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Level Up For The Win!

I heard the level up notification sound.


Look like I beat it successfully.

But still, I don’t know if I can go up 30 levels in one go.

So it looks like the twin demon flame was a lot stronger than me.

The first time I shot my [Magic Arrow], and the 25 times I continued to shoot from here, for a total of 26 times, I was finally able to defeat it.

Wasn’t it crazy that I went up 30 levels in one shot

But this should make it a little easier to beat them.

I mean, this is better to raise my level at the midboss here once and then go for the bottom.

I had such a hard time with the middle boss, so I can only see a future of a return blow if I fight a boss stronger than the midboss, the twin demon flame, in this state.

“Well, whatever it is, I’ll have to register the relay point first.

Oops, dangerous, dangerous.”

I walk into the midboss room again before I walk to the stairs that go down to the 11th floor, where the relay point is.

Then I collect the ashes of the twin demon flame and the magic stone in the [Item Box] before going outside.

Dangerous, I almost forgot to collect the twin demon flames.

“Well, then, this time.”

I went down the stairs outside the midboss’s room and headed for the 11th floor.

Incidentally, this staircase is said to be accessible even if the midboss is not defeated.

I can’t register the relay point, though.

The first thing you will see when you go down to the 11th floor is a crystal for registering a relay point.

The crystal is floating in the air just off the stairs, surrounded by a transparent wall that is hard to see.

That will keep explorers and monsters who have not defeated the midboss from getting too close.

And the crystal is huge.

It’s a little bigger than me, maybe two meters or so.

“Well, let’s get to it.”

I touch the crystal floating in front of me.

Then a window appeared at the edge of my vision.

The four words “Registration Completed” were written on it.

“Now the registration of the relay point is complete.”


I can transfer from anywhere in the dungeon, except for the boss’s room, if I remember to do so.

“Well then, let’s go level up again!”

I go back to the tenth floor from the 11th floor and enter the midboss’s room again to defeat the twin demon flame.

Before that, let’s check the BP for my agility level up.

I knew I could defeat the twin demon flame by shooting [Magic Arrow] twenty-six times.

One [Magic Arrow] is 15 MP, and 26 times is 390 MP.

In contrast, my current MP is over 6,000, so I can defeat it 15 times by simple calculation.

So, I raised my agility to get inside and prioritize evasion.

Then, when I raise my level to a certain degree, I will change it to mental strength.


Perfect plan.

“All right! Let’s go!”

I enter the middle boss room to defeat the twin demon flame and raise my level.

The first time.

-Level increased by 30-

Second time.

-Level increased by 30-

Third time.

-Level increased by 30-

The fourth time.

-Level increased by 30-

Fifth time.

-Level increased by 30-

The sixth time.

-Level increased by 29-

The seventh time.

-Level increased by 29-


-Level increased by 29-

Ninth time.

-Level increased by 29-

The tenth time.

-Level increased by29-

And that’s it for today, I still have some MP left, but a lot of time has passed.

I can’t go any further, considering I need to get out of the dungeon.

And my MP is also very low.

I don’t push myself too hard.

Explorers are only as good as the lives they take.

It would be unfortunate if I got seriously injured or died because I pushed myself too hard.

“……Well, I can transfer here tomorrow, so there’s no need to be in a hurry.”

I’m only doing this because I spent so much time getting to the tenth floor today, but I’m sure I could get here a little quicker tomorrow.

If so, I can go home and think about how to use the SPs I saved today.

That would be a more meaningful use of my time, and it shouldn’t take much time to raise my level.

With these thoughts in mind, I headed back through the dungeon to get home.

……If I can get to the 11th floor from anywhere, I wish I could get back to the first floor from anywhere when I leave.


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