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Practical Exam Start

“Then, let’s start ……!”

When the staff member gives the signal, the man takes a stance as if he is ready to catch any attack with his two-handed axe, even for training purposes.

Seeing him like that, I can’t help but smile a little.

Well, I wouldn’t win considering our difference in level.

Besides, the man has to watch my fighting style, so it’s no wonder he does that.

But thanks for this time.

“Then feel free to do so.”

I create a transparent arrow with my [Magic Arrow], attach it to my bow, and draw it out.

Then I aim and shoot it.

I aim for the two-handed axe.

Hit it!

“You’re using such a rare thing as a bow!”

The man does not avoid the [Magic Arrow] I shoot but intercepts it with his two-handed axe.

The forcefulness of that interception is so strong that if this man had used his original weapon, he would easily crush my [Magic Arrow].

However, the two-handed axe that the man is using now is for training purposes, and the blade has been smashed and is not that sturdy, right

If that were the case–


–It shatters easily.

The power of my [Magic Arrow] combined with the Dragon Tree Bow is outrageous.

There is no way that a mere training weapon can withstand it.

However, the man easily dodged the arrow that kept moving forward even after shattering the two-handed axe.

“I see.

I didn’t realize you were using something so unusual as a bow, but it was for using that unique skill.”

“That’s what I meant.”

The man looked convinced when he heard the reason I used the bow.

“If it can be that powerful, surely that’s better than a gun.

Hey, give me another weapon!”

“Yes, please.

Wait here for a moment.”

The man calls out to the staff member, who brings a second two-handed axe and hands it to the man.

“That’s a nice unique skill, by the way.

Well, now we know that your offensive skills are good enough.

Then how about your combat skills!”

–It’s coming!

At the same time I felt this, the man readied his second training two-handed axe and came running out.

The speed at which he approached me was fast, but he adjusted it for the test, and even I could handle it.

I immediately predicted the trajectory of his attack and evaded it.

And at the same time, I aim at the two-handed axe and shoot out an arrow created by [Magic Arrow].


But the arrow hits the ground as the man hits the two-handed axe against the arrow’s barb and spins it around so that it wraps around and hits the ground.


That works, considering I destroyed his two-handed axe earlier.

I didn’t think he would deal with it.

I thought I could attack his weapon again.

Besides, since the attack power status is related to its flight distance, my arrow speed has also increased to increase its flight distance.

I can’t believe he knocked that off.

Or can he sees it It’s supposed to be transparent.

“I was surprised.

I didn’t think you could do it that way.

And you could see it”

“Ha ha ha! I’ve been an explorer for a long time.

I’m old enough to know an arrow when I see one! I tell you that I know it because of the sound of the wind! Still, I had no idea you could aim your weapon so accurately from that evasive stance.”

“Thanks for that.”

I don’t feel bad about the praise, but it’s not over yet.

Always be on your guard.

Even if it’s a mock battle, the enemies are strong, so don’t let your guard down.

Besides, I no longer have the absolute advantage of my arrow transparency.

It’s tough.

I’m going to try aiming my weapon again for now.

He easily dealt with the first one, so this time, I created two arrows with [Magic Arrow], attached them to the bow, and shoot it out.

“Not enough!”

–I was already in front of him when I tried to shoot two arrows.


I immediately canceled shooting out the arrows and pulled Dagger of Speed from my waist, holding it in my opposite hand.

Then I caught the two-handed axe that the man swung down at me.


Heavy ……! I grit my teeth and manage to hold on.


“Damn ……!”

The man shoved the two-handed axe I was catching a little further in, popping me and making me step back, and then he made a follow-up attack.

To prevent this, I run out again, anticipating the man’s attack and evading it.

I’m glad I took the [Prediction] and the [Evasion] skills.

If I didn’t have these two skills, I wouldn’t have known if I could avoid his attack.

“This is quite a feat! You’ve done a great job of avoiding all my attacks!”

“Thank you ……!”

I thanked him and continued to avoid his attacks.

But if I don’t do this, I’ll be jittery.

There’s no opening for me to manage to fight back.

Besides, I can’t counterattack properly because the man crushed my preliminary stages of the attack’s movement.



The man raises his two-handed axe and swings it down with great force.

I avoid it by jumping to the side just in time, and the two-handed axe makes a loud noise as it hits the ground.

Oh no, he’s moving too fast.

Even though he’s holding back, I’m losing my hold on him.



The man swings his two-handed axe at me in rapid succession.

I look at them carefully and avoid them, discerning each movement.

What do I do He’ll get close to me before I can fire an arrow, and Dagger of Speed will simply lose against his power and won’t make it to the cutting point.

I thought about the [Magic Light Arrow], but it’s too powerful and has a wide attack range, so I wouldn’t shoot at this person.

Well then.


I create eight arrows with [Magic Arrows] between my fingers on both hands and shoot them at the man’s two-handed axe.


The man’s eyes widen in surprise as if this was unexpected.

But the man fluidly wrapped the handle around the two-handed axe and slammed the arrows into the ground.

At the same time, I saw this, I made another eight arrows and threw them again.

Surprisingly, they hit even without the [Lock-On] skill.

I wonder if it’s because I had BP on my dexterity status before I got the [Lock-On] skill.

Now, how long do you think he will last I generate arrows one after another and throw them at the men.

“Wait, wait a minute! How long are you going to keep doing this”

The man asks me, knocking down arrows with his two-handed axe.

Hmmm, I guess it’s about time.

“Oh, sorry.

That is the end.”


And while saying that, I throw another eight arrows at him.

The man tries to deal with it the same way, but–


— the moment he slammed the seventh arrow into the ground, the two-handed axe shattered.


Right on target.

No matter how much he spins the stick part around, he’s slamming the arrow into the ground.

The strength of the arrow is equal to its power.

It’s pretty high durability, and even if he had slammed it into the ground with a two-handed axe, there would have been a modest accumulation of damage to the two-handed axe.

And that’s what’s happening now.

Now, I threw eight arrows at him.

In contrast, the man had seven arrows to deal with before his two-handed axe broke.

The other one is…



It is a direct hit to the man.

The man was directly hit by the arrow created by the [Magic Arrow] and is blown away towards the wall while screaming.

And when he hit the wall and created rubble, he was buried in the rubble.

I didn’t know what would happen if the arrow created by the [Magic Arrow] hit the man so far, so I kept aiming at his weapon.

Well, he was like such a powerful fighter, but he was faster than me, so that’s how high-level he is.

I’m sure he’s okay because of his defense.

He’ll okay with that, right


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