – Rouge Flower: (Covers mouth and smiles)

Designer – Cloud chip cake: (Covers mouth and smiles)

Script-writer – Puppet Show: (Laughs wickedly)

Dont ask for my return date: (Smiles) Is your Gong lead in this group as well

Producer – Rouge Flower: Not... yet... Ive been contacting Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama through Weibo DMs. I havent managed to add him on QQ. I plead guilty, I know Im a **ty producer... TAT

Bronze Sparrow Terrace

Qi Jing was a little dumbfounded by what he just saw.

Wasnt that guy a pretty legendary CV



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