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Request Completed

Next day.

Today I’ll deliver x3 killer spider threads to the company that submitted the request I received yesterday.

Right now, I’m walking towards that company.

The company is located one train stop from where I live, and within walking distance.

That’s why I’ve been walking there since this morning.

As for the Heal grass, I researched on my phone yesterday and found out that it only grows from 18:00 to 22:00, which seems to be the only time it grows.

Yesterday was after its hours, which means it didn’t grow at all.

So there is plenty of time for Heal grass to grow.

“So this is it.”

The company I visited this time is an apparel company called “Trans Co., Ltd.”, which is popular for its unique designs.

I’m sure it’s also a company that I hear stories about making clothes with designs that suit each customer.

Well, I have no connection to this company.

With this in mind, I entered the building and headed for the reception desk.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, how can I help you”

Then I go to the reception desk and talk to the woman at the desk.

She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and glasses and looked like she could do the job.

“I’m sorry for the sudden appearance.

I’m an explorer who received a request, and I’ve brought the requested materials.”

“Is it a request Please wait a moment so I can check it out.”

The woman at the reception desk operated something like a computer, checked something, and then started to call somewhere using an extension phone.

Then she turned to me and smiled as if she had finished confirming something.

“Yes, I got the confirmation.

Thank you for your effort.

Now, may I confirm your explorer qualifications”

I expected she’d ask questions, but the process went surprisingly smoothly.

Well, I’m grateful for this.

At any rate, as she told me, I took out my explorer qualification and showed it to the receptionist in front of me.

The receptionist looked at my qualifications, confirmed my name and ID, and handed me back my qualifications.

“Amamiya-sama, thank you for accepting my request.

I have just called the employee who made the request, so please wait a moment.”


Thank you very much.”

I thought it was the end of the story when I handed over the killer spider threads here.

I thought it was supposed to end with just handing it over, but I don’t mind it, since there is nothing else to do after this.

Anyway, if I wait near the reception desk, I will be in the way, so I moved to a place a little far from the desk.

After waiting…


From the other side of the gate, where a group of employees was passing through, I saw a man wearing a yellow shirt, with a perfect haircut and makeup–a muscular man, tall and strong, with a nice smile on his face.

— Muscular, tall, dark face.

A man who had achieved this Triple K was getting off the elevator and coming toward me.

He’s amazing.

In many ways.

Well, there are people like that.

It’s a big world, isn’t it

So, I didn’t pay him attention and started to wait for the employee who made the request again.

But I can’t help but notice the man who gave me such a strong impression.

After passing through the gate, the man proceeded to the reception desk.

Then he started talking with the woman at the reception desk.

It seemed that they exchanged a few words, and soon the woman at the receptionist pointed her hand at the man to show him where I was.

The man looked as if he had found me, and he came straight toward me.

No way.

“Sorry to keep you waiting – I’m sorry I made you wait, okay You must be Kaede-kun, who accepted my request, right”

Yes, that’s right.

It was that no way.

That’s the employee who made the request.

In other words, the client

“Um, …… yes, that’s right, …….”

“Mm-hmm! Thank goodness~ I was afraid of what I would do if I was wrong!”

I don’t know ……, he seems very friendly.

And even though he has such a strong face, his tone is like a big sister’s.

I’m not sure if there are people like that.

It’s a big world (for the second time).

But he has a stronger impact than I imagined.

The way he approached with his hands clasped between his cheeks, twisting and turning, looked quite surreal.

“Shall we go then”

“Going to …… where”

“Of course, it’s where I work.

I can’t just pick up what I asked for here.”

That is also true.

“I can’t just put out a wooden stick with a string of killer spiders wrapped around it in a public place like this, am I

“Okay, I understand.

Please show me the way.”

“Yes, sir.

I’ll leave it to you!”

Then, I followed the man to the elevator.

I was alone with Masa-san in the elevator, a closed room.

Nothing could happen.

The elevator moved to the 8th floor.

“Welcome~ this is the office where I work~n”.

“Wow, this is it.”

When I entered the office, it was more like a workshop than an office.

Some people were working on what looked like clothing designs at their desks.

Others were using their skills to make a piece of cloth from threads similar to the ones I had collected, at a fast pace.

“Wow …….”

“Pfft, isn’t it That is what we do.

We design and make clother here, that’s what Trans is.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet.

I am Masashi Tachibana, a Trans designer.

Feel free to call me Miyabi-chan.

Nice to meet you.”

“Let’s see, ……, nice to meet you, Masa-san.”

I’m not a good person.

I’m not good at this.”

Hmmm, I don’t know how to do this correctly at all.

For the time being, I avoided calling him Masachan, but did I avoid it well I’m a little unsure.

But judging from Masa-san’s reaction, who started to wriggle his hands between his cheeks again, this seemed to be the correct answer.

I hope it’s the correct answer.

“Well, okay.

May I check the three bundles of killer spider threads I requested”

“Ah, yes.

Here you go.”

I take out a wooden stick with a strand of killer spider thread wrapped around it from the [Item Box] and hand it to Masa-san.

“Oh, thanks.


Masa-san receives a wooden stick with a thread of Killer Spider wrapped around it and observes it from various directions, holding the end of the thread and stretching it out.

How can you pull it out even though it’s a very sticky thread

“Hmmm……… that’s amazing.

The thread hasn’t broken, and no part is about to break.

This amount of thread is wrapped around a single stick, yet there is no sign of fraying of the wood fibers inside.

Yes, it’s a great piece of work.

Do you mind if I take a look at the other two”

“Of course.

Here you go.”

“Thank you.

Well then, let’s start with this one.”

Masa-san put the stick with one thread wrapped around it that he had on a special kind of shelf, and then he looked at the remaining stick with thread wrapped around it that I took out of the [Item Box] in the same way.

“That’s amazing – Kaede-kun.

They’re all perfect.”

Masashi’s reaction was positive.

There were no particular flaws, so I guess this request is complete.


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