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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Dishevelled appearance

As the adventurers neared the entrance to the second section Frost grew more and more nervous, he was unsure on how to proceed. On one hand he didnt want to sacrifice any more of his monsters. When Fens arrows nearly downed one of his owls his heart skipped a beat, but on the other hand he also didnt want the first group of adventurers to head in too deep, revealing more of the dungeons secrets than necessary.

Frost was currently slouching in his chair as he watched the adventurers edge closer and closer to the gateway. He was cupping and rubbing his chin as he debated his next steps.

Should I let them enter the next section or not Frost had already revealed a few of the monster types present in the first section to John and his companions while keeping the others hidden. More than enough to give them a decent idea of what to report to their local guild.

In case he decided to end this little venture here and now Frost arranged for his stronger monsters to surround John and his companions. The frost wolves from this section waited on the left while the winter boars manned the right. He also called in another two frost wolves from the winter forest to guard the gateway. Pretty much overkill for the group but thats only if they fought. Ideally when they see or hear this many monsters, theyd quickly retreat thus concluding the game.

“Ah! Screw it lets just end it here.” Frost shouted, he had grown rather bored of having to hold back when dealing with these intruders, anymore and he might just kill them all, he had become impatient.

His loud shout had woken up Maya who took a short nap after drinking a lot of sake. She was currently sprawled out on her bed with a nasty headache. She quickly sat up causing her ample chest to sway up and down.

“Ughhhh” she released a painful moan as she rubbed her head and stood up, her long silky hair was messed up pretty bad due to her sleeping posture and her clothes had become fairly dishevelled showing off a lot of her jade white skin.


Not knowing of her current revealing appearance, she walked out of her room and into the lounge where Frost was.

“Do you have to be so loud young master” She questioned while moving closer.

“Oh, Maya good mor......” Frosts sentence was cut short the moment he saw her. Her dress was incredibly loose and was no longer covering what it should. Her long white legs were on full display along with her small shoulders and an ample amount of cleavage. In fact, it looked like they were about to pop out.

Frosts mouth hung open and his eyes became bloodshot as he intensely focused on the beautiful sight before him. His nose felt hot, and blood threatened to trickle down into his open mouth. He had the strong urge to howl and leap towards Maya as if she was a helpless lamb.

Maya quickly noticed Frosts unusual expression and the fire in his eyes. She trembled instinctively and a blush grew on her face and neck. She felt that the situation was weird, she only went for a nap and was unaware of her current appearance.

She followed the direction of Frosts piercing gaze, looking down towards her barely covered chest, she was stunned. Her current appearance couldnt be more seductive, no wonder Frost looked the way he did.

Her thoughts blanked out immediately, she repeatedly shifted between looking down at her dress and the almost drooling Frost.

“Kyaahhhh!” As soon as Maya fully registered her situation she screamed and ran back into her bedroom leaving Frost shocked and bewildered.

He was only 3 days old, so he lacked experience with women, especially one as beautiful as Maya. It was a miracle he didnt completely collapse into lust, merely having bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth.

It was probably a good thing that he didnt given into his urges. Given Mayas strength and her embarrassment, she may have accidently killed him if he lunged at her.

A few moments later Maya returned from her room with a cold expression. Shed rearranged her clothes and brushed her hair then walked slowly towards Frost. Even though her face was icy and quite terrifying, a light redness could still be seen on her neck, revealing her true feelings.

Frost was still sitting in the same spot unable to forget the beautiful image from earlier. He was so deep in his thoughts he didnt notice Maya currently approaching him with a dangerous expression.

When Maya was standing over him, he still hadnt noticed. The lustful look still remained on his face invoking Mayas wrath. Suddenly she raised her right hand towards him. She pulled back her middle finger with her thumb and “bang”. She flicked his forehead with so much force that Frost was sent flying out of his chair.

“Crash!” Frost was caught completely unaware and couldnt even brace himself as he was sent hurtling into the private spaces wall, releasing a painful groan on impact.

Luckily the private space was incredibly durable, there wasnt even a single blemish on the wall after he crashed into it. However, this also meant that Frost suffered a severe blow due to its hardness.

His head was currently ringing, and his back was in severe pain. Mayas forehead flick was akin to getting smacked in the head with a sledgehammer, a large red welt had already formed on his forehead quickly growing in size. His back wasnt much better, luckily nothing seemed broken, but the pain was substantial and would result in a serious bruise.

Frost couldnt help but groan every time he moved, he struggled to maintain his balance due his dizziness.

It took him a full minute to stand up and look over in Mayas direction, he was angry. His eyes now spurted a different kind of fire as he stared her way.

This crazy women, it wasnt my fault you left your bedroom looking like that so why did you smack me so hard without warning The more he moved the more pain he endured and the angrier he became. He started stomping his way over to Maya while his face started to change shades, to red and then finally purple.

Originally Maya felt much better after flicking Frost, she felt that she had regained some of her pride. She couldnt forgive the lustful look on his face that caused him to not even notice her when she returned.

