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Rol~ling Thread

To collect the killer spider threads, I must stop them from hanging from that tree.

So, to do that, I must first–


–Made the first move.

I’ll get close and swing my Dagger of Speed at the thread, severing the thread they used to hang from the tree.

I cut the killer spider’s thread they used to hang from the tree cut, fallen to the ground.

But that’s where the monsters spawned in the dungeon to fight the explorer.

The killer spider dexterously maneuvered its stance even in the air and landed cleanly.


And then, without even a squeal, it glares at me with its huge black eyes.

It scared me to death.

But I’ve been an explorer for a year now.

My body wasn’t scared with fear, and my thoughts were clear.


I sheathed my Dagger of Speed and took a wooden stick from the [Item Box] I had received at the branch’s reception desk.

As if reacting to my words, the killer spider began to move.

It closes the distance between us and attacks with its long legs.

I backstep to keep my distance and avoid the killer spider’s attack.

But killer spider uses only two legs to attack.

The other six legs are still on the ground.

Taking advantage of this, it attacks me while chasing me as I backstep to keep my distance.

So I still can’t let my guard down, but I managed to avoid them with time to spare.

That’s all for now, anyway.

This time, the goal is not to defeat it but to collect the killer spider’s threads.

The killer spider is an E-rank monster, so defeating it is easy, but to collect the threads, I first need to get it to use the threads in its attack.

So just running around like this is enough.

Eventually, they will get annoyed at not being able to hit you with their attacks, and they will come to use the thread to stop you from moving.

So, I’ll only avoid the attack.

That’s all.

After about five minutes, the time finally came.

“Ah! It’s here.”

The sound coming from behind me, instead of the footsteps that killer spider makes when it moves, I hear the shrieking sound it makes when it produces a thread.

It’s finally ready to use the string.

The threads coming from the killer spider’s hips are sticky and attached to me.

It doesn’t easily come apart.

It is like the weft used by ordinary spiders.

Then, the killer spider would fire the threads from its hips at me.

I guess it was using the threads to keep me stuck, but unfortunately, that was a bad idea.

After all, my goal was the thread.

I catch the strings flying toward me with a wooden stick.

It’s a tug-of-war between the killer spider and me.

It’s just a contest of strength.

Of course, I was the one with the overwhelming advantage in strength.

“Then, rolling thread, rolling thread, rolling thread, rolling thread.”

While singing, I wrapped the string around the wooden stick with firm force.

The spider, too, seems to want to avoid approaching me because of my superiority in strength, agility, and everything else.

As I wrap the thread around the stick, the spider begins to produce more and more thread.

I’m so grateful.

Worst case scenario, I thought about swinging the killer spider around like a giant swing and forcing the spider to let out the thread, but this seems to be a smooth way to collect the thread.

As I was winding the thread this way, the killer spider stopped producing thread halfway through and came toward me as if I dragged it.

Perhaps it used too much thread, and my speed of reeling in exceeded its speed of making thread.

I stopped reeling in the wooden stick and looked at the wooden stick on which I had reeled in the thread.

The wooden rod coiled like a sewing machine with the thread collected from the killer spider.

“Okay, I guess that’s all I need.”

There’s quite a bit of thread that I’ve wound up, this should be enough for one of them.

“Well, thanks, then.

Also, thanks for your hard work.”

I resume reeling in the thread again, and as a final touch, I use my Dagger of Speed to cut off the head of the killer spider I dragged away.

That would be the end of the battle, but not this time.

Insect monsters, including killer spiders, generally have a strong life force, so if I don’t finish them off properly, there is a chance they will attack again.

So, I cut the string connected to the wooden stick, detached it, and then split the killer spider’s body into four pieces.

That may sound overkill, but it’s the safest and most reliable way.

In the video I saw the other day, the body of the centipede monster was still running amok even after they separated the centipede’s head from the body.

It may be possible to kill it, but it will take time and use energy.

So it was better to kill it quickly and surely.

As I watched the killer spider, it seemed to have died, and none of its parts moved.



That’s the second one for now.

Now I have two more to go.

But what are they going to use the killer spider’s thread The client is a fashion company, so it must have something to do with clothes.

“Hmmm, I don’t know.”

How would they make this sticky thread usable for clothes Frankly, I can’t imagine it at all.

Well, it’s no use thinking about it.

Let’s collect the threads for the request first.

With that in mind, I collected the magic stone from the killer spider, put it in the [Item Box] along with the thread, and left the place.

After that, I found another killer spider as planned and retrieved the thread.

I repeated that twice and finished collecting the killer spider’s thread.

No, yeah.

It was tough.

Mainly in a mental sense.

I had never dealt with insect monsters before, but I was disgusted to see such a giant insect moving around.

I thought I was used to fighting killer spiders, but I still can’t get used to that part.

But now I have gathered the requested amount of Killer Spider threads (x3).

“Okay, so all I have to do now is take these threads directly to the company.”

This time, the request is to be taken directly to the company, not to the reception desk at the Dungeon Association branch.

They want to make a prototype, and they want it as soon as possible.

But the time is already 18:00.

I’m going to go to the designated place now, and it should be around 21:00 when I arrive.

Well, let’s do it tomorrow.

Well, it is inevitable.

The due date was three days from now, so tomorrow will be no problem.

Well, that’s all for today.

I have to go back and look into the Heal grass again.


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