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This Week’s Result


It’s been a week since I started diving into the Fiery Light Dungeon.

This week, I spent my days raising my level against the twin demon flame and collecting ashes and magic stones.

There were days during the week when I couldn’t level up because I had to sell the ashes, but that helped.


Amamiya Kaede

Level 2003

HP: 20050/20050 MP: 11035/11035

Attack Power: 2075( 52)

Defense: 2025( 12)

Agility: 7010( 4992)

Dexterity: 2180( 152)

Mental Strength: 6810( 4807)

Luck: 50

BP: 0

SP: 20

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.20] [Archery Lv.20] [Hawk Eye Lv.10] [Item Box Lv.20] [Lock-On Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.10] [MP UpLv.20] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.20] [Dagger Art Lv.10] [Enemy Search Lv.10] [Stealth Lv.10] [Abnormal Resistance Lv.

20] [Prediction Lv.

20] [Evasion Lv.



I was able to exceed level 2000.

As for my status, my Agility and Mental Strength statuses have exceeded 5000, and as for my skills, I have not gained any new skills, but I increased the skill levels of the skills I have learned so far.

The seven skills that I raised are [Item Box], [Appraisal], [MP Up], [MP Recovery Speed Up], [Absolute Resistance], [Predict], and [Evasion].

The breakdown is as follows: [Appraisal] was raised from level 5 to 10.

[Item Box] was increased from 7 to 20, and I raised other skills from 10 to 20.

I raised [Appraisal], so I wouldn’t fail due to overconfidence in the safety margin like last time, and I raised [Item Box] before it was too full because I had accumulated a lot of ashes while defeating the twin demon flames.

The other skills, [MP Up] and [MP Recovery Speed Up], are for increasing the number of boss laps as usual.

The [Abnormality Resistance] is to make the burns as minor as possible in case of failed evasion attempts.

I took [Prediction] and [Evasion] to increase evasion performance.

That also made it possible to beat the twin demon flames easily, and it should be much stronger.

“Well then, I’ll head for the boss room today.”

Worst case scenario, I could at least escape the boss.

I’m going from home to the dungeon, from the 11th to the 20th floor.

There is still time to spare.

However, the bosses are troublesome, so I’ve spent the past week building a solid foundation.

I need to fight it with more information about the bosses and such.

I’m not going to let it get the better of me as it did at the time of the twin demon flame.

“Let’s go then!”

Home to the dungeon.

Then, after entering the dungeon, I will transfer to the 11th floor relay point and go to the 20th floor.

On the way there, the number of demon fire that came out increased considerably, but its status was over 2000 levels.

Without any particular difficulty, I used [Magic Arrow], and I could break through without any problems.

And then.

“I’m here.”

I arrived in front of the boss room on the 20th floor.

The 20th floor is a C-rank dungeon, but there is no difference, and there is a door to the boss room similar to the previous ones.

Now, I already raise my level, and skill level.

My overall skills have become stronger.

I can say I’m ready.

“Alright! Let’s go!”


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