Let me help get rid of those indecent thoughts young master. Was what she thought of as she sent him flying. A strong blow to the head shouldve helped rearranged his thoughts.

However, it seemed to have worked a little too well. As she witnessed Frost struggle to stand due to the pain, her heart started to waver, she felt pity and then guilt. These feeling grew more and more amplified as Frosts anger escalated. She reacted too violently.

As Frost drew closer and closer Maya struggled to look his way. Her eyes darted to the side, and she started biting her lip.

Frost didnt say anything as he stood before her. He was much taller than Maya and was currently looking down at her creating a rather imposing pressure.

Maya knew she was wrong, and she was currently looking downwards unable to meet his gaze. Her body was slightly quivering, and she felt an indescribable amount of pressure emanating from Frost. Even though she could easily kill him with a flick of her wrist she felt pressured as if she was in the presence of her natural predator. It reminded her of the Dark God, only not quite as majestic.

This silent standstill went on for a brief period, when Maya was at her limit from the pressure, when her body was visibly trembling and cold sweat was running down her back, Frost spoke.

“Seiza!” He spoke a single word, but his voice was full of commanding authority.

Boom! Maya reacted immediately; her instincts took over forcing her into submission. She plopped down into the seiza position creating a large sound as her knees hit the floor.

“Good now cast a healing spell” Frosts authoritative voice continued as he gave his next order.

Maya acquiesced without hesitation, casting a high level healing spell curing Frost of his back pain, and eliminating the massive red lump that he was sporting on his forehead.

As the cool feeling of the healing spell filtered through his body, Frosts anger somewhat dissipated. He was no longer in any pain so the temporary pressure that he was emanating receded. He didnt consciously use his aura to pressure Maya, it was instinctive. In fact, he didnt even realise what he was doing, the pain was clouding his thoughts.

Even though the pressure had receded, Maya continued to remain in the seiza position, refusing to stand until she received permission.

With his mind now clear and the pain gone Frost spoke as he usually did.

“Do you know what you did wrong” He asked.

“Yes, young master Im sorry, I shouldnt have used violence.” Maya answered from the heart.

T...this woman she still thinks that I should have been punished. Frost was at a loss for words, he wasnt aware of the lust filled face that she saw after tidying herself up, so he believed he got smacked around just for seeing her so suggestive.

As soon as he thought of the instance, the image of her seductive appearance filled his mind again. Fortunately, Maya was still looking downwards otherwise she might have smacked him again.

Frost shook his head to focus, feeling slightly guilty about what he saw, he decided to lighten her punishment.

“As punishment youll remain in the seiza position for the next two hours and then well forget that this event ever happened.” Of course, if Frost chose to remember it in his private time whos to stop him.

Maya felt rather miffed on hearing Frosts response somehow she felt hoodwinked as if he got off too lightly but then remembered his overbearing pressure that caused her to tremble and quickly agreed.

Frost returned to his chair, picking it off the ground whereas as Maya was sitting in the seiza position as they watched the dungeon screen displaying the adventurers.

Theyd currently been in the dungeon for close to 12 hours or half a day, so Frost decided to wrap it up. He believed he could squeeze another 4 or 5 hours out as they retreated to the dungeons exit.

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“Maya if you were them howd you react to the current line-up” Frost quickly filled Maya in on his plans and current monster deployment.

“If theyre smart, theyd take a defensive formation and retreat carefully while fending off attacks. Thats the only chance theyd have. Not a single one of them can outrun a frost wolf and theres one for each not counting the winter boars theyd have to deal with.” Maya calmly started to give her opinion.

“If theyre completely retarded and cowardly, theyll simply run like crazy but since theyre so close knit its unlikely theyd abandon one another. And the last possibility is for them to bravely fight until death, courageous but impossible for them to succeed.” Frost nodded along; he picked such a strong line up to make sure the third option was an impossibility, removing it as an option. Itd make his last 12 hours of effort worthless if they all died in a blaze of glory. If necessary, he was going to give them a breather by pulling back the monsters, so theyd take the chance and leg it.

“Haaaaa” Frost sighed and shook his head, he could only do so much. The next step relied on the decisions of the adventurers.

John and his companions walked ahead slowly maintaining formation, they had rather dreary looks on their faces, especially Thorin. When he almost fell to his death in a spiked pitfall trap, he was grabbed by his beard thus a few locks were removed. He now sported a small bald patch on his upper lip. The others were feeling down as well since they felt toyed with throughout this entire journey. Other than when they killed the frost goblins, theyd been unable to get any wins.

The deep level of snow and the frequent blizzard obscuring their view gave them no small amount of fatigue. The only thing that kept them going was the idea of the guilds rewards and the fact that they hadnt encountered any high rank monsters.

Originally, they were supposed be hunting a frost wolf, so they were prepared for some difficulties as theyd be travelling through the Glacial mountains normally. But this place just seemed unlucky as though an accident was waiting to happen.

“Haaaaaa” John sighed as they walked, he too felt rather stressed about the close calls theyd encountered in this monster lair, it reaffirmed his desire to have his companions and himself grow stronger.



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