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Gathering Heal Grass

The current time is 18:00.

And my current location is in front of the entrance of the new green dungeon.

I think it was a pretty fulfilling time, there were things to do, such as observing Masa-san at work at Trance, becoming a dress-up doll for the other employees, having Masa-san give me her contact information, and being on the lookout for her buttocks.

Oh, Masa-san was the only Onee-san among the employees there.

Well, that’s how I got my reward sent to my account, and since it was almost time for the heel grass to grow, we came to the new green dungeon.

“Well, let’s get going then.”

Using [Enemy Search] as a precaution, I went through the entrance and entered the new green dungeon.

Of course, the guards were not slacking off and were staring at me as I entered.

Well, it is now evening.

Even though I was going to collect Heal grass, it would surely be nighttime if we were to collect Heal grass from now on.

Therefore, I prepared a headlamp to secure a light source.

Dungeons are mysterious things, and the light source in a dungeon is secured by something like the sun, but as night falls, the sun-like thing stops shining and gets darker.

When that happens, this New Green Dungeon also needed to be well-lit, as it would be pitch black once the sun went down completely.

Therefore, a headlamp is a must for night dungeons other than cave or labyrinth dungeons.

If I had to secure a light source other than a headlamp, my hands would usually be full, and hinder my ability to fight monsters.

It is my first time diving into a dungeon at night, and I need to be very careful.

I’ve heard rumors that top-level explorers were fighting monsters in dungeons in the dark without using lights, just sensing their presence.

Well, it’s indeed impossible, even for people who are said to have quit being human.

It’s impossible, right

At least, I can assure you that it is impossible to even for me, who has the [search-and-rescue] skill.

So that’s why I bought the headlights at the local branch of the association.

I don’t plan to fight this time, but just in case.

“Well, let’s see.

Heal grass, heal grass, heal grass.”

After entering the New Green Dungeon, I walked a little and started looking for Heal grass, the herb I was after.

My objective was Heal grass.

The last time I looked for Heal grass, I couldn’t find any because it was during the day when Heal grass didn’t grow.

But this time was different.

I was there at a time when heel grass was growing.

If there was no Heal grass, there was nothing I could do.

Anyway, to look for the heart-shaped leaves that are characteristic of heel grass, I carefully observed the ground while using [Enemy Search].


That is …….”

After walking for a while, I found the Heal grass, which was my objective.

The Heal grass I found has the same heart-shaped leaves as the ones I saw when I checked, so there must be no mistake.


It’s growing right.”

I quickly pulled out the Heal grass by the roots, removed the soil from its roots, and placed them in the [Item Box].

“All right.

Let’s keep this up and find more!”

After that, I crouched down to search for bushes to search for Heal grass and continued walking while crouching, checking the shade of the trees.

Then I plucked every Heal grass I could find and put it in the [Item Box] after removing the soil.

“………… Huh.

That’s the thirtieth one.

But still, it’s surprisingly tiring, or rather my back~.”

I was concentrating on looking for heel grass, so I don’t even know how long I’ve been looking for it.

Also, my back hurts too much because I’ve been sitting on my knees for a long time.

All this is necessary to confirm I don’t miss the Heal grass because even though it has a distinctive shape, it’s often in other grasses or bushes.

It’s hard to find it with [Appraisal] because it’s like, “Grass, grass, grass, grass!” It’s hard to find.

“Now that my status has improved, it would be nice if they made these parts stronger too.”

Despite my complaint, I still searched for Heal grass in the middle of the field.

After that, I spent about four hours from 18:00 to 22:00, when the heel grass was growing.

I continued to collect Heal grass endlessly.

As a result, the number of Heal grass I collected was 173rd.

With this much Heal grass, I should earn a fair amount of money.

“Well, that’s enough for today.

I guess I’ll go home.”

Frankly, my back is too weak to do anything else.

Well, I’m lucky to have found 173 Heal grass just today.

If I can collect this much, there is still time before the deadline of the request, it would be good to collect heel grass again.

My back will be sore, though.

Even I, whose level is getting higher and higher, have a sore back after sitting on my back for four hours.

I admire those who have been planting rice without having back pain for a long time, even though their level has not been raised.

I could never do that.

Or rather, I would die if I did.

Thinking about that, I was on my way home.


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